Detective from the Future Chapter 808


The latest website: Interrogation Room of Baohua Police Station.

Wu Jianglong was handcuffed to the interrogation chair, and his expression remained calm and not too panicked.

Wu Jianglong shook the handcuffs and asked Han Bin, “Comrade police, didn’t you say that you asked me to find out about the situation? I have come to the police station quite a lot. .”

“We suspect that you are involved in a criminal case. Please cooperate with the investigation.”

“Do you have evidence?”

“We will not arrest people without evidence.”

Wu Jianglong curl one’s lip.

Guo Tianxu interrupted and said, “Wu Jianglong, you can be regarded as a regular customer at the police station. You know the rules and so on. Don’t let us waste our tongue. You are good to everyone by telling yourself honestly.”

Wu Jianglong rubbed his nose, “Guo Sergeant, I respect you very much. You should know that. I will give you the truth. I really don’t do things that violate the law and discipline. I have already Started to do legitimate business, and a clean person, there must be some misunderstanding in this.”

Guo Tianxu smiled, “Then just talk about it, what legitimate business is now, I will join in when I have time.”

“Well, you can go there to give me face.” Wu Jianglong laughed and continued, “I just did some small business. The Brother Hao billiard hall has my shares. If you go to play, It’s definitely easy to mention my name directly.”

Guo Tianxu leaned back on the chair and said, “Wu Jianglong, you can be considered famous in this film, and there are many brothers following. The dividends of Brother Hao billiards are not enough.”

“You are right. Those Old Brothers have followed me for how many years. Now I am walking the right way. Naturally, I can’t watch them go all the way to the dark, so I contracted another parking lot, although I earn Not much, but enough to spend.”

“Where is the parking lot you drive?”

“Not far from the police station, just in the neighborhood of Hui’an. There are old neighborhoods over there, and there is no parking place. I want to open a parking lot so I can earn some money, and the residents will park It’s also convenient, it’s one move, two gains. I haven’t done anything good in the first half of my life, and I want to accumulate some virtue for myself.”

Guo Tianxu is like talking to an acquaintance, “How is the business in the parking lot?”

Wu Jianglong hesitated for a while,

“I have just started this year, and my reputation has not yet opened up. Business is so-so. It will save money.”

“I didn’t think of anything to do business in the parking lot?”

“Think, I haven’t thought about it, but I’m not a man of business, and I haven’t seen much improvement.” Speaking of this, Wu Jianglong paused, secretly thought, could it be that Guo Sergeant took a fancy to I wanted to get a share of my parking lot business, so I got me to the police station.

Wu Jianglong’s conversation turned, “Guo Sergeant, you are experienced and knowledgeable, or you can give me an idea to help me make the parking lot famous, I must be grateful.”

Guo Tianxu laughed and pondered for a moment, “This is not easy. As far as I know, many residents in the Hui’an neighborhood like to park their cars on the side of the road and find someone to smash the car on the side of the road. Naturally, no one Dare to park on the side of the road. When they have no place to park, they will naturally go to the parking lot you contracted.”

Hearing this, Wu Jianglong was stunned for a moment, and he secretly thought a bad word. On this occasion, Guo Tianxu said such words, not as if he wanted to cooperate with him.

“Guo Sergeant, you don’t crack a joke, I will not do this kind of illegal or criminal thing.”

“Have you done less before?”

“It used to be before, now is now. Knowing the wrong thing can improve it. You can’t look at me with old eyes. I will change too.” Wu Jianglong solemnly vowed.

Han Bin picked up a few photos from the interrogation table and put them in front of Wu Jianglong, “Let’s see for yourself.”

Wu Jianglong took the photo and took a look at the photo. The complexion slightly changed, “Comrade police, what do you mean by showing this to me?”

Han Bin answered the wrong question, “You should be familiar with this road.”

Wu Jianglong frowned and did not answer.

