Detective from the Future Chapter 1045

Ten o’clock in the morning, the store is full of people, put a few tablets on the table, sitting on the table, Talking and laughing, drinking small wine, ellated.

Next to the door of the door, sitting on a 30-year-old man, put a pot of wine on the table, four small dishes, taking cucumbers, peanuts, sauce beef, cucumber soup, eat a dish, drink again A small wine, comfortable.

A young man went to the table and got it. “Brothers, drink so early?”

“Do you take care of it? Know what you have so far, stay in it.”

This young man is Han Bin, he is not annoyed, sitting on the opposite of drinking men, “Brother, how to call it?”

“Do you have a dry? I have something to say.”

han bin said with a smile, “I, just see if you have a bit more familiar, do you think you don’t know a Chen Zihe?”

“Zi River, know that, that is my brother.”

“You see, I said, no wonder you think that you are familiar, I am also a buddy of the river, we have been drinking with wine together.”

“Hey, then it will not be uniform.” The man got the Han Bin again, or I can’t think of his identity, but I have a drink together, sing K ” so called friends’ too much, I don’t recognize Qing Qing is also normal.

Since the other party knows the Chen Zihe, it will not be never left.

“Since all friends, come, let’s drink some.” The man poured a glass of wine for Han Bin.

han bin has not been anxious to drink wine, so thinking about thinking. “I remember that the Zi River seems to call you Longbao.”

“, for me.”

“Buddy, do you call?”

“calling me old Korean.”

“Haha, you watch it yet, I am not big, I am not afraid of being old.”

“Men, age is also a qualification, men 41 branches, I am still a flower bones, I am very good early.”

“This is not fake, the man, has experienced a man, did not experience the boy, right?”

“Yes.” Han Bin Complied, asked “Longbao, have you seen Chen Zihe recently?”

“I have seen it, we will still eat together at noon before yesterday.”

I have a array, didn’t you see him now? “

“is still like that, when the bar is a security guard, there are two women to raise, mix days.”

“He is looking for you?”

“You are looking for me …” Long Baozheng is ready to say, it seems that it feels a little is not a taste. “Do you know that he is looking for me?”

“also asks if you are in the mouth.”

Longbaoye beads turn, “Don’t say him first, take one.”

Longbao is a wine glass.

Han bin also tried to give a cup with him.

Brothers, where are you? When you drink wine, I really can’t think of Han Bin carefully.

Han bin also perceived the other party’s alert heart, nor camouflage, and lit up the police officer, “I am public security bureau.”

Ma Bao Yan was taken down, the instinct is to stand up.

However, I don’t know when he is more than two men, and his hand is on his shoulders, and he is on the table.

han bin knocked on the police officer who knocked on the table with a finger, “I don’t know?”

“recognition, understand.”

“What is your name?”

“Dragon Bao.”

“big name?”

“Ma Bao Yan.”

“Do I find you?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know if you still don’t want to say, since I come to you, I have enough evidence, but I have no time to with you.”

“Leader, I am telling the true, I really don’t know, and I have been obedient in this time, I haven’t done anything illegal.”

“God before you and Chen Zihe?”


“What time?”

“a little more, we have a few more points.”

“Is it going to eat for this long time?”

“We have a little wine, which means some messy.”

“I like to listen to these mess, you talk.”

“Hey, nothing is short, his mother and his wife quarreled again, two people are not looking at the eyes, Chen Zihe also feels uncomfortable in the middle, but also said that I am single, no mother, free

I think, he is in the blessing, his mother and wife are very good for him, as long as he speaks, two people will give money, equal to the two women raise him, how good things . I have such a mother and my wife, I wake up. “

The zhao ming of the side laughs, “Your requirements are not high.”

“Hehe, leaders, I am more pragmatic, I have never been a great ideal, when the day and still hit a day, blend.”

han bin, “You two Who is pleased?”

“He called me out to eat, of course, he please guests.”

“He invited you to eat, just to say these idiots, there is no other purpose?”

“This is not, he knows how much my friend is, the face is wide, I want me to help him get a dog.”

“What dog?”

“He wants me to help get a dog, the body is small, more cute, such as Xue Rena, Bomei, British, these small dogs. Still saying that I will eat after getting the dog. Seafood self-service. “

“What do he want to do?”

“He is to give him a wife, Chen Zihe does not like dogs, Chen Zihe fuck also does not like dogs, but Chen Zihe wife likes dogs, when Chen Zihe knows his wife, it is because of dog, it is Out of Blows. Friendship Grows. “Say this, Ma Bao Yan’s hand is a bit shaking,” Leaders, I am grateful, I can drink a bit. “

“Don’t drink too much, I don’t want to take you back to POLICE STATION to wake up.”

“Yes, I am a wine, the more you drink, you don’t worry, you can’t get your business.” Ma Bao Yan took a glass of wine, and did it. “Beautiful, comfortable.”

