Detective from the Future Chapter 811


The latest website: Han Bin left the lounge, took out his mobile phone and dialed Zhao Ying’s number, “Hey, Sister Zhao.”

Zhao Ying said with a smile, “Team Han, what do you want?”

“Sister Zhao, how dare I give any orders, just to learn about the progress of the investigation of the case with you.”

Zhao Ying groaned a little, and said, “We checked the surveillance on the night of the incident and found several suspicious persons who appeared near the scene and were tracking their identities. In addition, after the technical team surveyed the scene, they A suspect’s fingerprint was found on the damaged rear mirror.”

“Can it be determined that it is the fingerprint of the suspect?” Han Bin asked, the person who has been in contact with the mirror may not necessarily be the suspect.

Zhao Ying explained, “What the technical team found on the rear mirror was a complete palm print. According to the traces of the rear mirror damage and the direction of palm force, the fingerprint was left when the suspect damaged the rear mirror. ”

This clue is very important. It can determine the identity of the suspect. Han Bin subconsciously asked, “Has the fingerprints of Sister Zhao, Fan Xiangfei and Wu Jianglong matched?”

Zhao Ying sighed, “It has been compared, and their fingerprints do not match the suspect’s fingerprints.”

“In this way, I will ask someone to send the fingerprints of 1st Squad suspicious personnel to the branch station. You can compare them as soon as possible.” Han Bin said.

Zhao Ying is a little surprised, “Have you caught the suspicious person again?”

“Is it true.”

Zhao Ying said with a smile, “What do you mean, is it possible that I am afraid that I will grab someone?”

Han Bin said, “The matter of speaking of which is a bit complicated. I found a suspicious person, but there is no evidence to prove that he is related to this case. It can be said that it is completely based on my experience.”

Zhao Ying dare not underestimate Han Bin’s experience, “Well, you can send it over, I will send it to the technical team personally to urge them to compare fingerprints as soon as possible.”

“No problem.”

After a while, Han Bin entered the lounge again.

At the same time, he also found the small eyes and asked them to collect the fingerprints and palm prints of Hu Jiaxun’s hands and send them to Yuhua Branch Station.

Hu Jiaxun showed an expression of expectation, “Comrade police,

I’ve said everything, can you try to get justice for me and arrest that woman in jail? “

Han Bin and Guo Tianxu looked at each other, which was a bit difficult.

Because in the current law, strong victims do not include men.

Han Bin does not know what is going on abroad, but in Domestic, it is difficult to convict a suspect even if the evidence is solid.

This is not to say that Han Bin is not acting, but the lack of relevant laws, and the police are powerless.

The power of the police is granted by the law. If Han Bin exercises powers other than those granted by the law, he will first be punished by the law.

“As long as you are telling the truth, it’s okay.” Han Bin said with a certain tone, he was not deceiving the other party.

There are policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom. If the suspect does something against Hu Jiaxun’s wishes, Han Bin also has a way to sanction the other party in compliance with the law.

“very good.” Hu Jiaxun showed an expression of excitement. This incident was a bit unspeakable for him. He mustered up the courage to report the crime in order to make the woman be sanctioned. If the woman is not sanctioned, He is equivalent to having given away a bride, to lose one’s army on top of it.

Han Bin changed the conversation, “By the way, I remember you just said that after escaping from Beiyuan neighborhood, you returned to Huaye neighborhood.”


“I just checked on the Internet. From Beiyuan neighborhood to Huaye neighborhood, it just happened to pass Yanxin Road. Did you take this route?”

Hu Jiaxun replied, “I…I don’t remember clearly. I was scared, humiliated, and angry at the time, and my brain was about to explode, and I didn’t even notice which way I came home from. ”

Han Bin asked, “Did you wear a hat when you left that night?”

“I…” Hu Jiaxun sweated on his forehead, showing a nervous expression.

“You can’t remember the route back, so you don’t even forget this.”

“Yes, I wear a hat.”

Han Bin took out his phone and turned up a screenshot of the video, “Look at it, is this man wearing a hat you.”

Hu Jiaxun glanced, slightly nodded.

Guo Tianxu took the phone, looked at the man in the phone, and then looked at Hu Jiaxun.

He finally knew why Han Bin was so enthusiastic, because Hu Jiaxun had been to the scene where the car was smashed on the night of the incident.

In other words, even if he is not a suspect in the crime, he may have seen the incident.

Han Bin showed a kind smile, “Mr. Hu, you are not curious, how come we have a screenshot of your video?”

Hu Jiaxun’s expression was complicated and said, “Yes, I am also wondering.”

“The screenshot of this video is near the Hui’an neighborhood on Yanxin Road, which means you have been there on the night of the 14th.”

Hu Jiaxun scratched his hair. “That night, my mind almost exploded, ignoring the way I came home from.”

“Do you know why I checked the screenshot of the video that night?”

Hu Jiaxun shook his head.

Han Bin continued, “On the night of the 14th, a criminal case occurred near the Hui’an neighborhood on Yanxin Road. Several cars parked on the roadside were smashed and damaged. You happened to be passing by in the vicinity at the time of the case. , I wonder if you saw the suspicious person?”

Hu Jiaxun replied without hesitation, “No, I was very angry at the time, and simply didn’t notice anything else.”

Han Bin asked, “What do you like to do when you are angry?”

Hu Jiaxun glanced at Han Bin, as if he didn’t know why he asked like this, and was silent.

Han Bin asked and answered, “When I’m angry, I like to make things clear. When I go smoothly, I feel more comfortable. Of course, there are also people who like to smash things when they are angry. The more angry they are, the harder they are. Have you seen such a person?”

“I… I haven’t seen it before, UU reading I like to drink when I am half angry. When Lingding gets drunk, I forget everything when I get up early 2nd day.” Hu Jiaxun took a deep breath , In turn questioned, “Comrade police, I have said everything that should be said. Don’t catch the woman who bullied me. Instead, ask what other things are. You are not trying to indulge that woman.”

Han Bin replied, “Don’t worry, I have sent someone to investigate the woman you mentioned. I believe she will be able to find her information soon. After confirming her whereabouts, the police will naturally come to investigate. ”

“I now hope that you can recall that when you passed by Yanxin Road near Hui’an neighborhood that day, did you notice that the car was smashed?”

“No.” Hu Jiaxun’s answer is still very simple, “Don’t ask, I really don’t know this at all.”

“ding ling ling …” At this moment, Han Bin’s cell phone rang, press the answer button, “Hey.”

Zhao Ying’s voice came from the phone, “Team Korea, the fingerprint comparison is successful, and the suspicious person you caught is the suspect who smashed the car!”

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