Detective from the Future Chapter 1068


New Ruicheng neighborhood.

This is an open neighborhood. The feature of this neighborhood is that it has no gates and extends in all directions. It is very suitable for youngsters to live in.

Han Bin took the elevator to the top floor, then climbed another flight of stairs to the rooftop.

“Creak…” Pushing open the door of the roof, I saw a man wearing a tight T-shirt lying on the railing with both hands, with a cigarette between the index and middle fingers of his right hand.

The man glanced at Han Bin, then turned his head, looked at the sky at a forty-five degree angle, and spit out a smoke ring.

Han Bin walked to the railing, the building was high and windy, and he squinted his eyes.

The man took another cigarette, without looking back, “You are late.”

“pa!” Han Bin waved his head and said, “You brat Hong Kong Island movies.”

Chen Defu shrank his neck, laughed, “Brother Bin, is it that obvious?”

“It’s not obvious, just wear sunglasses.”

“This shows that my acting skills are pretty good.”

“Hong Kong Island is just a little place, that many movies are all these bridges back and forth, not greasy.”

“Wory, you say that, it seems to be very out.”

Han Bin pulled up Chen Defu’s tight clothes, and when he let go, he bounced back again, “Just by this dress, who dares to say you are out.”

“Hey, let go, it’s pleated.”

Han Bin was speechless, and he lit a cigarette and took a sip, “Okay, what did you hear? You brat, hurry up, talk on the rooftops.”

“Brother Bin, it’s not like that in the movie, or let’s go down, I also feel uncomfortable.”

Han Bin “……”

Seeing Han Bin quietly extinguishing the smoke, Chen Defu did not dare to grind again, “Brother Bin, I have checked the Sun Youguo you asked me to check.

This Sun Youguo is not a local of our Qindao. There is not much news about him on the road. After many inquiries, I learned some of it. He has a criminal record and heard that he had been in because of kidnapping, and he had a closer relationship with a man named Lao Mao after he came out. “

“Old cat?”

“Yes. This old cat is more famous on the road, often doing some stolen business, and it is said that he has his own smuggling channel. As long as you can afford the price, there is nothing he can’t buy.”

This is not the first time Han Bin has heard of this nickname. As early as when investigating the case of Zhu Wei’s surpassing prison, one of the persons involved in the case bought a gun from a person with the nickname “Lao Mao”. Han Bin also took the situation into account. Reported to the superiors, no attention later, didn’t expect this case again involved the old cat.

“Can you contact this old cat?”

“It was possible some time ago, but most recently the old cat suddenly disappeared. There are all kinds of words on the road. Some said that he went abroad, some said that his smuggling channels were checked, and some said He was hacked, and there is another saying that he was arrested by the police.”

Han Bin said with a smile, “You are quite considerate. You can help me think of all the reasons you can think of.”

“Hehe, this is the way it is, true and false come and false are also true, true and false are not clear.”

“You continue to help me inquire about the old cat. It’s best to get his contact information.”

“I will try.”

Han Bin patted his shoulder, “Keep in touch, I will go first.”

“Wait for me, let’s go together, TM is too cold here.”


After returning to the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Han Bin called Wang Xiao and Zhao Ming to the office.

The two walked in together, and Han Bin motioned for them to sit down.

“Korean team, Squadron Chief.” Zhao Ming took out a pack of cigarettes and handed one to each of them.

Han Bin lit his cigarette and took a sip, “What do you think of the kidnapping case in Quancheng?”

Zhao Ming shrugged, “The kidnapping happened in Quancheng, and the people of the provincial government also arrested Sun Youguo. We can’t handle it here.”

“I mean Sun Youguo came to Qindao, what do you think?”

“Didn’t he say that he broke up with his accomplices before rushing to Qindao?”

“It’s a possibility, but what if he lied.”

Wang Xiao said, “You think he came to Qindao for another purpose.

“I found an informant to investigate Sun Youguo. It is said that Sun Youguo and Lao Mao are very close.”

Wang Xiao frowned, “Old cat, I seem to have an impression of this person, and we seem to have involved this person in our previous investigations.”

“Yes, in the previous investigation of the Zhu Wei surpassing prison case, one of the suspects was a gun purchased from the old cat. This old cat is likely to engage in smuggling, stolen goods and other illegal activities.”

“Do you think Sun Youguo’s visit to Qindao is related to the old cat?”

