Detective from the Future Chapter 768


Han Bin took the letter and checked it repeatedly, but did not see any obvious marks. The words on the letter were also printed out, and the handwriting could not be recognized.

Han Bin asked, “When was the last time you checked the express cabinet?”

Song Jingshan thought for a while and replied, “It should be before the business trip. I left on the afternoon of September 6, and checked the express cabinet on the morning of September 6.”

Han Bin Forget it, today is September 11th, five days have passed, and threatening letters may be delivered within these five days.

“Who has read and touched this letter?”

“I am alone. I was afraid that my wife was worried and didn’t tell him that my daughter and my eldest son would not live with us. I didn’t tell them either.”

“When you took the letter, did you see any suspicious people around?”

“I was confused at the time, I simply didn’t care about that many. I went straight to the police station.” Song Jingshan leaned forward and asked with wide eyes, “Han Section Chief, you said this is a threat Whoever believes, will he be the murderer of my son.”

Han Bin put the threatening letter back into the envelope, “It is possible, have you received a threatening letter before?”

“Yes, I have received it once before.”


“About 3 months ago.”

“Do you remember the specific time?”

“It seems to be June 10.”

Han Bin wrote down in his notebook, “Did you call the police at that time?”

“Yes. I was a police officer at the Huaguang Road Police Station. The police also went to my neighborhood to investigate, but no one who wrote the threatening letter was found.”

“Is there any difference between that threatening letter and this threatening letter at that time?”

“It makes no difference.” Song Jingshan took out a letter from his pocket and put it on Han Bin’s table, “Look at it, this is the original letter.”

The envelope is also white, and there is a piece of paper in it that says, “Song Jingshan, you must die, I will let your family be ruined sooner or later!” ’

There is no difference between the two threatening letters.

Han Bin feels something is wrong, “Since you have reported to the police, the first threatening letter should be kept by the police as evidence, why is it in your hands.”

“Hey, I got angry when you said this. I called the police, but it was useless. The police didn’t catch anyone and said it might be a kid’s prank. I felt that something was wrong when I heard it. This obviously didn’t bother me. Think of the case as the same thing. Since the police said it was a prank, there is no way to file a case. I am afraid they will come back if they lose the threatening letter.”

“What investigation methods did Huaguang Police Station take at that time?”

“Then went two civil police, checked the express cabinet, and went to monitor from the property. They said they wanted to go back to check the monitoring and let me wait for notification at home.” Song Jingshan sighed, “at first I also reported No small hope, thinking that there might be news the next day, who knows,

I waited one day and one day, and no one notified me after a week. ”

“In the second week, I took the initiative to call and ask. The civil police who answered the phone said that he did not understand the situation and asked me to go to the police station to find the civil police responsible for the case.”

“I am also right. This is for us to take the initiative. I really have to take the initiative. I went to the police station again and asked the person in charge of the case. As a result, they said that the monitoring had been completed and no suspicious persons were found, so they asked me Have you received any more threatening letters.”

“I said I didn’t receive it again. The civil police in charge of the case told me that this may be a prank. Let me go back and think about whether I have had any conflicts with anyone recently, and said that they will continue to investigate the case.”

“I believe you are a ghost…” Song Jingshan became more and more angry, but considering that Han Bin and the others are also police officers, he swallowed the rest of the words.

“Later, I waited for another week and went to the police station again.”

“Before I spoke, people asked me if I received any more threatening letters. I said no.”

“Yes, people say this is a prank, and there is not enough evidence to file a case, so this matter will not be settled.” Speaking of this, Song Jingshan showed an angry expression and choked up, “If they find that earlier The person who wrote the threatening letter, maybe my son will not die!”

Han Bin didn’t answer the call, he couldn’t answer this.

“In addition to the investigation and monitoring, have the police station conducted other investigations?”

Song Jingshan thought for a while, “They said they had visited our neighborhood, but there is no more information.”

