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“The Detective Novel from the Future ()” Find the latest chapter! The focus of the investigation of the case has changed to finding people by car.

There are two main directions to look for. The first is to monitor and investigate from Skynet, and the other is that Zhu Family Xu collected surveillance videos near Pan Xiujie’s home.

At the same time, according to Zhu Family Xu’s investigation in Yibei Village, Pingan Town, Pan Xiujie returned home on November 11, and a villager saw him driving away on the 13th. The vehicle he was driving had the license plate number Lu B23D94V Black modern car.

No one has seen him since then.

This clue is very important and helped the police determine Pan Xiujie’s recent whereabouts.

The police used this time as the node to investigate. Sure enough, they discovered Pan Xiujie’s black modern car at the entrance of Yibei Village. The car passed through several villages along the way. From the perspective of the direction, it should be heading to the city.

However, after leaving Ping’an Town, this car mysteriously disappeared. The Skynet monitoring along the way from Ping’an Town to the city did not find the car’s whereabouts.

For this reason, the second squadron also held a case summary meeting. After some discussion, everyone felt that there were two possibilities. First, the suspect may have a foothold between Pingan Town and the urban area, and it may be the suspect’s Another stronghold.

Second, it is possible that the suspect changed his car license before entering the city.

Subsequently, the Second Squadron was divided into two operations again.

Zhu Family Xu investigates possible situations first.

Han Bin investigates possible situations in second.

Han Bin once again went to the traffic police brigade to check the several main traffic routes from Anping Town to the urban area, and speculate according to time, and get stuck.

Every black Hyundai car that passes the monitored intersection within a rough time is classified as a suspicious vehicle, and Han Bin will check the license plate numbers of these vehicles.

After a lot of verification, Han Bin found three suspicious black Hyundai cars, which were of the same style as Pan Xiujie’s cars. Among them, one with a Lu B849ue was a licensed car, and this car was listed as a key suspect vehicle.

The next police investigation will center on this car.


One day ago.

November 13th.

Pan Xiujie drove a black modern car from Yibei Village to the city. After leaving Ping’an Town, he parked the car in a remote place and replaced it with a fake Lu B849ue license plate.

Pan Xiujie took another section of the road, and then drove into the city. After entering the Qingdao City area, he drove another big circle, and finally reached the Onkyo Market.

Onqiao market belongs to Chengzhong Village. The surrounding situation is more complicated. Many migrant workers live here.

Pan Xiujie parked his car in an alley, walked to a house next to him and knocked on the door, “dong dong dong.”

The knock on the door is fast and the other slow.

“Who is it?”

“My head.”

“Creak…” The door opened, and a head was exposed in the crack of the door. All around I waited and watched. When I saw the others, “Come in.”

“Old Xue, where is Brother Xuan?”

“On the second floor, just waiting for your meeting.”

“Hehe, I made a few more laps for insurance.”

The two went on the second floor, and there were three others in the house, namely Brother Xuan, Siwa, and Snake.

Jiaotou immediately said hello, “Brother Xuan.”

Xuan Ge looked at him, “There is no accident, right.”

“No, it went well.”

“That’s good, let’s have a meeting now, and then practice again, eat at seven o’clock, and act at eight o’clock.”

“Brother Xuan, what is our goal this time, I still have a black eye.” Pan Xiujie said curiously.

Brother Xuan laughed, opened the cupboard on the side, and took out a few sets of clothes from inside, “Try them all to see if they fit?”

Pan Xiujie took a look, “Brother Xuan, this is not a police uniform.”

“Our police uniforms are all lost in Yangma Village.”

The four babies tried on their clothes, “Brother Xuan, this thing is not as vigorous as the police uniform, or I should be able to catch up with the action when I went to Yangma Village.”

Ge Xuan said with a serious face, “From now on, no one is allowed to go to the Yangma Village stronghold. The group that engages in pyramid schemes has called the police. It is very likely that we can find the stronghold along the way.”

“What about Old Hu and Xu Yuehua?”

