Demons Beside You Chapter 3290


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The magic power level of the fifty applicants is all above 30,000 magic power.

This magic power value is a standard established after consultation with several forces.

Each team plus substitutes cannot exceed twenty players.

Of course, there are no restrictions on reserves, trainees and the like.

The magic power of each team member must be more than 30,000 magic power.

After all, it is a high-level competition.

Then you must ensure visibility and standards.

So 30,000 magic power value is the minimum requirement, and under normal circumstances, the magic power value of starting players is above 50,000 and below 100,000.

Fifty thousand to one hundred thousand magic power values ​​are already at the highest level.

Going up is half a step up to Qingjing.

Half-step Shang Qingjing is not allowed to participate in the competition.

The most important reason is that the number of Qingjing on the half-step is too small.

If every team can have one or two powerhouses on Qingjing, that’s fine.

It’s a good thing to be able to show a higher level of combat and more exciting games.

However, if one team appears one and a half steps to Qingjing, and the other teams have no players of the same level.

Then there is almost no suspense about victory, and the half-step Shangqingjing is impossible as the standard for every team.

And this will make it easier for strong teams to attract half-step to Qingjing.

The strong team will get stronger and stronger, and the weak team will get weaker.

Once the game loses its suspense, the visibility will be greatly reduced.

So it is simply forbidden to participate in the competition in the half-step upper Qingjing level.

Now we have assembled the thirty two teams.

Except for Africa where there is no team, there are teams in other large regions.

This is also equivalent to giving up the African market.

Because Africa is not at all conditions for hosting events.

There is not enough market either.

Plus the regional chaos.

If you are involved in the situation in Africa, you cannot guarantee that you will not be politically involved.

So we just abandoned the African market.

Of course, African supernatural spiritualists can join any team as foreign aid.

As long as the strength is sufficient, any team is welcome.


Chen Zhao glanced at the candidate in front of him.

The basic conditions of these fifty applicants, magic power values ​​are all up to standard.

Age from fifty to twenty years old.

This is also stipulated by the competition, the maximum is fifty years old and the minimum is twenty years old.

Whether it is a main or a substitute, it must be within the age range.

Of course, the requirements for the two age groups are different.

If you are in your forties and fifty, the value of magic power is still more than 30,000 and 40,000.

So basically you can get out.

There is no need to think about it anymore.

At this age, their potential is almost exhausted.

If you are still in this age group, you can’t still use it as a substitute training.

And if it is a twenty-year-old youngster.

His magic power value is more than 30,000 and 40,000, so it is acceptable.

Being older has the benefit of being older.

I have experience, background, and enough knowledge.

If the strength is up to the standard, the magic power value can reach more than 80,000, which is basically a must.

Even Chen Zhao can’t be stingy with places.

Of course, there cannot be too many such roles.

After all, they are not forming a retirement team.

There must be enough youngsters.

The youngster is more energetic and ambitious.

“I am the coach of the Storm.” Chen Zhao said.

Among these fifty people, there are those who are dissatisfied, and there are also those who are honest.

Many of them are older than Chen Zhao.

Naturally not everyone agrees with Chen Zhao.

“People who are dissatisfied can stand up now. If you can defeat me, you can immediately get the main players and get the maximum salary.”

Three people stood up on the spot.

One is thirty years old and two are almost fifty.

Chen Zhao glanced at the information.

One of them is also Asian, Bai Yingchanshiro, 48 years old, from Dongying.

Shen Kong Dao, good at shikigami and sword technique.

Another Oceanian, Tebo Mawizi, 45 years old.

not at all Sect, good at divination, investigation, petrochemical Puppet Technique.

The 30-year-old is a South American, Campo, Latino.

Shaman, good at auxiliary class and investigative class.

“You can join hands, and you can prepare at will.” Chen Zhao said.

If you don’t join forces, the Campola can’t even fight.

After all, he is not good at fighting.

Chen Zhao is still very optimistic about him.

He can play an excellent role in some special tactics.

Cam Campola immediately inflicted violent, bloodthirsty, and fighting intent on the other two.

At the same time, another Totem was set up, and the elements dispelled.

Disperse all the elements around Chen Zhao.

Ma Weiqi and Bai Yinghuan Shiro looked at each other.

Ma Weiqi directly used the most powerful petrified puppet, and a huge stone giant of more than ten meters stood up.

Baiying Hanshiro directly made a sword out of thin air.

Baiying Hun Shiro also summon two Shiki.

These two Shikigami and Baiying Hanshiro look exactly the same, and they also summon a sword.

The two shikigami is the famous shikigami of Dongying, which is easy to lose.

They can imitate the appearance and magic abilities of the enemy or master.

The three Bai Ying Huan Shiro rushed directly to Chen Zhao.

At the same time, the petrified puppet took the lead in attacking Chen Zhao.


The fist of the petrified puppet crashed on before Chen Zhao.

But the fist of the petrified puppet stopped before Chen Zhao.

At this moment, the three Shiro Shiro Bai Yingzhang slashed out a sword.

Although the ability can be imitated, it is obvious from the attack intensity that the strength of the three is still superior.

The main body’s attack is the highest, and the attack power of two volatile and demonized Shiro Hakuei is obviously weaker.

Of course, Shiro Bai Yinghuan is the highest expert himself.

After the supplementary reinforcement of Campoula, all of them have a temporary combat strength increase.

But the attack still couldn’t reach Chen Zhao.

Everyone was a little surprised, Chen Zhao’s strength seemed outrageous.

With such a powerful attack, he didn’t even move, so he directly blocked the attack.

Chen Zhao did not act.

The three of them were controlled.

Chen Zhao still recognizes the strength of Bai Yinghuashiro, and he can be an official player.

As for Campola, it is a bit inferior, not because he is a support, but because his support magic not at all makes Chen shine.

Ma Weiqi did not show real strength.

So Chen Zhao is not easy to judge.

“Well, if you admit this result, then you admit that you lost. Can you recognize me as a coach now?”

The three were nodded, Chen Zhao didn’t embarrass them and asked them to return to the team.

Others see Chen Zhao’s strength, so they no longer disagree.

Although the coach does not have to be unattainable.

However, powerhouse as a coach must have more say.

The combination of such outstanding three people did not shake Chen Zhao.

Strength must be very out of the ordinary.