“I’m not sure for the time being. I’m calling you to investigate clearly.” Han Bin took a cigarette and continued, “Wang Xiao, you are responsible for investigating Sun Youguo’s whereabouts after he arrived in Qindao, focusing on the locations he visited.

Zhao Ming, you check Sun Youguo’s communication records to see who he has contacted recently. “



In the evening Han Bin received a WeChat from Bao Xing.

“Team Korea, we have returned to Quancheng, don’t worry.”

Han Bin replied with four words, “Be careful.”

Although the two have a good relationship, they did not communicate too much. The police force has regulations. Without the permission of the leader, Bao Xing impossible revealed the progress of the investigation in Quancheng.

Although Han Bin found new clues about Sun Youguo, he did not get any definitive evidence. If the news is wrong, it will bring some negative effects, so he simply doesn’t mention it.


The next morning.

As soon as Han Bin arrived at the office, Wang Xiao and Zhao Ming came to report together.

“Yeah, you two are so active, it seems that there are discoveries.”

Wang Xiao handed a piece of information to Han Bin, “Team Korea, you really expected everything to be like a god, Sun Youguo’s purpose in Qindao is not simple.

After Sun Youguo came to Qindao and before we monitored him, there was a gap period. During this time, he went out three times, two of which were out for dinner, and one time he took a taxi to Qi Feng State International Transportation Company. “

Han Bin said, “Ji Feng State? This name sounds familiar.”

“The father of the kidnapped girl Chen Xin is named Chen Qifeng, who is also the legal person of this transportation company.”

Zhao Ming added, “I investigated Sun Youguo’s phone calls, and one of the calls was made by him to Qi Feng State International Corporation.”

Han Bin got up and walked along, “In other words, Chen Qifeng and the kidnappers are privately connected. What do you think is the nuisance between them?”

Wang Xiao pondered for a moment, “I think there are two possibilities. First, they may be a group. The so-called kidnapping case is self-directed and performed to cover up their true purpose. I remember that the reporter was a little boy. Zhang Chao’s parents also happened to apply for this.

second It is possible that Chen Qifeng and the kidnappers are not in the same group, but he does not believe that the police can successfully rescue his daughter. He privately agreed to the kidnapper’s ransom transaction. Sun Youguo came to get the ransom, and we happened to be caught.

Regardless of the possibility, this Sun Youguo lied. “

Zhao Ming hummed, “Let me say that the people in this department are not doing well. We have not found clues that they can’t find. Maybe they are still kept in the dark by Sun Youguo.” [ 19459002]

Wang Xiao said, “The people in the provincial government may not be better than us, but they are not worse than us. Maybe they found the problem when they interrogated Sun Youguo again, but they didn’t need to notify us.”

Zhao Ming said, “Then let’s not tell them anymore. Let’s investigate by ourselves. When we catch the suspects, I will see their expressions.”

“Okay, you brat ran the train with his mouth full. You can say this casually.” Han Bin scolded and waved his hand, “The information is left, why should I go.”

Wang Xiao stood up and took two steps, then turned around and said, “The Korean team has already traced this clue, shall we continue to investigate?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll discuss with the Section Chief, and wait for the news.”

“Yes.” Wang Xiao pulled Zhao Ming up and left the office.

After the two left, Han Bin read the investigation data carefully. After thinking for a while, he went to the big Section Chief office.


“Come in.”

“Big Section Chief.”

“Yeah, it’s just time to come, I’m just about to find you, sit down and say.”

“What’s your order?”

“What are you looking for me?”

“There is a little thing to report to you, you say first, I’m not in a hurry.”

Ding Xifeng held a pen in his hand and knocked on the table. “It’s the news from the provincial government. Yesterday the Quancheng police arrested the stadium. The little girl Chen Xin’s father went to trade the ransom, and the money was paid. Designated a place, but no one has ever taken the ransom.

At the same time, the police also went to search the location provided by Sun Youguo, but the other kidnappers and hostages passed away. The provincial government suspected that the arrest of Sun Youguo might have missed the news. “

Han Bin asked, “We are the responsibility according to the meaning of the provincial government?”

“This is not the case. The arrest of Sun Youguo was an order from Section Chief Huang. Section Chief Huang did not shirk responsibility and has nothing to do with our Qindao police.”

Han Bin continued to ask, “Isn’t there any problem with Sun Youguo on the provincial government?”

“What’s the problem?”

