Detective from the Future Chapter 764


Li Hui said, “Is it possible that the suspect left on foot.”

Wei Zimo replied, “I don’t think this kind of probability is big. The suspect has always been wearing a clown mask and clown costume. If he leaves on foot, he must take off his clown costume in order not to attract attention.”

“There are two problems here. If the first clown dress is not discovered by the police, it must either hide it on the spot or put it in a bag and take it away. However, neither method of strictly speaking is very safe. The former It is easy to be found by the police. If DNA is extracted from the mask and costume, it is equivalent to leaving evidence of conviction.”

“If you put the clown costume in a bag and take it away, the goal will be larger, because not only the clown costume, but also the helmet, the backpack will not be too small. When I check the surveillance, I will pay more attention to the bag Passersby will also increase the risk of exposure.”

“One more thing, this suspect has not shown his face. If he walks away, he must not wear a clown mask again, which increases the risk of showing his face. Once he is photographed by the camera, he is easy to be exposed.”

“I personally think that the suspect should have left by other means of transportation, and this means of transportation is probably a car.”

Zeng Ping asked, “There are more than electric vehicles and cars. How do you determine whether it is a car, not a motorcycle?”

Wei Zimo continued, “This is also my guess, because most of the tourists in the amusement park go by car. If you take a motorcycle, it will be more conspicuous and will be easily targeted by the police.”

Zeng Ping leaned back on his chair and frowned, “Your reasoning is okay, but this is also the biggest problem. There are hundreds of traffic flow in the playground that day. If the suspect leaves by car, it will be very difficult to investigate. Big.”

If the vehicle owner is really investigated, it is not only the license plate number, but also a transcript for the vehicle owner to verify the owner’s alibi. This is too much work and difficult to complete in a short time.

Du Qi proposed, “Then we will send some more people and ask the local police station for assistance. Maybe we can find someone by car and find out the identity of the murderer.”

Han Bin pondered for a moment, “Judging from the suspect’s purchase of other people’s real-name mobile phone numbers, this suspect has certain anti-reconnaissance capabilities. I think even if he drives, he is probably driving a licensed car. “

Li Hui nodded, “The South Korean team is justified. If it is really a licensed car, even if we find the car, we may not be able to find out the identity of the suspect.”

Han Bin’s conversation turned, “If you have gains, you will lose. This method may reduce the risk of being identified. For the same reason, he also increases the risk of exposure.”

Sun Xiaopeng was a little puzzled, “Team Han, what do you mean?”

Han Bin explained, “What I mean is very simple. Since the identification of the car owner is difficult, let’s check the license plate number directly. The suspect is likely to use a licensed car, as long as the car and the license plate are not matched , Then this car is probably the suspect’s car.”

“As long as the suspected vehicle is identified, even if the license plate number is fake, and the owner cannot be found by the license plate number, it can still be monitored and tracked along the way.”

After Dai Minghan listened,

Knocked on the table, “The Korean team’s proposal is good, it can reduce a lot of unnecessary work. Wei Squadron Chief, just check it according to the Korean team’s meaning.”


Everyone began to discuss how to track down the clues of Brother Zhao.

After the meeting, Dai Minghan left Han Bin and chatted alone for a while.

Dai Minghan is in charge of the Criminal Investigation team. There is too much work to be arranged. Impossible puts all his energy on this case, and the investigation of the case mainly depends on Han Bin.


After returning to the office, Han Bin discussed with Zeng Ping. He stared at 1st Squad. Zeng Ping was in charge of 2nd Squad. If there is a situation, the two people communicated in time.

Han Bin took the second place, “That’s okay, you only need to be responsible for positioning.”

After watching Lu Wen leave, Han Bin began to arrange tasks, “Du Qi, Mai Jun, you two go to the communications company to check the details of this mobile phone number.”

“Other people follow me to Xiguan Town to see if they can find Zhao Qiabo.”


When everyone packed their equipment and was about to leave, a police officer from the back office came in outside.

“Lee Squadron Chief, Lin Hongping, the suspect you just caught, said that he remembered some clues and asked to see you.”

Li Hui turned his head and looked to the side of Han Bin.

Han Bin said, “Take her to the Interrogation Room first, and we will take notes later.”

“Okay.” The internal police officer complied, and then left.

Li Hui asked, “Bin, how to arrange it?”

“In this way, you take Tian Li and Xiaopeng to Xiguan Town, Zhao Ming stays and interrogates with me.”


Han Bin patted his shoulder, “If you have any situation, contact me in time, I will support you.”

“understood. Tian Li, Xiaopeng, clean up and follow me.”

After Li Hui and the others left, only Han Bin and Zhao Ming were left. Han Bin felt that there was not enough manpower, so he called the city bureau and transferred Li Qin and Bao Xing.

Zhao Ming yawned, “Team Korea, what are we doing now?”

“Go to Interrogation Room.”


Inside the Interrogation Room.

Lin Hongping sat in the interrogation chair and looked at the all around environment. The expression on her face was a bit cramped, as if she was about to cry.

“Creak…” When the door rang, Han Bin and Zhao Ming walked in.

Lin Hongping looked a little excited after seeing the two of them, “Comrade police, why did you bring me here? I said that I was wronged, and I was willing to cooperate with the police to provide clues. Why did you bring me here? ?”

Han Bin opened his notebook and said, “Have you been here before?”

“No, UU reading I am a good person, I have never quarreled with others, and I have never been to the police station. How could I have been to such a place.” Lin Hongping cried, “I’m on TV I have seen that those bad people who have committed crimes will ask questions in such a place. You should not talk to me here.”

Han Bin said resolutely, “We just act according to the regulations. If you feel wronged, help the police find the real suspect. When the time comes, we will naturally send you away.”

“What’s the use of sending me away now? You shouldn’t just catch me. You took me out of the noodle restaurant with great fanfare, and how much influence it caused me. How I will work in the noodle restaurant in the future, people think I have committed a crime, I…what have I become.” Lin Hongping cried.

Han Bin walked over, handed a few tissues to the other party, and said sincerely, “Don’t worry, as long as you can prove your innocence, we will personally send you back to the noodle restaurant, and tell your boss and colleagues clearly, and , Thank you in front of them for helping the police solve the case. It will not affect your work and life.”

Lin Hongping asked with red eyes, “Really?”

Han Bin’s tone is determined, “Of course it is true. I will go to that noodle restaurant to eat in the future. If the Boss quit you because of this, I will call you the shots.”

Lin Hongping expressed gratitude, “Thank you Comrade Police.”

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