Detective from the Future Chapter 1043

Chapter 1041 Who is lying? “Can you determine?”

“Can not, I will listen to him.” Song Hong cotton sound was swallowed, “I was still unhappy. I thought that you will kill it, I will live, and I will go to my mother. Where is it. “

“Do you know which insurance company?”

“It seems to be called WHO protection, or is it safe, earth? I can’t remember.” Song Hong cotton took the head, the ‘砰 砰’ sounded, “I am so stupid, even this thing I can’t remember, I am stupid, stupid … “

Han Bin, “Ms. Song, you don’t have to blame, I will send people to insurance companies.”

“Han Section Chief, thank you, it is a good policeman who is responsible.”

“Women, Ms. Song, let’s talk about this today, I will send you a return home, and will collect some Chen Zihe’s relics.”

“can, but before … I also want to see my son.”

han bin nodded, “No problem, Li Jie, you will take Ms. Song to the legal medicine.”


After Song Hong cotton left, Han Bin went to the 2nd Squad office.

2nd Squad players greener, “Korea.”

han bin hooks, “Busy you.”

zhu family Asa busys, “Harbor, you are sitting.”

“How is the travel verification of Chen Zihe?”

“According to the clues you provide, we have been reverse tracking Chen Zihe’s whereabouts, just need to keep monitoring along the way, spend time.”

“Is there a team member near Song Hongcian?”


“After you drive to Song Hong cotton, take the team members to check the relics of Chen Zihe.”


“The focus of the search is the personal accident insurance of cod liver oil and a Chen Zihe.”

“Chen Zihe entered the insurance?”

“According to Song Hong cotton, the beneficiary is like Ma Xiaolin.”

zhu family Asa Said with a smile, “This is really love to kill,” “

Han Bin, “Son is a home tie, others will make families to increase regret, but not hurt and teach bones. The son is gone, the bond is broken, and the family will become two, Even more. ”

zhu fatily Xudao, “It is also right, the general poisoning case is an acquaintance,

I will definitely find a lot of cavity. “

“Song Hong cotton went to the forever, it is estimated that you can get up.”



After returning to the 1st Squad Office, Zhao Ming reported, “Harbor, I have contacted Xu Youbin, he is rushing to the road to the city bureau.”

1st Squad is responsible for investigating the communication contact between Chen Zihe, there is a mobile phone number recorded on the big nest on the phone.

“Are there any call records yesterday?” According to Song Hong cotton and Ma Xiaolin, the rice that was eaten with Chen Zihe yesterday, two people before eating will definitely contact.

“Yes. On May 4th, both of them are connected. Xu Youbin took the initiative to call Chen Zihe.” While Speaking, Zhao Ming puts two data in front of Han Bin, “according to our investigation, Xu Youbin and Chen Zihe have both inquiry. Xu Youbin has been treated because of the gathering of the public, and Chen Zihe is processed because Pick Quarrels and Stir Up Trouble is processed. “

is not surprised by this Han Bin, Chen Zihe is a security guard at the bar, and the bar is more chaotic, which can be mixed in that much more than the security guard.


Three o’clock in the afternoon, Dado Xu Bin rushed to the city of public security bureau.

Xu Youbin’s first in the office, I came to the opening, “I have a good leader, I am a big nest Xu Youbin.”

“You are very familiar, not strange, no less,”

“No, no, I have been to a few police stations, this city of public security bureau is a head, and I am honored. A few leaders, you smoke, you smoke.” Xu Youbin took a box of smoke to Han Bin and the ta.

Han bin puts a swing, “You don’t have to welcome, we will come over today, just want to know some Chen Zihe’s situation.”

“Zi River, he is he?”

“When is you last meeting?”

“a few days.”

“I haven’t seen it yesterday?”

“No, no.”

“When is the last connection?”

“Yesterday at noon, I gave him a call.”

“Do you have anything?”

“I have a bit close to the hand, I want to borrow him money.”

“borrow money?”


“He agreed?”

“He said that stocks have been bought recently, and they have borrowed me. Of course, this is not stupid, I am not stupid, this year’s brothers can’t rely on, it is the surface, hehe.”

“You TWO didn’t eat with noon?”


“Do you know where he is eating at noon?”

“I didn’t ask, I called him to borrow money, he said to this copy, then I still talk.” Say this, Xu Youbin has a little emotion, “I also in these two years.” Net walking, don’t do it, lose money first.