“This morning, we received the alarm that the number of cars parked opposite the Hui’an neighborhood was smashed, and the evidence we collected all pointed to you.” Han Bin said resolutely, “You are also a frequent visitor to the police station. You should understand, if you can’t say it clearly, you can’t go.”

Wu Jianglong’s face changed again, and then he sighed, “Comrade police, you have wronged me. This matter has nothing to do with me.”

Han Bin leaned against the interrogation table, “It seems that you are unwilling to cooperate with the police and want to carry it through.”

“Comrade police, you really misunderstood me. What I said is true. I haven’t done anything. I am willing to cooperate with the police investigation, but when you come up, let me explain what I can say. “Wu Jianglong showed an expression of grievance.

Han Bin stared at the other party. This old greasy man is very slippery. He will definitely not let go without showing some evidence.

“Do you know Fan Xiangfei?”

Wu Jianglong frowned, as if he didn’t hear clearly, “What is it called?”

Han Bin one word for one sentence, “Fan Xiangfei.”

Wu Jianglong shook his head, “I don’t know him.”

“Are you sure you don’t know Fan Xiangfei?”

“You also know that I have been on the road before, and I know many friends and acquaintances. Some people look familiar, but their names cannot be called.”

Han Bin said, “Are you looking for a way out for yourself?”

“You think too much, what I said is true.”

“Fan Xiangfei has already recruited, so don’t carry it.”

“Comrade police, this kid is definitely wronging me, don’t be fooled, what I said is true, I simply don’t know him.”

Han Bin asked, “Where are you at 8pm on September 25th?”

Wu Jiang’s Longyan beads turned, “September has been so long, and I can’t remember it.”

Han Bin took out a photo of Fan Xiangfei, “Do you know this person?”

Wu Jianglong took a look, licked his lips, “I don’t know.”

Han Bin took out another photo and threw it in front of Wu Jianglong, “Then how do you explain this photo?”

Wu Jianglong took a look, his face turned a little ugly.

The content on the photo is a monitoring screenshot. There are two people on it, one is Wu Jianglong and the other is Fan Xiangfei.

Han Bin raised his eyebrows, “Why didn’t you speak anymore, didn’t you say you don’t know him?”

Wu Jianglong was silent for a moment, then picked up the photo and looked at it, and forced a smile, “Huh, I said that I was a little familiar when I looked at it. It turns out that I have seen it before. Look at my memory.”

“What did you see him doing?”

“A chance encounter, but a chance encounter.”

“Peng!” Han Bin slapped the table, “I lied, I went to that restaurant to investigate, and also hung out the surveillance of that restaurant. You two not only knew each other, but also ate in a private room. Would you like me to When the monitoring is brought out, we can all appreciate it.”

Wu Jianglong’s face turned very ugly.

Han Bin sternly asked, “Wu Jianglong, don’t think that you are smart. Our police have more evidence than you think. Let’s talk about the car crashing incident last night. Did you instigate it behind the scenes.”

Wu Jianglong lowered his head and did not answer. Judging from the expression on his face, he seemed to be thinking hard.

After a while, Wu Jianglong said, “Sorry, I lied. I do know Fan Xiangfei. This kid asked someone to invite me to dinner. I thought I was a gangster, so I agreed.”

“He invited you to dinner?”


“What did he ask you to do?”

“To be honest, at first I don’t know. I didn’t know until after I went. That kid had a batch of things in his hand and wanted me to help me deal with it.” When it came to this, Wu Jianglong sighed, “I am real After the change, I stopped doing this kind of thing a long time ago, so I refused him in one bite.”

“After that, we left. I really didn’t expect this kid to be resentful and even frame me. It’s horrible.”

Han Bin and Guo Tianxu looked at each other, and there was a clear difference between the two populations.

According to Fan Xiangfei, it was Wu Jianglong who took the initiative to find him. In order to increase the business of the parking lot, he instructed Fan Xiangfei to steal the car on the roadside. According to the clues provided by Fan Xiangfei, the police did find evidence of his meeting with Wu Jianglong.

