Detective from the Future Chapter 810


The latest website: The man touched his body, “I didn’t take it in a hurry when I came out.”

Han Bin made a please gesture, “It’s okay, follow us into the police station, tell us your name and ID number, and we can check it for you.”

The man hesitated repeatedly, nodded, and followed Han Bin into the police station.

Seeing Han Bin take the initiative to speak to the man, Guo Tianxu was a little surprised. He understands Han Bin’s temperament very well and is not a nosy person. According to his understanding of Han Bin, the man does not take the initiative to report the crime. Han Bin does not Will take the initiative to ask.

However, after seeing the man’s performance, Guo Tianxu can judge with years of experience that this man seems to be hiding something, and Han Bin may well see the problem.

Han Bin took the man to the lounge and handed him a cigarette, “What do you call it?”

“My name is Hu, and my name is Hu Jiaxun.” The man waved his hand and declined the cigarette.

“What is your ID number?”

The man lowered his head and said, “I can’t remember.”

“What about your phone number?”


“Mr. Hu, I just saw you wandering in front of the police station, do you want to call the police?”

“I…” The man’s right hand held his forehead, and the expression on his face changed and changed, both like distress and helplessness.

Han Bin does not seem to be a fake, “You can tell me if you have anything to worry about. Our police station serves the people and helps our people solve problems.”

Hu Jiaxun was silent for a moment, still hesitating to say, “I’m not very good about this…”

“Don’t have any psychological burden. There are only three of us here. The police records are strictly confidential and will not be leaked to the outside world.”

Hu Jiaxun gritted his teeth and popped a few words between his teeth, “I…be bullied by…people…”

“Someone hit you?”

Hu Jiaxun shook his head.

Guo Tianxu is also a little puzzled,

“Then why are you being bullied?”

Hu Jiaxun bowed his head again and said nothing.

Guo Tianxu became a little impatient, “You Lords, how pester and chirp are, can you hurry up?”

Hu Jiaxun suddenly raised his head, with an expression of anger on his face, “I have been strengthened.”

Han Bin was stunned.

Guo Tianxu is frowned.

This is the first time the two have heard this sentence from a man after they have been in the police for so many years.

Both Han Bin and Guo Tianxu felt a little embarrassed.

Seeing Guo Tianxu hiding far away, Han Bin asked, “Can you tell me what happened?”

“I don’t want to say, I don’t want to remember…” Hu Jiaxun grabbed his hair hard, “That’s my nightmare, I never expect this kind of thing will happen to me…”

“Do you know the suspect?”

“I don’t know.”

“Tell me about his characteristics, such as looks, gender, age, etc.”

“She is a female, about 50 years old, she is about 1.7 metres tall, she is very strong, and her arms are thicker than mine…” Hu Jiaxun shook his head, “I don’t want to remember anymore, I really don’t want to… …”

“Where is the incident?”

“Room 502, Building 3, Beiyuan neighborhood.”

“Is that your home?”


“Is it her home?”

Hu Jiaxun nodded.

“Why did you go to her house?”

“I was delivering the courier, I was going to deliver the courier to her, she opened the door and let me into the house, and then attacked from behind when I was not paying attention… I woke up again, with her hands and feet Tied up, then… she… bullied me.” Hu Jiaxun covered his eyes and sobbed in a low voice.

Han Bin rolled up the sleeves of his arms, and he could see the scars of the green and purple binding.

“Which courier company are you from?”

“Xiaotian Express.”

“When did you go to the suspect’s house?”

“It was past nine o’clock in the morning the day before yesterday.”

“Before nine o’clock in the morning on October 14th?”


“When did you leave the suspect’s house?”

“It was past 11 o’clock in the evening on the 14th.”

“You stayed at her house for about 14 hours.”

“Yes, she has been bullying me during this period. I never expected that this kind of thing would happen to me, I…” Hu Jiaxun gnashing teeth, “Comrade police, you must arrest her and put her in jail , Must put her in jail.”

Han Bin and Guo Tianxu looked at each other.

After a moment of silence, Guo Tianxu said, “The police need evidence to arrest someone. The clues you provide are too few. If the suspect denies it, it is difficult for us to convict her.”

“What evidence do you want, as long as this woman can go to jail, I will provide it to you.”

“You describe the incident and the situation at the scene. The more detailed the police understand, the easier it is to find evidence of conviction.”