Hey, in fact, I will blame myself, I don’t understand when you are young, and the whole brother tian feels very handsome, and has made some exquisite things. There is also a stain on the body. Nowadays, a little company does not dare to use me, the small company can’t rely, can’t mix. “

“Do you have more contact with Chen Zihe?”

“quite very much. We all play together.”

“Who else you two?”

“Yuanbi, Lei, Longbao, Di Mao.”

“Who is you with Chen Zihe in these people?”

“Longbao, his big name is Ma Bao Yan, he and Chen Zihe are junior high school students, and two people know ten years, and they should be close than our other people.”

Han bin words turn, “On April 30th, have you seen Chen Zihe?”

“That day is a few …” Xu Youbin gave a default, said, “Oh, we seem to have a meal together.”

“What rice is eaten, where is it?”

“Old Yang barbecue skewers, we will celebrate the street.”

“Who is pleased, who is eating?”

“It seems to be the guest of Chen Zihe, I have me, Ma Bao Yan, Yuandu.”

“What is the name of Yuanbi?”

“Zhao Xin’an.”

“Do you have conflicts when you eat?”

“It is also true that Chen Zihe has a few more words with Ma Bao Yan, and the two have moved his hand, I still launched it.”

“What are they fighting?”

“Nothing, it is a bit of wine, it is a bit on the head, mix a few mouthfuls, saying that it doesn’t deal with it.”

zhao ming, “Do you just say that Ma Bao Yan and Chen Zihe relationship is the best?”

“, two of them are good, but the two people are temper, no one is on the bar. However, don’t worry about how to make trouble, it will be fine after. In the words, the two The payment is called. “

“Chen Zihe relations with his Mother?”

“It’s quite complicated, you have to say that it is not good, he sometimes cares about his mother, the old lady has a headache, he is also worried. But sometimes, he will also be with the old lady. Dry, often quarreling, you are a little blame him in your eyes. “


“mainly is related to his father.”

“What is his father?”

“When he is half-year, he mother is divorced with him Father. After divorce, there is not long after the divorce, his husband and wife are good. His Dad will go abroad to work abroad, then there is no message, some people say His dad is home outside, and some people say that they are dead outside. After playing, Chen Zihe has never seen his dad.

Because of this, Chen Zihe is more rebellious, often quarrel with his mother. His father is often heteited, I have been in a few years, Chen Zihe grows up, two people toned, and changed to Chen Zihe to his father. The longer the Chen Zihe is more and more, he is getting more and more old, and the Old Man is running every two years. “To say this, Xu Youbin couldn’t help but laugh. The bad boy from Chen Zihe waited on the way home, waiting for his stepfather to drink, he wrapped his stepfather’s head from behind, and a group of people violently violated his father, put Old Man 揍It is not light, I heard that I have been raging for a week.

is that it is not long for that time, his stepfather is divorced with him Mother. “

Xu Youbin said these things is the young experience of Chen Zihe, which is important for understanding the past and character of Chen Zihe.

Xu Youbin is inquired by the police, at this time, I will ask, “Leaders, what do you call?”

“I surnamed han.”

“OFFICER HAN, the Chen Zihe is awkward? Can you alarm your municipal bureau?”

“Are you not a good friend? Do you understand what he can do?”

“Hey, it is really a good friend, he can not borrow me money, in the same amount is Gang of Scoundrels.”

“Careful friends, Gang of Scoundrels, you have met for so many years, and always know him than the police.”

“He is definitely not a good person, but you have to say how bad, I can’t talk, I may not be related to his family growth, I know that people look, he speaks the colorful Ability Very Difficult to DEAL With, saying that it is not good to be bullied. You have to force, he hid far, if you are bullied, you have, you will be killed by him. “

“You said that he didn’t eat with Chen Zihe yesterday?”


“According to Chen Zihe, Uu reads he eats with you at noon.”

“It must be he said, but even if we have any questions together? What did he made?”

“he is not committed to.”

“No Way, no serious, why are you looking for me to understand his situation.”

“he is dead.”

“What!” Xu Youbin widened his eyes, stood up, with unbelievable tone, “You didn’t CRACKING A Joke, yesterday we also played the phone, he is still good.”

“This is why we find you.”

Xu Youbin has reacted, “Offer Han, this is nothing to do, I don’t kill him.”

“Yesterday, between 12:30, between 2:30, where are you? Who is it?”

“Wuyi vacation, wife and Child are at home, I am with them, how can I go?”

“no lie?”

Xu Youbin has extended three fingers, solemnly said, “I have dawn on the sky, there is absolutely no!”

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