“Chen Zihe to give you a dog, to give him a wife.”

“Yes, Chen Zihe wife has a Teddy dog ​​before, it is dead, I heard that the old is sad, crying with tears, than her mother is still sad. I didn’t devalue her meaning, this It is the original words of the Chen Zihe. “Say this, Ma Bao Yan couldn’t help Laughd,” Hehe, you said that this woman is also wonderful, the dog is dead, she is not, she will give the dog’s finished cemetery. “

han bin An eyebrows, “What kind of cemetery?”

“Regular Cemetery, listen to Chen Zihe said, his wife THE Past Few Days is turning a cemetery, I want to fune into the cemetery, so that someone is maintained, and it is convenient to worship.”

zhao ming, “Is the cemetery not used? Can you get a dog?”

“If you don’t say this woman’s damage, the cemetery is all the dead, she is not to play the dog, I heard that I still want to fune in the name of my mother, you said that this is to let her mother know, I can’t live alive, there is such a mantra. “

han bin, “Chen Zihe wife did such a ridiculous thing, Chen Zihe didn’t care?”

“said by Chen Zihe, he can manage, but her wife’s dog is not. On the dog’s things, his wife is absolutely refuse to yield an inch, he has already given up. He When the wife’s dog died, this kid was happy, but also specially invited our Several Brothers a meal. “

Ma Bao Yan wants to think, “The shit is dead on April 27, he is on April 30th, please ask us to eat.”

“What happened to that night?”

“is nothing.”

Han bin means a deep long look, “I want to say it again.”

“Oh, I remembered, I have drank a lot of wine with Chen Zihe, saying that I took a bar.”

“Is it?”

“How to say, it is a good buddy to play. You are born two times, I am very feet. We don’t belong to fight, it is purely playing, it is good, or If you find a dog, he will not ask me to help. “

“Who knows, you two eat together, let you help find a dog?”

“No other person, I know alone, he still said that I don’t say it, but also to give him a surprise.”

“Chen Zihe doesn’t like his wife to raise a dog? Why do you have to send his wife.”

“he …” Ma Bao Yan’s eye is turned, “” this is not clear. “

“Unclear, still don’t want to say.”

“Police Comrade, we are doing well, he also tells me all things, why do you do it directly?”

“Chen Zihe dead.”

“Ah! What do you say?” Ma Bao Yan seems to have heard it wrong.

“Chen Zihe dead.”

“噌 …” Ma Bao Yan stood again.

“Sit down.” Zhao Ming and Jiang Yang also took him down.

Ma Bao Yan’s movement is not small, attracts the idea of ​​diners in other hotels.

han bin got up, “change it, it is inconvenient here.”

“Leader, just say this, I went to POLICE STATION to be uncomfortable.”

“less waste, get on the bus.” Han Bin was too lazy to get him, directly on the other business car.

Subsequently, Ma Bao Yan has also been planted in the car, and the hands are put on the thigh. How to suddenly die, you won’t make a mistake. “

Han bin takes out a photo of Chen Zihe, “You look at it yourself.”

Ma Bao Yan shakes, picks up photos, “Brothers, you … you die. Let’s talk about it in the first two days. Wait for money to go to the island, how do you die? … “

Ma Bao Yan’s eyepiece is red, it seems to be unacceptable, “Leaders, my brother is dead?”

“he is Poison to Death.”

“Poison to Death? What to poison?”

“The case is still in the investigation, let’s come to you, just want to know more, investigate and deal with his murderer as soon as possible.”

“Hey … Since he is dead, then I have no scruples, you ask.”

Han bin repeats the problem, “From your previous description, Chen Zihe should not like the dog. Why do you have to send his wife.”

“He doesn’t like it, but his wife likes it.”

“Is he joy for his wife?”

“No, with my understanding of him, he is not that kind of person.”

“Is that why?”

“Chen Zihe’s relationship with his wife is a bit complicated. In fact, when AT first met, his wife didn’t like him, nor did it together with him, later, Chen Zihe took his wife’s soft rib, his wife agreed Together with him. “

“What soft ribs.”



“, uu read the book Chen Zihe’s wife’s wife is especially angry, almost regards the dog as his own parents, Chen Zihe threatens his wife, if you don’t keep with him, you will kill the dog. Eat meat. His wife is frightened, and he is good with Chen Zihe, the dog has saved.

The dog is not dead for some time. Chen Zihe At First, I was quite happy because he felt that his wife was better to his dog, it was jealous. The dog is dead, and he is secret.

but not cool for two days, Repercussions are coming, the dog is dead, his wife is not afraid of him, there is already a trend with him.

He thought that this is not, you can’t let an old lady ride on your head, but you don’t use it, just want to get a dog to make his wife.

With love, there is a rib, and it will be a soft rib. “

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