Hu Jiaxun’s right hand supported his forehead and fell into memory. It was not easy for him, “On the morning of the 14th, it was about 9:30. I went to Beiyuan neighborhood to deliver the courier, and I called the owner. On the phone, she asked me to take it to my house. I didn’t think much about it, so I took the package and delivered it to the door.”

“I knocked on the door, and it was a 40-year-old Aunt who opened the door. After she opened the door, she looked at me up and down and asked me to put the courier in her living room. In fact, I wanted to be at the door first. It was for her, but I moved in for her within a few steps.”

“I went to the living room, squatted down and put the box down. I was knocked sap as soon as I stood up, and I was knocked out. If you don’t believe me, you can touch it. Now there is a big bag bulging behind my head.

Guo Tianxu walked over and checked, and faced Han Bin slightly nodded.

Han Bin continued to ask, “When did you wake up?”

“About nine to fifty.”

“Why do you remember so clearly?”

“When I woke up, I was lying on the bed in the bedroom with my hands and feet tied up. There was a clock in the bedroom, I saw it.”

“What happened after that?”

“After that, the woman who received the courier began to bully me…” Hu Jiaxun said.

Guo Tianxu said, “You can’t do this, and what you said is still not detailed enough. She probably won’t admit it, or even bite back that you took the initiative.”

Hu Jiaxun was anxious, “How could I take the initiative, she looks like that, old and ugly, far worse than my girlfriend, and I have suffered a lot.”

Guo Tianxu said resolutely, “Don’t be scornful with me. I am a policeman and I am not interested in your gossip. However, the police investigating the case pay attention to evidence. What you said is too general and it is difficult for the police to help you get justice. ”

“Then what do you want me to say?”

Han Bin said, “In this way, I will ask you to answer.”

“How do you prove that you have been to the suspect’s bedroom?”

“How to prove that she bullied you?”

“How to prove that you are not voluntary?”

“Only by smoothing these three questions, we can help you obtain evidence.”

Hu Jiaxun closed his eyes and began to recall, “The direction of her bedroom is facing south, the window is quite big, there is a blue curtain, the bed is big, covered with a gray bed sheet, there is a white wardrobe and The blue dressing table, by the way, there is a fluffy white blanket next to her bed.”

After listening to Han Bin, opened the mouth and said, “This can only prove that you have seen her bedroom. You said you have been to her living room before. As long as the bedroom door is open, you can see it from the living room. There is no proof that you have been to her bedroom.”

“I can prove it.” Hu Jiaxun gritted his teeth, “I… I planted my underwear under her bed.”

Han Bin raised an eyebrow, “Does she know?”

“I don’t know.”

“What does it look like?”

“black, it’s from Xicamo.”

Han Bin wrote down in his notebook. This clue is very important, “The second question, how can I prove that she bullied you?”

Hu Jiaxun showed a humiliating expression, “She has a mole on her chest, an orange stripe on her waist, and a rose tattoo on her leg.”

“The third question, how do you prove that you were forced?”

Hu Jiaxun rolled up his sleeves, “Look at the strangulation marks on my wrists and ankles, can’t this prove it?”

Han Bin frowned, this can be regarded as a supplementary proof, but it is not certain whether it can be used or not, because nowadays society is relatively open, and some people have a heavier taste, and they prefer to be bound.

“Comrade police, do I say that these evidences can convict that woman?”

Han Bin didn’t answer, but instead asked, “How did you leave the suspect’s house?”

“I broke the rope while she was asleep and ran out.”

“Where is the rope?”

Hu Jiaxun picked up his carry-on bag and took out a rope from it, “This is it.”

Han Bin put on his gloves, and the result was a rope check.

Guo Tianxu also looked at it, and the two looked at each other, but said nothing.

Han Bin put the rope away, UU read “After leaving, where did you go?”

“I’m home.”

“Where is your home?”

“Huaye neighborhood.”

Han Bin checked the location of the neighborhood on his mobile phone and asked, “Have you ever been to the neighborhood of Hui’an on Yanxin Road last night?”

Hu Jiaxun was stunned, his eyes flickering, “No.”

“Are you sure?”


Han Bin smiled, this guy is lying.

If he admits frankly and just walks along the road, Han Bin may lower his suspicion of him, but he clearly went without admitting it, there must be a problem.

It’s just that the surveillance did not capture the face, so it is still difficult to prove that he is lying.

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