Han Bin handed the information to Ding Xifeng and said, “The father of the kidnapped girl is named Chen Qifeng. He runs a transportation company in Qindao called Qi Feng State International Transportation Company. Sun Youguo called this company. He himself also went to Qi Feng State International Transportation Company.

I suspect that Sun Youguo came to Qindao not because he fell out with his accomplices, but with other tasks.

Furthermore, Chen Qifeng and the kidnappers were connected in private. “

Ding Xifeng checked the information, “Interesting, why do you think this Sun Youguo contacted Qifeng Transportation Company?”

“I think there are three possibilities.

First, Chen Qifeng and the kidnappers were in the same group. The kidnapping case was self-directed and performed to cover up their true purpose.

Second, Chen Qifeng and the kidnappers were not in the same group. He didn’t believe that the police could successfully rescue his daughter. He privately agreed to the kidnappers’ ransom deal. Sun Youguo came to get the ransom, and we happened to be caught.

Third, I checked this Sun Youguo through an informant. He has a close relationship with a person named Lao Mao. Do you remember this person? “

Ding Xifeng was nodded, “a bit impressed.”

Han Bin continued, “This old cat is a bit famous on the road, and he does all the illicit activities such as stolen, smuggling, and gun sales. Assuming Sun Youguo is behind the old cat, then they probably kidnapped Chen Qifeng’s daughter for ransom. It’s for smuggling channels.”

Ding Xifeng speculated, “They want to use Chen Qifeng’s company to smuggle prohibited items.”

“I personally think it is possible.”

“When did you find these clues?”

“Just confirmed.”

“Who knows?”

“I let the people from 1st Squad be responsible for the investigation.”

Ding Xifeng thought for a while, “Sun Youguo and Chen Qifeng are both in Quancheng, we have to interrogate these two people for impossible not to pass the provincial government. In addition, the Qi Feng State inter-transport company is not small. Will beat the grass to scare the snake, this is not the best choice.”

“I know, I didn’t want to cross the provincial government, just to find definite evidence. After all, the three possibilities mentioned before are my guesses and there is no evidence.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I want to search Sun Youguo’s residence again.”

Ding Xifeng thought about it, “Yes, you can go. When you find the exact evidence, I will report to the provincial government.”



After half an hour, Han Bin took the people from 1st Squad to the China Resources neighborhood again.

Wang Xiao said, “Team Korea, what is the goal of our search this time?”

“All clues related to Qi Feng State International Transportation Company.” After arresting Sun Youguo, the police also searched his residence, but Sun Youguo had been taken away by the provincial government at that time, and the enthusiasm of the team members was affected. Furthermore, I didn’t know the clues of Qi Feng State Intercompany at that time, UU Reading www. uukanshu. com may also miss some evidence.

Han Bin is going to search Sun Youguo’s residence again. The best evidence can be found, and other investigative methods will be used if no evidence is found.

After arriving at Sun Youguo’s residence, Han Bin explained it again, and then asked the team members to search separately.

Han Bin did not hold out much hope because he had searched it again before.

Time passed by one minute and one second, but no clues related to Qifeng Company were found.

Han Bin glanced at his watch. If no valuable clues can be searched, he can only choose to report to the provincial government and let them investigate by interrogating Chen Qifeng and Sun Youguo.

This will undoubtedly share the credit of the Qindao police, but considering the safety of the two hostages, Han Bin can only compromise.

“Team Han, a mezzanine was found on the bedside table.” Jiang Yang’s voice came from the bedroom.

Han Bin walked over and checked. There was a white bedside table next to the bedside. The bedside table was divided into two layers. Jiang Yang pulled out the two layers of bedside tables. Only then did he find that there was another one behind the drawer of the bedside table below. Small drawer, if you don’t pull out the drawer of the bedside table, it’s hard to find this.

In the small drawer on the mezzanine, there are an ID card and several bills. There is a shipping note number on the bill, which contains both Chinese and English documents.

Han Bin is proficient in English and quickly understood the above content. This is a batch of goods shipped from Thailand, including silicone pillows and silicone mattresses. The shipping company is Qi Feng State International Transportation Company. The time is two o’clock this afternoon, Qindao third cargo terminal.

Seeing these documents, Han Bin felt confident that the so-called ransom transaction was simply delaying time. The kidnappers’ real purpose was to get the smuggled goods…

Han Bin is also very curious about what these goods are that can allow Sun Youguo and the others to take such a big risk…