Han Bin asked, “Have they done a technical test on the threatening letter?”

“I won’t understood this.” After speaking, Song Jingshan showed a touch of self-deprecating, “I guess it shouldn’t. They simply didn’t take the threatening letter seriously. In their words, I was not injured. , There is no property loss, and simply constitutes the standard for not establishing a case.”

Han Bin did not say much about this, because the police officers at the police station are also likely to follow the regulations. If you have to be held accountable, it is also a problem for the li law agency.

Han Bin can’t control it, nor can it control it. All he can do is handle his case in a serious and responsible manner.

“Most recently, have you found any other abnormalities?”

Song Jingshan pondered for a moment, then shook his head, “No. No one has looked for me, and something unusual happened. I thought it was a prank, but who would have thought… hey…”

“Three months ago, did you offend who?”

“I can’t think of it, it shouldn’t be there. I have always been kind to others and valued peace. I have never done anything unscrupulous.”

Han Bin said, “If you think about it, you may have offended who before, and the other party only took action three months ago.”

Song Jingshan was silent for a while, “I really can’t remember.”

“Han Section Chief, do you think the person who wrote the threatening letter was the murderer of my son? If he really wanted to retaliate against me, wouldn’t it be that I killed Bo Chen!”

Han Bin said, “Before the case is cleared, I can’t give you an accurate answer. It’s the sentence I said before, think about the crime who, if the murderer really came at you , Your clues will be of great help to the police.”

Song Jingshan took a deep breath, “I understand, I must think about it.”

Then, Han Bin rescheduled the task again, because of insufficient manpower, two more team members were transferred from 2nd Squad.

Then divide the players into three groups.

The 1st Squad is responsible for checking the phone number, and the 2nd Squad is going to the Huaguang Police Station to check the situation and adjust the papers.

Han Bin took people to the neighborhood where Song Jingshan lived.

Before leaving, Han Bin sent both letters to the technical team, and asked the personel of technical team to help with the inspection.


Rongding Garden neighborhood.

This neighborhood is not far from Yuhua Branch Station. It is a high-end neighborhood with a high greening rate and is a large-scale house.

Han Bin went around in the neighborhood. The monitoring facilities in the neighborhood are very complete. The neighborhood door, corridor door, elevator, and underground garage are all monitored.

Song Jingshan’s family lives in Building 6.

There is no surveillance next to the courier cabinet inside the first floor lobby, and there is no way to see who sent the threatening letter directly.

Han Bin has been around in the neighborhood, and he already knows it.

Then, Han Bin took people to the property company.

The person in charge of the property company is Feng Sea, a middle-aged man about 40 years old. After learning the identity of Han Bin and the others, he behaved very politely.

“Section Chief, Han, UU reads if you have any instructions, don’t hesitate to tell you, our property company must cooperate.”

Han Bin said, “I want to retrieve the surveillance from September 6 to today.”

“No problem, I can take you to the monitoring room now.”

Han Bin asked Li Qin and Bao Xing to go to the monitoring room for monitoring, but he himself stayed in the property lobby. “How many exits are there in Building 6 where Mr. Song is located?”

Feng Sea thought for a while, “There are two in total, one comes out of the unit door, and the other comes directly out of the garage.”

Han Bin asked, “If I walk down the stairs to the garage, will I be photographed by the camera?”

“Yes. The door to the underground garage from the stairway is facing a surveillance camera. As long as an outsider enters the unit building, it will definitely be photographed. In terms of neighborhood security, we are still very considerate.”

“How many households live in Building 6?”

Ma Sea opened his mouth and came, “Building No. 6 has 7-Layer, and each floor has two ladders and two households. There are 14 households in total.”

Han Bin nodded, this is the benefit of high-end neighborhoods. Normal neighborhoods are 20-30 floors, two ladders and four households, and this unit has nearly 100 households.

Fewer households are still beneficial, which reduces the difficulty of investigation by the police.

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