Detective from the Future Chapter 8072


The latest website: Han Bin confirmed, “It’s really not you who did it?”

“It’s really not.” Fan Xiang flew nodded, as if he wanted to find approval.

“So all of this is a coincidence. You didn’t sleep at twelve o’clock in the morning and just ran to the neighborhood. The car happened to be smashed, and you happened to see the alcohol and cigarettes in the car.” Han Bin also Without saying a word, he happened to be a person with a criminal record.

This sentence can be thought of, but it is hard to say.

Han Bin is not discriminating against people with criminal convictions, but the proportion of criminals with criminal convictions is much higher than that of ordinary persons.

Fan Xiangfei replied, “Yes, it’s all a coincidence.”

Guo Tianxu glared, “What a damn, you think our policeman is a fool, this World is not a that many coincidence, if you don’t go to the river, you can fall into the river.”

“Fan Xiangfei, I tell you, who you are, I know very well, I’m not arresting you for the first time. Don’t play with your cleverness in front of me.” Guo Tianxu pointed to Fan Xiangfei’s nose.

“If you don’t explain obediently and honestly, huh…”

Guo Tianxu’s ‘hum’ made Fan Xiangfei shudder. He was really afraid of Guo Tianxu.

Fan Xiangfei’s sweat “shua shua” on his forehead was flowing down. He knew very well that he had annoyed this Guo Sergeant and how miserable he would end up.

“Guo…Guo Sergeant, if I say it now, can it be regarded as leniency, can I make merit?”

Guo Tianxu’s expression eased a little, “It depends on your attitude toward confession. If you confess obediently and honestly, you can say anything.”

Fan Xiangfei sighed in relief, “I…actually, then I will tell you the truth.”

“Before the holiday, at the end of September, someone came to me and said they wanted to hire me to smash cars and steal things. At that time…I drank alcohol and agreed in a vague way. Later, it was the holiday, I I went back to my hometown and lived for a few days. I just came to Qindao these two days and I remembered this incident.”

“That night, I was planning to go to that area to steal things, but after I got there, I found out that the car was smashed. I didn’t really smash the car. I saw a Mercedes-Benz car inside. I flipped over and found a few bottles of wine and a few cigarettes.” At this point, Fan Xiangfei stretched out three fingers, “I can swear to God, I really didn’t smash the car. Something’picked up’ in the car.”

Han Bin did not investigate whether it was picking up,

It’s still stealing. It’s not interesting to pick words right now. How to judge in court, and how to judge.

“Someone hired you to steal things in the vicinity of the car?”


“Who hired?”

Fan Xiangfei showed an expression of hesitation. After a moment of silence, he lowered his head again.

“Peng!” Guo Tianxu slapped the table, “What’s wrong with you brat, do you want to fight for leniency? Say quickly.”

“His name is Old Wu II. He is also considered a Senior. He is rich, has relationships, and has more brothers, but he is more cattle than me. You should know him too. Don’t say it’s me, he If I knew I was betraying him, it would definitely break my leg.”

Han Bin smiled, “Take your heart to your stomach, he must dare to break your legs, I will check him from top to bottom, and let him sit through the prison.”

Fan Xiangfei took a look at Han Bin, secretly thought, this man looked young, he was even older than Guo Sergeant, what did you do, and you can still uncover other previous cases.

Guo Tianxu showed the color of thinking.

Han Bin asked, “Master, do you know this Old Wu two?”

Guo Tianxu did not immediately answer, and asked Fan Xiangfei on the side, “Is he a few fingers?”

Fan Xiangfei responded, “Yes, the brother on the road calls him Old Wu, the nine-fingered beggar.”

Han Bin smiled, “This name is pretty loud, I really want to have a little impression.”

“The name of the shit is just a bastard, something.” Guo Tianxu was a little bit disdainful. He remembered this Old Wu two. Some time ago, he wanted to ask someone to drink him, but Guo Tianxu ignored it.

“Why did Old Wu hire you to steal the car?”

Fan Xiangfei hesitated again. Seeing Guo Tianxu stared again, he hurriedly said, “Didn’t he pack a parking lot, right next to the Hui’an neighborhood. He just fancyed this piece because the old neighborhood had insufficient parking spaces. It is also for the convenience of the residents around, but it has been open for a while and there is no who to go. He wants to find a way.”

Guo Tianxu asked, “What can I do? You smashed the car and let you steal the things in the car?”

Fan Xiangfei said, “Almost, after a few incidents, people will be smart. When the time comes, they will consciously go to the parking lot to park.”

“You guys are quite ready to order.”

“It has nothing to do with me, it’s all the second one said.” Fan Xiangfei waved his hand and continued, “There are many old neighborhoods in this area. These old neighborhoods have no underground parking spaces. Now people have money. Many people have nowhere to buy a car. Old Wu thought about contracting the parking lot. His original intention was still good, and he also wanted to provide some convenience to the people.”

