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“The Detective Novel from the Future ()” Find the latest chapter! Six fake police uniforms and two fake guns.

Han Bin can’t help but feel a little bit of doubt in his heart, whether the suspect is hiding here, or discarding it.

If it is the former, the suspect may come back to pick up things.

If the latter is the case, did the suspect plan to wash his hands and quit, or change the original method of committing the crime.

Han Bin sorted out his thoughts, then called Ding Xinfeng to report the situation and asked him to send someone from the Technical Division to investigate the scene.

At the same time, Han Bin found the landlord and made a note to the landlord. Originally, he hoped that the landlord could provide some valuable clues. As a result, except for a rental agreement, the landlord could not show anything related to the suspect thing.

An hour later, the Technical Division rushed to the scene to search inside and out. The North House had obvious signs of being cleaned, but no complete fingerprint was found. The South Room is thick with dust, and the suspect probably didn’t use it at all.

The Technical Division did not search for any valuable clues.

From this point of view, the suspect should have been prepared for a long time, and abandoned this stronghold.

In other words, 6 fake police uniforms and 2 fake guns should be discarded deliberately. The guns were wiped clean and no fingerprints were found.

Yangma Village has no clues, and Han Bin can only pin his hopes on the other two investigation directions.

After returning from Yangma Village, Han Bin reported to Ding Xinfeng, and then proposed to Ding Xinfeng that he wanted to visit Ma Jingbo in the hospital.

Ding Xinfeng thought for a while, and agreed. However, he should not take too many people. First, he was afraid of affecting Ma Jingbo’s rest. Second, he was still investigating clues about mobile phone communications and needed manpower.

Han Bin arrived at the hospital and learned that Ma Jingbo had just finished the operation and was resting in the intensive care unit.

Outside the intensive care unit, Han Bin met Feng Baoguo.

Han Bin was a little surprised, “Ju Feng, are you here too?”

“The police officer in the bureau had to be staring at such a big incident. You, the Section Chief, have to deal with the case. Naturally, I am an idler.” Feng Baoguo has always regarded Han Bin as a Junior, and said Also more casual.

“Feng Bureau,

You are a compassionate subordinate. With you, the Sea Calming Divine Needle standing here, I feel at ease. “

“I asked the doctor just now, your Feng team’s operation was successful, and the bullet was successfully removed, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“That’s good.” Han Bin sighed in relief.

“How is the investigation of the fake police case, are there any new clues?”

Han Bin briefly reported the progress of the case.

After Feng Baoguo heard it, “The impact of this case is very bad. You are paying attention from top to bottom. Your horse team suffered a gunshot wound, so you have to rest for three or five months. Brat, work hard and catch this group of suspects early.”

“You can rest assured, I promise not to shame our city council.”

“Well, you can go back. I just have to stare at it. Solving the case earlier is the best help for your team.”

Han Bin showed a wry smile, Feng Baoguo spoke, what can he do, he returned to the Municipal Public Security Bureau to assist Ding Xinfeng in investigating clues of mobile phone communication.

Ding Xinfeng has checked the mobile phone numbers of Hu Dingrong and Xuan Ge. Among them, Xuan Ge’s mobile phone numbers have been shut down and real-time positioning cannot be performed.

Ding Xinfeng checked the identity of the owner of Xuange’s phone number and found that it was an anonymous phone number.

In the end, I had to go back and print out the contact lists of the two mobile phone numbers.

After Han Bin returned to the city bureau, he took someone to verify the identities of these contacts.

There are not many contacts for Xuange’s mobile phone number. There are also two anonymous mobile phone numbers, which are easier to verify.

Judging from Han Bin’s experience, this mobile phone number should be used exclusively by Xuan Ge for crimes.

The two bearer phone numbers seem suspicious. Han Bin tried to locate the two bearer phone numbers, and found that the two phone numbers were down.

Hu Dingrong’s mobile phone number has many contacts, and it is troublesome to check, including Hu Dingrong’s family, Hu Dingrong’s friends, and some messy calls.

Han Bin and the others did not go home until after nine o’clock in the evening.


8 o’clock in the morning the next day.