Ge Xuan right hand touched his nose, “I’m just taking precautions, Xu Yuehua may not be targeted by the police, even if the police are targeted, Old Hu knows what to do.”

Pan Xiujie said, “Then this time, let’s five of us.”

“Put on your clothes first and get familiar with it so that you don’t feel unnatural when you act.”

Pan Xiujie unfolded the clothes and saw the court logo on them, said with a smile, “Although this clothes does not have the prestige of a police uniform, it is quite strong.”


Rongguofu neighborhood.

This is a high-end neighborhood in the city center. The neighborhoods are all 11-story small high-rise buildings. The greening is also good. It is also a double school district room. There are hospitals and shopping malls around it, which is very convenient.

Room 802, Unit 1, Building 3.

A family is eating dinner, the couple took a boy to eat in the restaurant, and the nanny eats in the kitchen alone.

The table in the restaurant is very rich, with red braised lamb, large yellow croaker, abalone, old duck soup, stir-fried cabbage heart, celery and shrimp.

The little boy is probably in his teens. He is wearing a brand-name suit and is a little thin. He took two bites of rice and said, “Dad, I want to change my phone.”

The woman complained, “Son, why did you go early? Why don’t you talk about Double Eleven?”

“Hehe, I bought it on Double Eleven, but I haven’t sent it back yet.”

The man laughed, “Okay, I will cut it first and play it later. Tell me, what brand did you buy?”


The man wrinkled and said, “Why don’t you buy an apple? Your father is not short of that money. If you want to buy it, we will buy the most expensive one.”

“A lot of our classmates bought Huawei.”

The man waved his hand and said, “Son, you must remember that the more expensive one is better than the cheaper one. If you don’t buy it in the future, you will not buy it. If you buy it, you must buy the most expensive one.”

The woman sighed, “Okay, what’s going on at home, you still let the child spend money.”

“What is squandering money, you a woman understands what you can spend to make money, you save a few money, you can save a house, clean up that useless.” The man lowered his voice, ” Besides, you still don’t know if our family has any money, it’s all deceiving outsiders.”

The woman couldn’t help but sighed again, “The debt is not a good thing. When the debt can be paid off, I will feel at ease.”

The man squeezed his eyes and said, “What do you know, being able to owe debt these years is ability. Most people want to owe, but no one has yet to borrow.”

“Boom…” There was a knock on the door outside.

“Who is it?”

“Property, Census!”

“Tian Aunt, go and open the door… Forget it, let me go. It’s useless if you go.” The woman stood up and walked to the door.

“creak…” As soon as the door opened, several people in uniform rushed in.

The woman astonished said, “What are you doing?”

“We belong to the court, do Jiang Kangming and Lu Cuiluan live?”

The woman slightly frowned, opened her mouth, when she was about to speak.

The male host took the lead to speak, “Comrade, you found the wrong person, our family is surnamed Tian.”

A man in uniform walked over and turned over the information in his hand. One of them was Jiang Kangming’s information, and there was a photo of Jiang Kangming in the upper right corner. “When did you change your name, why don’t I know?” “

Seeing his own photo, the male host smiled bitterly at UU reading www.uukahnshu.com, “Which court do you belong to?”

“We belong to the Qindao City People’s Court. This is our procedure. The court issued an enforcement notice three times to you. If you refuse to enforce it, we can detain you in accordance with the law.”

Jiang Kangming spread his hands, “Comrade Judge, you really wronged me. I don’t want to execute it, but I really have no money. If you don’t believe it, you can search and you can take away the property you find in this house .”

The hostess Lu Cuiluan said, “It’s not that we don’t pay back the money, but we are too tight. We will give us a period of grace and we will pay it back when we have money.”

The leading executive remains unmoved, “Someone reported that you were suspected of transferring property. If you refuse to execute, you can only be detained temporarily.”

Jiang Kangming was not afraid, and proactively stretched out his hands, “If you want to catch me, catch me. Our child is still young and needs my wife to take care of it.”

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