Guo Tianxu asked back, “Listening to what you mean, you think Old Wu did the right thing.”

“Hey, I don’t know what’s right or wrong. It doesn’t matter much to me. I just… can’t save face. After all, he is Senior. He opened his mouth, so I can’t refuse. Guo Sergeant. understand.”

“In other words, the person who smashed the car last night was also sent by Old Wu?”

“I don’t know this. I’m not going back to celebrate the festival. Maybe Old Wu is too late to wait and find another group of people. I was thinking of contacting him tonight and taking it out of the car. Give him the same things, and it’s the completion of the task, who knows you will come so soon. Just like Divine Weapon, I really didn’t expect, you are so amazing.”

Guo Tianxu somewhat didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “Okay, stop playing tricks, do you have any evidence that Old Wu instigated you?”

Fan Xiangfei licked his tongue, “He gave me a deposit of 3,000 yuan, saying it was a deposit for me. Actually, I didn’t want this money, and I didn’t want to take his job, but he was too powerful. I dare not listen to him. I was forced to.”

“Is there any other evidence?”

Fan Xiangfei shook his head, “Old Wu is shrewd, how can I leave any evidence.”

Han Bin asked, “Where are you going to meet?”

“I originally wanted to go to his parking lot, but he was very cautious, saying that it was inconvenient to talk over there, so let me go to the Brother Hao billiard hall to find him.”


“About ten in the evening.”

Han Bin looked at his watch, it will take nearly four hours.


Brother Hao billiards hall.

There are a lot of people in the store. Wuyang and Wuyang are rubbing their shoulders, and the smoke is full of smoke, shouts, laughter, and greetings are endless, like a disturbance.

Brother Hao billiard hall business has always been very good. Many of the people who play here have something to do with the road. On the contrary, there are not many ordinary people who come to play, and it can be regarded as a small base.

Old Wu is a frequent visitor here. As long as he is fine, he will bring a few friends to play. It is said that he also has shares in this billiard hall.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Brother Hao swaggered into the billiard hall with his two younger brothers and a yellow-haired girl.


“second brother.”

“Old Wu is here.”

“Angkor, come two.”

People in the billiard hall greeted one after another.

Old Wu with a cigarette in his mouth, nodded gestured, with a smile on his face, he liked the feeling of being respected.

Old Wu is a regular customer here. He has his own fixed table and he can play directly when he comes. You don’t need to go to the front desk. If someone who doesn’t have a long eye takes up the place, the younger brother at the front desk will also help drive them away.

In short, Old Wu II is very versatile here.

“Second brother, let’s play.” A chubby man walked over.

Old Wu took a second look at him, “Hao fatty, didn’t you brat go out of town, why are you back again.”

The man called Hao Fatty sneered, “It’s not easy to mess around these days, I’m still staying in my own home, second brother, don’t you think it is.”

“That is.” Old Wu picked up the pool cue and kicked the ball directly.

A flower ball fell into the net.

“The second brother is great.” The little girl who came with Old Wu 2 shouted excitedly.

Old Wu Er laughed ‘pop’ and slapped the little girl’s ass.

“Second brother, you are necrotic.” The yellow-haired girl Jiao snorted.

“haha…” everyone around also laughed. 2018

Hao Fatty gave a thumbs up, “Second brother, really is the second brother of the year, bullish.”

Old Wu hit another shot on the second, but the goal was missed, snorted, “Stop nonsense, fatty, it’s up to you to fight.”

Hao Fatty rubbed his hands, “I haven’t played for a long time, my hands are a bit raw, second brother, I want to play badly, don’t laugh.”

“Fight, fight, where is that many nonsense.”

Hao Fatty picked up a billiard cue and poke at the white ball. With a “Pa”, the ball went directly into the net.

“Hao fatty, you can do it.”

“Hehe, laugh.” Hao Fatty picked up the pool cue again, and with a sound of “Pa”, another shot into the net.

“pa!” Hao Fatty hit the third shot and went straight into the net again.

Old Wu’s face is a bit ugly, mother, you’re still looking good.

Hao Fatty glanced at him, squeezed out a grin, and struck another shot, but it was missed.

“Second brother, it’s your turn.”

Old Wu two un’ed, it’s finally time for Lao Tzu, he was a little impatient when he waited, took aim at the white ball, and hit it out with a ‘pop’.

This ball is not small, the flower ball went directly into the net.

“Good shot!” the two younger brothers shouted.

“Second brother, you are awesome.” The yellow-haired girl also shouted.

Old Wu two laughed.

At this moment, the white ball also entered the net.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Old Wu Er’s face also drooped down, a little unsure.

Just when Hao Fatty was about to take the white ball, Old Wu Er picked it up first, put it on the billiard table, placed it in a good position, leaned down, and started aiming.

“pa!” Old Wu two hit the net with one shot this time.