Han Bin and the others rushed to the hospital together. Ma Jingbo’s condition has stabilized. He moved from the intensive care unit to the general ward. Han Bin and the others also saw him.

Ma Jingbo is in good spirits. After seeing Han Bin and the others, he was very happy. I chatted with them enthusiastically and asked about the progress of the case from time to time. However, the hospital has regulations on visiting hours, Han Bin and the others After staying for less than ten minutes, he was driven out by medical staff.

Seeing that Ma Jingbo is recovering well, everyone feels at ease.

Hu Dingrong was not so lucky. Although the two were sent to the hospital together, Hu Dingrong had more than one gunshot wound on his body. The injuries were more serious and he lost more blood. He was sent to the intensive care unit after the operation. Not completely out of danger.

Han Bin made a special trip to see him, but he can only look through the glass of the ward and he is not allowed to enter.

After returning to the Municipal Bureau, Han Bin and the others were once again engaged in the intense verification work, but they have not received any valuable clues and found no suspicious persons.

In the afternoon, news came from the Ping An protecting sect office. They found the man nicknamed “Jiaotou” and sent his information.

Jiaotou, real name, Pan Xiujie

Gender, male

Date of birth, June 2, 1993

Native, Qindao City, Pingan Town, Yibei Village

Mobile phone number, 1553849XXXX

Criminal history, theft, gathering people to fight

After obtaining the information of the suspected suspect, Ding Xinfeng immediately called a meeting with everyone.

Ding Xinfeng said, “Everyone has seen Pan Xiujie’s information. He is from Ping’an Town and has a history of theft. It is very likely that he is a suspect of stealing a red scooter. As long as he can be found, he can catch others Suspect.”

“If you have any thoughts, you can talk about it.”

Han Bin said, “After the information came from Ping’an Town, I asked Xu Yuehua to identify it. She determined that this man was the “corner head” of the criminal gang. I suggest locating and tracking his mobile phone number. Success is naturally the best. If the phone goes down, it means that Xu Yuehua has not lied, and Pan Xiujie should be the corner.”

Ding Xinfeng praised, “This group of robbers has a strong sense of anti-reconnaissance, and they are likely to shut down their phones before committing the crime. What else do others think?”

Zhu Family Xu said, “I think I should visit his neighborhood to check his surrounding relationships and see what connections and similarities he and Hu Dingrong have in common.”

Ding Xinfeng nodded, “You can investigate, but try not to attract the attention of the suspect.”


Ding Xinfeng changed the conversation, “By the way, did you go to the hospital this morning?”

Han Bin said, “Yes, the horse team has recovered well.”

“Where is Hu Dingrong?” Ding Xinfeng visited more than ten o’clock last night, when Ma Jingbo and Hu Dingrong were in the intensive care unit.

Han Bin said, “Hu Dingrong is still in the intensive care unit.”

Ding Xinfeng snorted, “hmph, I guess this kid can’t be counted on. Judging from the extent of his desperate resistance to arrest, he may be carrying other cases on his back. Even if he is out of danger, he may not assist the police in the investigation. Put it on this Pan Xiujie.”

“Abandon the meeting first, and report to me in time.”

After that, everyone split up and Han Bin went to check Pan Xiujie’s mobile phone number. As he expected, Pan Xiujie’s mobile phone was down and it was impossible to locate it.

This also further increased Pan Xiujie’s suspicion.

There has been no progress in the investigation of the mobile phone numbers of Hu Dingrong and Xuan Ge. Han Bin did not have much hope for the investigation of Pan Xiujie’s mobile phone numbers.

Han Bin handed over the investigation of mobile phone number contacts to other team members. UU read the book www.uukanshu.com and then went to the traffic police brigade and found that the suspect Pan Xiujie had a car.

The owner of the car, Pan Xiujie.

Car exterior, black car

Automobile brand, Hyundai

License plate number, Lu B23D94V

Car purchase time, May 21, 2018

This clue is very important. If you can’t find someone, then find someone by car.

Han Bin immediately reported this clue to Ding Xinfeng, and after receiving Ding Xinfeng’s instruction, he notified the other team members of the news.

One more clue, one more hope of arrest.

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