Detective from the Future Chapter 668


More than seven o’clock in the evening, Four Seasons Restaurant.

At this time, it is summer, the days are long and the nights are short, the sky is still dark, and there are many pedestrians on the road.

Compared with the bustle of the past, the Four Seasons restaurant can be described by Mencora.

In addition to the door is still open, basically no people can see in and out.

Han Bin parked the car at the door, walked into the store, and saw Wang Ting sitting at the counter with his right hand on his cheek, seeming to be in a daze.

The hall is empty, the tables and chairs are neatly arranged, and there are two waitresses cleaning.

There is a glass next to the counter where you can directly see the situation of the back kitchen. In the past, this time was when the back kitchen was the busiest, but there was no one at this time.


“Eh.” Wang Ting lifts the head, came back to his senses, “After get off work?”

Han Bin stood by the counter, “Let’s go home.”

Wang Ting nodded, said to the two waiters, “It’s almost done, you should go back earlier.”

The two waiters were not very young and had no intention of working. They went to change their clothes at the back, and said hello to Wang Ting and left.

“Tingting, are you going to be closed for a while?”

“Yes.” Wang Ting looked around the restaurant, his eyes full of nostalgia.

He devoted a lot of effort here.

Han Bin pats her shoulder, “Go, this is only temporary.”

Wang Ting is nodded, and his emotions are still somewhat low. He followed Han Bin into the car without saying a word.

Han Bin helped her to wear a seat belt, “what do you want to eat, I treat you.”

Wang Ting sighed, “My shop is closed, and I still have the mood to eat in someone else’s shop.”

Han Bin said, “Then go home, I will cook for you.”

“You checked the case for a day, and you must be tired. How can you cook? Let me do it.”

Han Bin started the car, said with a smile, “I’m happy to cook for you, I’m not tired at all.”

One of Wang Ting’s hearts is sweet, and his depression is a little less.

“Wait for the past few days, the case is broken, I will take you out to play and relax.”

Wang Ting blinked his eyes at Han Bin, “Where do you want to take me to play.”


Wang Tingpu chi smiled, “I think you haven’t thought about it yet.”

Han Bin touched his chin and smirked. He did not think about it.

When they get home, the two of them work together and cook while chatting.

Wang Ting made a mushroom and vegetable and made a soup of winter melon balls.

Han Bin made a scrambled egg with tomatoes and an ant on the tree.

These are relatively simple home-cooked dishes that are easy to make and eat.

While eating, Wang Ting asked Unable to Bear, “If the restaurant wants to change the cuisine, which one do you think I should cook?”

Han Bin put down the chopsticks and thought for a while, said, “The recent catering industry is not very easy to do. You might as well rest for a while and wait for the market to be better after a while before deciding.”

“Should I stop making a restaurant, and switch to something else?”

Han Bin gave Wang Ting a piece of shiitake mushrooms, “Every line is like a mountain, even if you want to change lines, you should not be in a hurry.”

“That’s right, then I’ll take a rest for a while, recharge and recharge, and wait until the market is better.” Wang Ting made up his mind and was relieved a lot, even with an appetite.

The two men swept away three dishes and one soup.

After eating, it’s not too early. Wang Ting went to the bathroom to take a shower. Han Bin sat on the sofa and looked at the phone. Unable to bear yawned.

“Congratulations to police officer 577533 on successfully detecting the jailbreak series.” A long-lost voice sounded in Han Bin’s mind.

Micro-Expression Analysis: Proficiency: +7

Observation skills: Proficiency +7

Footprint Identification: Proficiency +3

Achievement Points reward 37 points.

Having heard this voice, Han Bin showed a smile, not only because of the rich rewards, but also the official conclusion of the series of jailbreaking cases. Shi Da will be subject to due sanctions.

As for the 626 joint project, Han Bin also has clues, he believes he can solve the case and catch the murderer.


The next morning,

The Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Han Bin entered the Criminal Investigation building and encountered Ma Jingbo in the corridor with two dark circles.

Because the victim’s body has not been found, she is likely to be alive. In order to improve the efficiency of handling the case, Ding Xinfeng decided to conduct a 24-hour shift investigation.

Last night, Ma Jingbo and 2nd Squad investigated the case.

“Mars, your black circle is powerful enough. Have you eaten breakfast, or should I buy you a copy?”

Ma Jingbo yawned, “No need, I will hand over to Section Chief Zeng and go back to the dormitory to sleep. I will buy some food myself.”

Ma Jingbo and Zeng Ping are investigating the same clue, both of which are tracking Mercedes-Benz cars, while Han Bin is investigating the identity of the murderer.

So Ma Jingbo is handing over to Zeng Ping, not Han Bin.

“Horse team, is there any progress in the tracing of Mercedes-Benz cars?”

“Yes, the approximate range has been locked. If it goes well, you may be able to find the Mercedes-Benz car today.” So, Ma Jingbo used a ridiculous tone, “young man, you have to work harder. Found it. The Mercedes-Benz car, the identity of the murderer becomes clear, you brat don’t do useless work.”

Han Bin said with a smile, “That line, I fight for Nu Nujin, and first find out the identity of the murderer.”

Ma Jingbo said suddenly, “Yes, UU reading I want to ask you something. I heard that your current youngsters are all Moonlight tribes. By the end of the month, your pocket is cleaner than your face.”

Han Bin was a little puzzled. I don’t know why Ma Jingbo asked, but he said smoothly, “This is also divided, and there are people who don’t spend money and love to save money.”

“Then what do you belong to?”

“I…should be of the middle type. There are not many places to spend money. Buy things you like, and save money if you don’t want it. Although it is not too much, it is a bit of a savings.”

Ma Jingbo smiled at Pats Han Bin’s shoulder, “Yes, this is a good habit.”

Han Bin was even more puzzled. Ma Jingbo rarely asked about his private affairs before.

Could it be… The Colts had tight hands and sorry directly spoke.

On the occasion of Han Bin’s cranky thoughts, Ma Jingbo waved his hand, “I went back to rest and had a call.”

Han Bin watched the other person leave, but still didn’t figure out what the other person said just now. He was too lazy to think about it and went directly to the 1st Squad office.

Han Bin first brewed a cup of coffee and waited for the team members to come, and called everyone to have a morning meeting.

“Jiang Yang, after I immediately interrogated the room, did Zhang Yibin explain the new situation?”

Jiang Yang replied, “The new situation didn’t say, but he kept calling him injustice, begging us to let him go, and following him on the TV station would be like two people.”

Bao Xing hummed, “I’ve seen it for a long time. This kid is just a bastard. If a big man plagiarizes other people’s programs, he would copy a blind date program.”

Since there is no progress on Zhang Yibin’s side, Han Bin decided to release it first and said, “Wang Xiao and Jiang Yang, you two go to the bank to check the source of funds for the summer hail account.”

“Sister Li, Bao Xing, you two and I went to the head tiao company, whoever hung the bell on the tiger’s neck must untie it, maybe the identity of the murderer could be found from this company.”

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