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“The Detective Novel from the Future ()” Find the latest chapter! As a senior Lai, Jiang Kangming sees this situation a lot. He has dealt with large and small courts. Anyway, he has no money and loves to be awkward. At worst, he has lost weight for a while.

Anyway, if you want money, the court dare not ask for it.

Procrastinating, who is afraid of whom?

Wait a few years for my son to reach adulthood, hehe.

The leading man gave an order, “Copy it up and take it away!”

“What are you doing? You can arrest people as you say they are.” Lu Cuiluan stood in front of Jiang Kangming, “give us a few more days and let us think of a solution.”

“The notice of enforcement has been issued long ago, leaving you with sufficient preparation time. If you really want to pay back, you are already ready. Either take the money out now, or we will take the people away now.

Jiang Kangming patted Lu Cuiluan’s hand, “My wife is okay, I will go with the comrades in the court to make things clear, otherwise they will not have a good relationship.”

“But…” Lu Cuiluan sighed, she really had enough of this kind of life, “or let’s pay it back…”

Before Lu Cuiluan finished speaking, he was interrupted by his husband, “Okay, don’t talk about it, you can fix the child for me, don’t worry about the rest.”

“Son, go to school well and listen to what your mother says.”

“Dad, I don’t want you to go.” Jiang Kangming’s son walked forward and pushed the executive with a crying voice, “You annoying guys, why have you come to my house again? Get out of here, get out ……”

The leading executive complexion was slightly changed, scolded, “Why are you still stupefied? Take people away.”

The two men stepped forward and took Jiang Kangming up. One of the men also glanced at Jiang Kangming’s wife.

Jiang Kangming was taken out of the house, and the mother and son cried with their heads in their arms.

Jiang Kangming heard crying in the elevator, and his mood was a little depressed, “Hey, it’s like this again…”

An executive couldn’t help asking, “Brother Xuan, why didn’t we search his house just now, maybe there is money hidden in the house.”

Xuan Ge snorted, “What do you think? People like him hide money at home,

There is no need to wait for us to come. “

These people are the Xuan brothers.

Jiang Kangming showed a helpless expression, and he didn’t know whether it was true, or pretended, “A few comrades, I really have no money. If I have money, who wouldn’t want to be lighthearted without debt.”

“Hehe.” Pan Xiujie laughed, “Living in such a good house, if you say you have no money, ghosts believe.”

“My house is rented, and I have signed a contract for several years. I want to transfer this house to a forensic doctor, and the landlord will not do it.”

Pan Xiujie said, “You can afford to rent such a good house, which means that your family is still rich. Look at your dining table and eat abalone. I have never eaten such a big one in my life.”

Jiang Kangming chuckled, “A fisherman’s friend gave it to him, and it would be spoiled if he didn’t eat it.”

Old Xue said with a smile, “I also want a fisherman like this.”

During the conversation, the elevator reached the basement and Jiang Kangming was taken into the car.

Old Xue drove, Xuan Ge was sitting in the passenger cabin, Pan Xiujie and Snake were holding Jiang Kangming from left to right, and Siwa drove another car to follow behind.

After getting in the car, Old Xue took off his jacket and unbuttoned the sleeves of his collar, “This clothes is not strong, I am about to suffocate me.”

The snake said with a smile, “Still wearing police uniforms.”

Xuan Ge said, “One can do two but not three. Just wear it twice. If you wear it again, you will get caught as soon as you show up.”

Pan Xiujie filmed flattery and said, “Brother Xuan still wants to be transparent, if only a few of us, we might have been arrested by the police long ago.”

The more Jiang Kangming listened, the more ill-informed he was. The conversations of this group were not like people from the court, but more like robbers.

Jiang Kangming took a look outside, “Comrades, this road does not seem to go to the People’s Court of Qingdao City.”

Brother Xuan lighted a cigarette and took a sip, “Didn’t you understand everything, and pretend to be stupid.”

Pan Xiujie grabbed Jiang Kangming’s hair and sneered, “The surname Kang, do you want to live or die?”

“Live, of course I want to live.”

“Then take out your money and let the several brothers rent a good house and eat big abalone.”

Snake smirked, “Your daughter-in-law also listens well. If you knew you should have caught her together, that would be interesting.”

Jiang Kangming contorts one’s face in agony, “It hurts, light it on your hand.”

At this time, he was a little flustered, feeling that the group was like robbers, but he was somewhat skeptical.

He owes a lot of money outside, and the creditor has also thought about various ways of myriad’s debt collection. He wondered whether these people were invited by a certain creditor to ask for money. They are not real robbers. Instead, I wanted to pretend to be a robber and force myself to tell the whereabouts of the Tibetan money.

Jiang Kangming is not a person who is easy to let go, otherwise he would not owe so much money without paying it back.

“pa!” The snake sucked Jiang Kangming’s mouth, “Say, where is your money hidden?”

Jiang Kangming grimaced, “My big brothers, how can I have money? If I have money, I won’t be arrested voluntarily. Please big brothers be magnanimous, please let me go.”

“pa pa!” Snake slapped his face twice, “What do you think, we risked such a big risk to toss, if you don’t squeeze your old fellow out, how could we let you go.”

“But I really have no money, even if you kill me, it’s useless.”

“Hehe, what you said, if you can’t spend enough money, we will indeed kill you.”

“My big brothers, killing is against the law. We have no grievances in the past, but now we have no enmity, so why bother to me and yourselves.”

Ge Xuan turned around, pinched Jiang Kangming’s chin, and threw the cigarette butt into his mouth, “We’re not playing around with you anymore, don’t test our bottom line, if you can’t get the money, just You have to die. And, I will promise, you will die miserably.”

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