Detective from the Future Chapter 809


Latest URL: Han Bin asked, “Why did you instruct Fan Xiangfei to steal something from the car?”

“Hey…it’s a long story for a child without a mother.” Wu Jianglong sighed and continued, “There is an old neighborhood near the Hui’an neighborhood. There is no underground parking space. It is inconvenient for many residents to park. I wondered Opening a parking lot here will definitely make money. We have done any good things before, but this time we are serving the people.”

“Who ever thought that these owners are too sophisticated, they park their cars on the side of the road, and they don’t care if they occupy the road. Anyway, as long as they don’t spend money, they will become monkeys if they are stained with hair.”

Han Bin said, “Did you set the parking lot price too high.”

“It’s not high at all, it’s much cheaper than renting a parking space in the neighborhood. However, the group of owners found a place that does not cost money. Who wants to park in the parking lot? I learned about it afterwards. Wait for me I know, it’s too late.” Wu Jianglong was a little helpless.

Han Bin said, “So in order to let residents in the neighborhood go to your parking lot to park, you hire Fan Xiangfei to steal nearby vehicles so that they don’t dare to park indiscriminately.”

“Yes, that’s how it is. I know what I am doing is wrong, but I have nothing to do. The brothers and I have to eat. If no one parks the car, my contract fee will be lost. .”

“Apart from Fan Xiangfei, do you hire anyone else to smash the vehicle?”

“No, just Fan Xiangfei, and I never thought about letting him smash the car, I just want him to steal in the car, try to be more authentic. If it is malicious, it will be easy for those who parked. Reminiscent of my parking lot, I didn’t expect that Fan Xiangfei would smash the car. It’s too low-tech.”

Han Bin and Guo Tianxu looked at each other.

Guo Tianxu sullen his face and hummed, “Wu Jianglong, you are not honest at this time.”

“I am not dishonest, I have already explained it.”

Han Bin said, “According to Fan Xiangfei’s account, he did not at all smash the car. It was another group of people who smashed the car. He just took advantage of a crisis for personal gain that’s all after smashing the car.”

Wu Jianglong sighed in relief, “It turns out that this kid didn’t smash the car, so I just said, I took a long time to find a professional steal. It is impossible to do it so rough.”

Han Bin asked, “Did you hire someone else to smash the car?”

Wu Jianglong quickly denied it,

“No no, I went to Fan Xiangfei alone. Car theft is more common. If you send someone to smash the car, it’s easy to think of my parking lot. I won’t do such stupid things. .”

It seems that they are afraid of Han Bin’s disbelief. Wu Jianglong added, “I’ve heard of similar things. Some parking lots are not in business, so I send someone to smash the vehicles parked on the roadside. Anyone who does such a stupid thing knows that it has something to do with the parking lot. If you really want to hit someone who can’t afford to offend, you can’t eat it and walk around.”

Hearing this, Guo Tianxu sneered. Wu Jianglong didn’t want to do it, but no one supported him. Guo Tianxu was also a little grateful that he refused Wu Jianglong’s banquet last time. Maybe this guy wanted to pull himself into the water.

“Wu Jianglong, I will ask you again, you really didn’t send anyone else to smash the car.”

Wu Jianglong solemnly vowed and said, “Absolutely not. I will swear to God.”

Han Bin didn’t fully believe what he said, so he asked carefully, but Wu Jianglong only admitted that he hired Fan Xiangfei alone.

In this matter, either Fan Xiangfei lied or Wu Jianglong lied.

If neither of them lied, it means that someone else smashed the car.

At this time, it is already 12 o’clock in the evening, and everyone has been through the day, and the interrogation can only come to an end temporarily.

First arrest and then interrogation. After tossing for several hours, Han Bin was also hungry.

But after thinking about it, Han Bin didn’t finish eating in the end. It’s so late. It’s not easy to digest after eating. It’s better to go to bed early and get up for a good breakfast tomorrow morning.

Although it is uncomfortable to sleep hungry, Han Bin is sleepy and tired, and his sleepiness eventually overcomes sleepiness.

The next morning, Han Bin woke up from hunger. He was hungry and groaned.

Han Bin was hungry and uncomfortable, so he ate an apple first.

Then, he drove to a noodle restaurant.

This noodle shop opens every morning at 6 o’clock in the morning. The noodles are hand-made ramen noodles, beef broth, and some vinegar and chili oil. It is called a fragrant, and it is hot in the belly.

The average person is full after eating a bowl of noodles. However, Han Bin is not an average person. He ordered another rou jia bun, and he was very comfortable after a meal.