“Good shot.” everyone shouted.

Hao Fatty looked embarrassed, “second brother, it’s time for me to fight.”

Old Wu glanced at him twice.

Hao Fatty thought he didn’t know the rules, and explained, “Second brother, your white ball has gone into the net, so you shouldn’t hit it.”

“Who said that?”

“Second brother, this is the billiards rule.”

Old Wu Er chuckled and stared, “The rules of shit, what I say is the rules! Whatever I want to play, just play!”

“Second brother Niu X.” The little brother roared.

“Second brother, you are so majestic.” The little girl Huang Mao admired.

Hao Fatty’s face was a bit ugly, but after all, he didn’t say anything.

Weak are prey to the strong, powerhouse is respected, regardless of the era.

Hao Fatty squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying, “second brother, good shot.”

At this moment, the surroundings suddenly became quiet.

Old Wu two at first didn’t notice. He leaned down and scored another goal, but he didn’t hear the cheering sound. Only then did he feel that something was wrong.

Old Wu Er turned his head and found a group of uniformed policemen came in at the door. The leader was a police officer in his twenties, wearing a big brimmed hat.

Old Wu didn’t take it too seriously. He lowered his head and held his cue to make gestures on the pool table.

The leading police officer was Han Bin, and he walked to Old Wu Er, “What is your name?”

Old Wu glanced at Han Bin two times, “Yo, comrade police, what’s the matter with you?”

“May I ask your name?”

Old Wu II looked at Han Bin and said at a moderate pace, “I am surnamed Wu, the second child, and everyone calls me Old Wu II.”

“Am I asking for my real name?”

“Wu Jianglong.”

“We are from the police station, ask you to find out some information, and come with us.”

“Comrade police, there are so many scammers these years, and I have suffered a lot, so I take the liberty to ask, which one of your police stations has certificates and procedures?”

Han Bin showed the police officer ID and summon ID, “This is the ID, this is the procedure, you should be familiar with it.”

Unlike others, Wu Jianglong really took a closer look and said, “Yeah, the Deputy Section Chief of the City’s Criminal Investigation team, this is not right, you are not from Baohua Police Station.”

Han Bin didn’t bother to explain to him, and said perfunctorily, “We are jointly handling the case. If you want to sit in the city bureau, I can be your guide.”

Wu Jianglong jokingly said, “Don’t tell me, that place doesn’t match me.”

Dahan scolded, “Let’s be frivolous here, come with us.”

Before Wu Jianglong spoke, his side brother stood in front, staring at a pair of bullseye, “We have so many brothers here, you want to walk to walk.”

Hearing this, not only a few police officers were stunned, but Wu Jianglong was also stunned.

This little brother was in his twenties, when he was full of vigor, he fought fiercely, and he dared to start. This was Wu Jianglong.

However, Wu Jianglong regrets a bit at this time, and this kid is too damn good.

Those who come out and have a face, Wu Jianglong is also considered an old world, in the presence of so many brothers, impossible will be counseled as soon as he comes up, even if he has to go with the police in the end, he has to have contacts For a few sentences, you can’t lose a share.

But fighting the police on the stage is also skillful. You have to be clear about what you can say and what you cannot say. The tone is also very important.

You’re going to fight the police directly, so you don’t want to pick it up.

Han Bin smiled and looked at the dumbfounded little brother, “What do you two want to do? Obstruct law enforcement.”

Upon hearing this, Wu Jianglong was frightened. The charge was not small, and he also brought himself in after hearing this.

That little brother probably didn’t understand the charge, and he was still not convinced, “Who are you scaring, I’m afraid…”

“pa!” A crisp sound.

Before that little brother finished speaking, Wu Jianglong was given a head, “You can die without saying a few words.”

The younger brother was so stupid that he looked at Elder Wu, Boss with a dazed expression, I’m helping you.

Old Wu Er squeezed a smile, “Comrade police, this kid is not very good at brain, don’t talk to him lower oneself to somebody’s level.”

Han Bin said, “I think you have a good mind. Did you instruct him to obstruct law enforcement?”

“No, UU reading, I dare not, I am a good citizen and abide by the law.”

“Then come with me to make things clear and don’t trouble yourself.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.” Old Wu couldn’t hide away at second sight, so he could only agree.

Han Bin pointed to the younger brother on the side again, “Catch him back too.”

Dahan and Xiaoyan walked over, pressed the little brother directly, and put a silver bracelet on him.

The little brother originally wanted to resist, but he didn’t dare to think of being slapped twice by Old Wu. His boss is scared, what can he do.

There are a group of people in the house, many of them are gangsters, and they can be brothers and sisters with Old Wu, but no one dares to stop them.

The little yellow-haired girl was also in a state of perplexity. The second brother who was still awe-inspiring just now followed the police obediently and left her with an indescribable feeling. The sense of worship disappeared…

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