Detective from the Future Chapter 857

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“The Detective Novel from the Future ()” Find the latest chapter! Ding Xinfeng took out two buckets of instant noodles and two hams and said, “First, pad it, and when the case is over, please eat well.”

Han Bin’s hungry chest is stuck on his back, and he tore open the instant noodle package, “Now I don’t ask for anything else, I can eat enough.”

The two used boiling blisters on it, and then talked about the case, “Where do you think the case should be investigated next?”

Han Bin thought for a while and replied, “Hu Dingrong has been in contact with the criminal leader Xuan. I think I can check their mobile phone numbers to see if the suspect can be traced, but considering that People are more cunning, and the probability will not be too great.”

“One more thing, according to Xu Yuehua’s account, they have a stronghold in Yangma Village. I think they can search for it and maybe find clues related to other associates.”

“One more thing, Xu Yuehua has confirmed that it was indeed a red scooter that took the stolen money. According to her, the scooter was stolen by a person called’Jiaotou’. I think it can be taken from this nickname. Start and see if you can find him.”

These suspects all have nicknames, but no one knows whether they are locals or foreigners. Even if the local Qindao is so big, it is not easy to investigate.

But the corners are different. He chose to steal the scooter in Ping’an Town, indicating that he is familiar with the situation there, and he may have been mixed up there. Han Bin thinks this should be the focus of the investigation.

Ding Xinfeng agrees with the measures Han Bin said. After eating a few bites of instant noodles, he padded his stomach and said, “Then let’s divide the army. I will check the phone numbers of Hu Dingrong and Xuan. , Zhu Family Xu has been investigating in Anping Town, and he is relatively familiar with him. Ask him to find out the suspect who is nicknamed Jiaotou. You take someone to the Yangma Village base to search.”

Han Bin drank a mouthful of noodle soup and went smoothly, “Okay, I will take someone there after I have eaten.”

“Must be careful, the horse team is already injured, I don’t want anyone to be injured again.”

“I will be careful.”

“You take someone to see first, if the situation is not right, call for support immediately, safety first.”



Han Bin has never been to Yangma Village, and is not familiar with the situation there. Considering that the suspect has firearms, he dare not rush to search.

Han Bin took people to the Ping An protecting sect office first,

The reception of Han Bin is still Superintendent Song Xinqiao.

Han Bin and Song Xinqiao talked for a while and learned about the situation in Yangma Village. At the same time, they told each other the nicknames of Brother Xuan, Jiaotou and the others, and asked him to inquire about it.

The comrades of the police station are on the front line all year round. Although their jurisdiction is relatively small, they have a better understanding of the situation in the jurisdiction. They have filed any thorns in the jurisdiction.

Song Xinqiao called several civil police who are familiar with the local situation to ask questions, but unfortunately no one knows these people.

But Song Xinqiao still agreed and will help continue to inquire about the news.

Later, Song Xinqiao took Han Bin and the others to Yangma Village in person.

Speaking of the origins of Yangma Village, when many people hear this name, they will think that there are more horses in this village, but in fact this is not the case. Yangma Village originally had two families, one surnamed Yang, A household surnamed Ma, as the population multiplied and moved in, gradually became a village, named Yangma Village.

Xu Yuehua was also taken to Yangma Village, and she needed her help to identify the location.

For Xu Yuehua, Han Bin still doesn’t trust her. Don’t look at her in the Interrogation Room weeping bitter tears. She regrets and renews, but the old saying is good, knowing people do not know the heart.

Xu Yuehua deliberately shielded Hu Dingrong, which led to Ma Jingbo being shot. Don’t want to pass this hurdle easily. If Xu Yuehua can provide clues that help solve the case, she may have the opportunity to make up for it. Otherwise, a crime of obstructing law enforcement will definitely not escape. of.

Han Bin took people to look after Xu Yuehua, Song Xinqiao Superintendent went to the village committee and invited Village Chief Yang Shaoan.

Subsequently, under the leadership of Xu Yuehua, the entire group found the stronghold of the criminal gang, which was located in a residential house at the south entrance of Yangma Village.

Han Bin did not dare to venture in. Village Chief Yang Shaoan was asked to come forward and ask the neighbors around him about the situation of the house.

According to the reactions of the surrounding villagers, the owner of this house is called Ma Guoxian, a native of the village, and he has two houses in his family. He is now living in the east of the village. Because this house has been empty, he rented it out.

Neighbors also responded that tenants do not live here often, but only occasionally, and every time there are a lot of people. But in the last two days, no one has been seen entering or leaving.

Han Bin walked in and checked. The door was locked. According to the reactions of neighbors, there should be no one inside.

However, with Hu Dingrong’s lessons learned, Han Bin did not dare to be careless and formulated a strict search plan.

Han Bin asked the police station to stay outside, and he personally led the team into the search. The searched people were all armed with guns and wearing body armor. Wang Xiao and Bao Xing 1st Squad, Jiang Yang and Li Qin 1st Squad, Han Bin and Zhao Ming 1st Squad.

Zhu Family Xu is less dangerous, so Han Bin transferred Zhao Ming over and gave him a gun.

Zhao Ming seems very excited, because he has relatively junior qualifications and has not many opportunities to touch a gun.

The area of ​​this house is not small, the courtyard is large, but there are not many houses. There are only two north houses and one south house, and there is a pigsty to the west.

Han Bin and the others got on the roof from the neighbor’s house and observed the roof, but found no movement.

Afterwards, Han Bin and the others climbed down the ladder, and the doors of the North and South rooms were locked.

Han Bin observed Jiang Yang and Li Qin outside the South House for security. He and Wang Xiao, Bao Xing and Zhao Ming searched the North House first.

Zhao Ming took the big iron tongs and snapped the door lock of the North House, and quickly flashed to the side. Bao Xing kicked the door open, and Han Bin and Wang Xiao rushed in.

There was no one in the house, and there was not much furniture, and the last four people searched the North House carefully.



“Team Korea, I found a bag here, which may have been left by the suspect.”

Han Bin did not check it, instructed, “put it aside first, search the South House and check it again.”

Then, Han Bin led people to search the South House, and after breaking in, there was a table next to his right hand with obvious dust on it. It should have been a long time since people entered the house.

However, UU Reading Han Bin led people to search again, but no suspect was found.

Han Bin is relieved, but also a little disappointed.

Han Bin put away the gun, instructed, “Wang Xiao, take someone to search the house to see if the suspect has left other clues. Zhao Ming, take the bag that Beiwu found.”



Zhao Ming took the bag he found.

The bag is black, which is a relatively common handbag. Han Bin first took a few photos, put on his gloves and opened the bag, which contained a blue police uniform. Han Bin took the police uniform out of the bag.

Zhao Ming also stood by and looked at him. With sharp eyes and quick lips, he said in surprise, “Guns, there are two guns inside.”

Han Bin picked up the gun and squinted, “Fake.”

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