After eating, Han Bin rushed to the Baohua Police Station. As soon as he entered the courtyard, he found two cars. It should be a visitor.

Sure enough, Han Bin went to the lobby of the police station and found several Yuhua Branch Station members, including an acquaintance, Xue Qiang.

Xue Qiang has always followed Zhao Ying, and Han Bin was in a squadron when he was at Yuhua Branch Station. The two have also handled cases together.

Later, Zhao Ying was transferred to the second squadron as Section Chief, and Xue Qiang was also transferred.

Xue Qiang smiled and greeted him, “Team Han.”

“Hey, why are you here so early.”

Xue Qiang did not treat Han Bin as an outsider, “We are here to raise the suspect.”

Han Bin froze for a moment, and then reacted, “Fan Xiangfei and Wu Jianglong?”


Han Bin hesitated for a while, warned repeatedly, “Be careful on the road.”


Then, Han Bin returned to the office.

“Hey…” Han Bin sighed, sitting in a chair, feeling helpless and disappointed.

Fan Xiangfei, who was caught yesterday afternoon, only caught Wu Jianglong in the evening, and only a preliminary interrogation of the two was conducted. Han Bin also plans to interrogate the two again today to confirm whether these two people are suspected of lying.

This is not bad, it was cut off by Yuhua Branch Station.

Actually, Han Bin did not do this kind of thing less before. It was just that he intercepted others at that time. He can only say 30 years Hedong 30 years Hexi.

With a sound of “peng!”, the office door was opened, Guo Tianxu walked in with a straight face, and whispered, “Mother, I was cut off again.”

Han Bin laughed, “Master, why are you so angry, or I will pour you a glass of water.”

“Tea.” Guo Tianxu sat down on the chair and said, “The two suspects were both taken away by the people at Yuhua Branch Station. I thought I could make a difference this time, but didn’t expect to fart again. I had known that the interrogation should be conducted overnight, and maybe the two boys would explain it. This is good, the person was taken away by the Yuhua Branch Station, and he couldn’t be tried if he wanted to.”

Han Bin put a cup of tea in front of Guo Tianxu and said, “Master, you can calm down, let’s finish our job, and they have taken people away. Let’s have fun.”

“I’m burning to death.” Guo Tianxu drank a sip of tea and grinned, “You brat doesn’t hurt your back when you stand up and speak. It goes smoothly in the city bureau, and you are soft in solving the case. Naturally, there is no shortage of opportunities to make merit.

“Look at you again, Master. I dealt with some trivial cases all day long. Most of the time was spent on mediation. Now I have finally found a criminal suspect, but the trial has not yet understood. People I was taken away. I’m depressed.”

Han Bin thought of his previous experience at the police station, “Master, we have never encountered this kind of thing before, and we have never seen you so angry.”

Guo Tianxu opened his mouth, but after all, he didn’t say a word. He couldn’t say that he was looking at the discipline and he wanted to make progress.

This kind of remark is easy to say and not to sound.

At the same time, he also realizes that his current mentality is a bit wrong. Just like Han Bin said, he has encountered this kind of things a lot before, and the attitude to deal with it is the same as Han Bin said.

But there is an accumulation of this kind of thing, one or two times is fine, after a long time, seeing too many opportunities for meritorious service slip away from your hands, you will inevitably have other ideas in your heart.

In the final analysis, Guo Tianxu’s own mentality has changed a bit. His grade is not too big, and he still has ideas for improvement, but there is not much room for improvement in the police station, and there are not many opportunities for meritorious service. .

In Guo Tianxu deep in one’s heart, he also thought about being transferred to the Criminal Investigation department. There are many opportunities for meritorious service, and the possibility of promotion is great, but if he really wants to go, he does not have the courage. After all, he has more than 20 At the age of two years, there is no longer that kind of hard work.

People, themselves are a contradiction, as long as there is *, there will be troubles.

Han Bin didn’t say anything. He believed that Guo Tianxu could adjust himself well. He couldn’t just complain about it and let it out.

Han Bin was also a little unhappy about being intercepted by Yuhua Branch Station, so he simply handed it over to Yuhua Branch Station, and he didn’t bother about it.

In the morning, I drank some tea and read the news, and the morning passed.

At noon, Han Bin and Guo Tianxu went out for dinner.

There is a Sichuan restaurant near here, you did good. Han Bin used to eat it a lot, so I just took advantage of this time to recollect it.

Two people ordered three dishes, boiled beef, ground three fresh, Mapo Tofu, and one fried cake per person.

Han Bin was very satisfied with this meal, it still tastes like before, it’s rare.

