Detective from the Future Chapter 812


The latest website: The appraisal of the technical team verified Han Bin’s conjecture.

Assuming that it is true that Hu Jiaxun was strong, according to Han Bin’s speculation, Hu Jiaxun was still angry after leaving Beiyuan neighborhood, and the car on the roadside became his vent.

He is involved in two cases. He is both the victim and the suspect.

Hu Jiaxun stood up and said, “Comrade police, I have already said about the situation of the case. I leave it to you for the investigation. If there is nothing else, I will leave.”

“Mr. Hu, please wait a minute, I still have something to ask.” Han Bin stopped the other party.

“You said.”

“If you think about it, did you go to Yanxin Road near Hui’an neighborhood that night?”

Hu Jiaxun sighed, sat down and was silent for a while, “I remembered it carefully, as if I had been on that road. But this is also normal, as you said before, it happened when I went home Passed by.”

Han Bin went on to say, “Just because it is normal, I asked you if I found anything abnormal?”

“No.” Hu Jiaxun still answered this question.

“Then have you ever touched those roadside vehicles yourself?”

Hu Jiaxun spread his hands, “I haven’t come near, so how can I contact?”

“Are you sure?”

“You have asked me several times and I have the same answer, because I did that. Real gold is not afraid of fire.”

Han Bin laughed, “I have never tried real gold because I am afraid of fire, but I can be sure that you are definitely not real gold.”

“Comrade police, what exactly do you mean? I’m here to report the crime. What’s the use of you telling me about it? You might as well investigate the woman who bullied me if you have this skill.”

“Don’t worry, we investigated that case, but we are investigating the case of a roadside vehicle being destroyed.” At this point, Han Bin looked solemnly, “Hu Jiaxun, I will officially inform you now. You were arrested.”

“Arrest me? Why!” Hu Jiaxun asked loudly.

“Hu Jiaxun,

You really thought that the action of smashing the car last night was seamless. Our police have already obtained enough evidence that you are the suspect of deliberately damaging the car near the Hui’an neighborhood. “

Hu Jiaxun fiercely stared at Han Bin fiercely, “talk nonsense, you guys are putting hats on them, what evidence do you have that I am a suspect?”

“The police found the suspect’s fingerprints on the damaged car. After comparison, they are exactly the same as yours.” Han Bin’s tone increased a bit.

Hu Jiaxun trembled, “This…maybe there is any misunderstanding?”

“Misunderstanding, then tell me what is the misunderstanding?”

“I… may have accidentally bumped into a car. Having touched that car does not mean that I am the suspect of damaging the car.” Hu Jiaxun refused to give up, still trying to exonerate himself.

“You made it clear just now that you have never touched a car near the Hui’an neighborhood. As long as you have not touched the car, how could you leave your fingerprints. Even more how after careful identification, the suspect left behind Those fingerprints are the fingerprints of the crime, not just accidental contact as you said.” Han Bin snorted, “Hu Jiaxun, I dare to be clear. The police have enough evidence to persuade you not to mistake yourself.” Now is your only chance to reduce your sentence. If you miss it, your sentence will increase.”

Hu Jiaxun was silent, sweat dripping from his temples to his cheeks.

Under Han Bin’s hard work, he has no retreat.

Hu Jiaxun entangled again and again, opened the mouth and said, “Comrade police, you suspected me at first, so let me follow to the police station.”

“Yes. Don’t be lucky. If you don’t explain things clearly, you don’t want to leave today.”

“I… I regret how I went to her home to deliver the courier. If he hadn’t suffered an extraordinary shame and humiliation, he would not fly into a rage out of humiliation and retaliate, and he would harm himself as a result Now.” Hu Jiaxun showed a regretful expression.

Guo Tianxu asked, “So, you admit that you smashed the car near Hui’an neighborhood on Yanxin Road.”

Hu Jiaxun gritted his teeth, “Yes, I did it.”

“Why do you do this?”

“I was holding a fire in my heart. You simply couldn’t think of what kind of torture I suffered that day. He fed me some medicine… and then kept bullying me…” Hu Jiaxun choked and started sobbing.

“I was originally a strong man, and I still have abdominal muscles. Since the day of the fight, I feel that my body is no longer good, and I feel uncomfortable everywhere. I feel like my whole person is broken. Not only physically but mentally…”

Hu Jiaxun said intermittently, but Han Bin still understood what he meant, but this does not mean that Han Bin can understand his approach.

“Even if you have been illegally violated, you should immediately come to the police station to report to the police. Our police can investigate and collect evidence in time to return your innocence. Instead of going to the roadside and smashing the car, do you know that you have changed from a victim? Becoming a suspect, in the eyes of those car owners, you are no different from the suspect who violated you.”

“No, I am not the same as her, that woman is pervert.” Hu Jiaxun shouted, eyes full of anger.

Han Bin doesn’t want to argue with him, it’s boring. “Tell me about your crime.”

“Comrade police, I’m here to report the crime. You can check my case first. I’m already here and I won’t run. But the woman who bullied me is different. She might run away at any time.”

“I just said that I have asked my colleagues to investigate the suspect’s situation, and we will naturally take action when the investigation is clear. By the way, do you remember the name of the woman?”

“I… can’t remember.”

“What about the mobile phone number?”

Hu Jiaxun took out his mobile phone to read, “13244586XXX”

Han Bin wrote a note on the note, and then handed it to the small eye on the side. “With these clues, we will locate the suspect as soon as possible. You first explain your situation.”

Hu Jiaxun looked at Han Bin, then glanced at Guo Tianxu next to him, bowed his head and said, “I want to wait until the woman is caught.”

“Peng!” Guo Tianxu was angry and slapped the table, “What are you doing, ask the police. Do you know where this is? I warn you and give me an obediently and honestly account, otherwise… Humph……”

Hu Jiaxun shuddered, wondering if it was related to the experience that day, which made him less courageous, “I said, I just said it.”

Guo Tianxu is snorted again, and he looks similar.

Hu Jiaxun fell into the memory, “That night, I was out of Beiyuan neighborhood, and my heart was particularly uncomfortable. UU reading I wanted to die, I wanted to kill the woman who bullied me, and I wanted to call the police. , But this kind of thing is what I say.”

“I’m not that kind of hypocritical person. If I’m really bullied by a good-looking woman, even if I’m older, it doesn’t matter. The key is that the woman who bullied me is old, ugly and strong, I It’s disgusting, and it feels like falling into a cesspit.”

“I’m angry, I’m not at peace. I was foul-mouthed along the way. All kinds of thoughts appeared in my mind and I didn’t want to see the road. At that time, even if the train rushed over, I dared to stand up and walked to Hui’an neighborhood. When I was nearby, I ran into a car. I took a closer look and discovered that it was a vehicle parked on the side of the road. It was obviously a pedestrian road and there were blind roads. As a result, I was blocked by those cars and I could only walk on the road. To get around.”

“I was angry at the time, and I thought to myself, that stinky woman bullied me, and your broken cars bullied me too. I… I smashed those cars in my anger.” At this point, Hu Jiaxun covered Crying with a face,

“I was murdered by that woman. I never thought about committing a crime, let alone going to jail, wu wu…”

“Boom boom.” At this moment, the door of the lounge rang and the swallow walked in, “Guo Sergeant, Han Sergeant, the situation of the suspects has been found.”

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