Wu Jianglong at first strongly denied that he changed his words after seeing the photo, but his rhetoric was different from Fan Xiangfei. He did not admit that Fan Xiangfei was instructed to steal, but instead said that Fan Xiangfei took the initiative to contact him to sell the stolen goods.

From Han Bin’s point of view, both of them are likely to lie, and Wu Jianglong is more likely to lie.

After some trade-offs, Han Bin probed, “You mean Fan Xiangfei wants you to help sell the stolen goods?”

Wu Jianglong hesitated for a moment, nodded and said, “Yes, I didn’t know until after I went there. I didn’t dare to violate the law a long time ago. I directly rejected him, probably offending this kid To make him hate me.”

“What item does he want you to help sell the stolen goods?”

“I simply did not ask about this. Since I have already washed my hands in a golden basin, I don’t intend to be involved in this kind of thing. I am now a car park business with my own mind. You said I don’t do business with good business, I risk this What is the risk.”

“What you said is true?”


“Reject him?”

“It’s true.”

“Then why did you ask him to meet at Brother Hao Billiards Hall tonight?”

Wu Jianglong shouted, “I was wronged. I never asked him to meet at Brother Hao billiards hall.”

“I checked the communication records and you two passed the conversation this morning. How do you explain this?”

Wu Jianglong scratched his scalp hard, as if he wanted to refresh himself, “He took the initiative to call me. Fan Xiangfei did not give up, but hoped that I could help him sell the stolen goods. Naturally I would not agree, and Still on the phone to persuade him to correct his evil, and said that as long as he is willing to change, I can find him a decent job.”

Guo Tianxu interrupted, “If you didn’t ask him, how would he know that you are in the Brother Hao billiard hall.”

“I don’t know this…” Wu Jianglong shook the head, and then he was taken aback for a moment, with a daze on his face, “I feel that he may have inquired about me, as long as anyone who is familiar with me knows, When nothing happens at night, I will go to Brother Hao billiards hall to play. This kid has 80% figured out where I am.”

Han Bin touched his chin. I have to say that Wu Jianglong’s ability to lie is not small. The story becomes perfect, and Han Bin almost believes it.

“It’s a pity that you don’t become an actor.”

Wu Jianglong asked back, “Comrade police, what do you mean?”

“What do you mean?” Han Bin snorted, “From the moment you did it, you were lying, and there was no truth in your mouth.”

“Comrade police, you have wronged me. Fan Xiangfei is a habitual stealer. He is very bad. You would rather believe his words or disbelieve me.”

“I only believe in the evidence.”

“Then what evidence do you have that I am lying.”

Han Bin commented, “You are calm and experienced in responding to police questioning. The contact with Fan Xiangfei is also perfect. If I don’t have enough evidence, I almost believe it. But what is false is false after all.”

“Why do you say that I lied.” Wu Jianglong looked a little excited, or pretended to be excited.

Han Bin smiled, “When you asked Fan Xiangfei to meet, Fan Xiangfei had a lot of thoughts and recorded all of your conversations. If you can’t remember the situation at the time, I can let you listen and let you be well Remember.”

Hearing this, Wu Jianglong’s cheek twitched, his teeth were tightly bitten, he looked at Han Bin and Guo Tianxu again, without answering.

“Okay, you really Won’t shed tears till you have seen your coffin.” Han Bin took out a voice recorder from his pocket and pressed the play button, and then the voice recorder rang out.

At first, the voice of the recorder is a bit noisy, like in a restaurant, someone ordering food, someone yelling, and someone chatting.

Then, a man’s voice sounded, “Waitress, let me ask you, which private room is Wu second brother?”

Hearing this voice, Wu Jianglong’s face became even more ugly. He heard that the owner of this voice was Fan Xiangfei.

“I don’t know who your second brother Wu is?”

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