In many restaurants, at first does a good job, but the taste is not as good as it is cooking. Although it saves costs, it does not retain guests.

After the meal, Han Bin and Guo Tianxu strolled back to the police station. They were walking and chatting, with cigarettes in their mouths, and the right was to digest.

Along the way, it was mainly Han Bin who said that Guo Tianxu occasionally responded and seemed to have something on his mind.

“Master, what’s wrong with you, are you unwell?”

Guo Tianxu shook the head, “Bin, do you think if I am transferred to the Criminal Investigation Division, what position can I arrange?”

“Master, why do you have this idea.” Han Bin was a little surprised.

Guo Tianxu touched his nose, “I just said casually.”

Han Bin thought for a while and replied, “If you are transferred to the Yuhua Branch Station Criminal Investigation Division, I guess you should be able to be a Deputy Section Chief.”

Guo Tianxu was nodded, with a thoughtful expression on his face and said nothing more.

“Master, why do you think of this? It’s not easy to stay at the police station?”

Guo Tianxu showed a bit of bitterness, “On the contrary, it is because it is too easy and the same trivial cases make me feel like wasting my time.”

To put it bluntly, how many policemen do not want to deal with major cases?

Han Bin is not answering the call, Guo Tianxu wants to transfer to the Criminal Investigation Division, he can only transfer to the branch station Criminal Investigation Division, he must not be able to enter the city bureau.

Also, Han Bin is not very optimistic about him. He is a little older after all. He really wants to be transferred to the Criminal Investigation Division. The experience of working at the police station is not needed. If you want to gain a foothold in the Criminal Investigation Division, you must It takes a lot of effort and hardship.

Relatively speaking, Guo Tianxu’s Sergeant is relatively comfortable, and he may not be able to adapt to the work of the Criminal Investigation Division.

Of course, nothing is absolute. Just like Han Bin’s transfer from the police station to Yuhua Branch Station can be said to be like a fish back in water, Guo Tianxu may not be so.

It’s just that the success of Han Bin has factors such as favorable conditions and favorable conditions, and Guo Tianxu may not have learned it.

The two strolled and walked for about ten minutes before they reached the gate of Baohua Police Station.

At the gate of the police station, there is a 20-year-old man in his early 20s. He lowered his head and walked back and forth, as if he was hesitant to feel anything.

Han Bin at first was not considered the same thing, and did not intend to take the initiative to ask questions, but when he walked into the man, the expression on his face changed slightly.

Too much alike.

Han Bin checked the surveillance near the scene of the crime and found three suspicious persons, one of whom was Fan Xiangfei, who had been arrested and brought to justice. There is also a man with a hat, with his head down along the way, as if intentionally covering his face.

Han Bin checked the surveillance along the way, but did not see the front face of the man wearing the hat, but Han Bin remembered the other’s body shape and walking posture.

And the young man pacing back and forth in front of him, no matter his body shape or walking posture, is very similar to the man under surveillance.

Han Bin stared at it for a while, and it was almost certain that it should be the same person.

“Bin, what are you looking at? Why don’t you go in?” Guo Tianxu was a little puzzled.

Han Bin didn’t answer, but walked to the young man and took out a cigarette, “Man, my lighter is broken, let’s take a fire.”

The man glanced at Han Bin, a little impatient, “No.”

Han Bin did not wear a police uniform when he went out to eat, “Man, the smell of smoke on your body is bigger than mine, how could you not smoke.”

The man dissatisfied, “I don’t smoke, mind your own business, I’m annoying, and go.”

“Dude, what are you worried about? Or tell me.”

“What are you doing? It has something to do with you.”

“Don’t speak so aggressively.” Han Bin showed the police officer ID, “Look at what I am doing.”

“Police!” The young man was startled and shrank his neck.

“Are you so surprised, don’t you stand at the door of the police station, it is normal for the police to show up.” Han Bin put away the police card, UU read www.uukanshu. Com asked, “Go ahead, what are you doing here?”

“I…” The man showed a hesitant appearance.

“What is your name?”

“I…I…” The man said three me in a row, but he didn’t say it.

Guo Tianxu on the side also saw something was wrong, and interestingly stopped behind the man.

Han Bin became more determined in his judgment, “Take out your ID card?”

The man’s forehead was covered with sweat, and after hesitating, he sighed and said, “Comrade police, I didn’t call the police. I just want to think about something. Now that I think it out clearly, I’m leaving.”

Han Bin stopped the opponent and reached out, “Identity card!”

Han Bin has already spotted the opponent, how can he let him leave?

There is no reason not to eat a rabbit that is automatically delivered.

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