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“The Detective Novel from the Future ()” Find the latest chapter! November 14, afternoon.

Han Bin has been tracking Pan Xiujie’s car. After tracking it to Onkyo Market, the car disappeared.

Han Bin reported the situation to Ding Xinfeng. Ding Xinfeng considered it and asked Zhu Family Xu to visit the Onkyo market.

Han Bin continues to stay in the traffic police brigade to check and monitor.

Because Pan Xiujie had a history of changing the license plate, Han Bin checked the black modern car again, and then made a new discovery. At 8 o’clock last night, two cars with court signs drove out of Onkyo Market. One of them was a black modern car.

Han Bin checked the license plate number of this car and found it was a deck.

This discovery made Han Bin immediately alert. Before six sets of discarded police uniforms were found in the Yangma Village stronghold, Han Bin suspected that the suspect might have changed the way he committed the crime.

It now appears that he is only half right. The suspect is still impersonating a public official, but he has changed from a policeman to a judge.

Han Bin continued to track and found that two suspected vehicles with signs of the court went to the Rongguo Mansion neighborhood. After staying for dozens of minutes, he returned to Onkyo Market, and then disappeared again.

Han Bin immediately reported the news to Ding Xinfeng, and at the same time told the other party his own analysis.

Ding Xinfeng promptly asked Han Bin to rush to the Rongguofu neighborhood to investigate.

At around five o’clock in the afternoon, Han Bin led people to the Rongguo Mansion neighborhood.

Han Bin went to the property company first, checked the surveillance of the neighborhood, and found that the car had entered the neighborhood from the underground garage. Four people got off the suspect car, all wearing court uniforms.

Han Bin guessed that there should be another suspect left to watch.

These people entered Unit 1 of Building 3 and took the elevator to the 8-Layer.

When they came down again, there was a man in custody. It was obvious that the man was wearing handcuffs.

After that, the man was escorted into the car and the two cars drove away from the neighborhood.

Han Bin turned on the previous surveillance and found that the man detained should be a resident of the neighborhood.

With the content in the surveillance video,

Han Bin basically analyzed the general situation. The suspect kidnapped a man by disguising as a court officer.

Han Bin contacted the owner of Room 802 through the property. According to the owner, he rented out the house, and the man who was taken away was his tenant.

This should prove Han Bin’s guess.

Han Bin asked for the tenant’s mobile phone number, and checked the identity of the other party through the public security system. It was found that the man had a criminal record and was restricted from spending. He was an old man.

Casino, MLM, Laolai.

Lao Lai has illegal activities, improper income, and is likely to hide a large amount of cash. At the same time, even if he is robbed, he may not dare to report to the police, which is in line with the law of suspects choosing targets.

Through the above evidence, Han Bin is more convinced of his guess.

But for safety reasons, Han Bin first inquires about the situation.


Room 802, Unit 1, Building 3.

Lu Cuiluan is sitting on the sofa playing sweaters. This is a habit of her. As long as she is upset, she likes to wear sweaters to divert her attention.

The nanny came over, “Madam, what do you want to eat tonight?”

“Ah, Tian Aunt, what did you say?”

“I said, what would you like to eat at night?”

“Just watch and do it, I have no appetite.”

“Then I will make you some millet porridge.”

“Okay.” Lu Cuiluan sighed, thinking of her husband who had been taken away, and said softly, “I don’t know how he is? I’m not used to it, can I get enough.”


“Who is it?”

“For gas companies, copy gas meters.”

“Tian Aunt, go open the door.”

Tian Aunt hesitated and said, “Madam, are you from the court again?”

Lu Cuiluan put down the sweater needle in his hand, “It’s good, it doesn’t matter. You can drop it without opening the door.”

Tian Aunt opened the door. Before she could speak, a group of people rushed in, “Police, don’t move.”

Tian Aunt and Lu Cuiluan are both under control.

“What are you doing? Why did you break into my house.”

“We are the police, this is a search warrant.” Han Bin showed the Search Warrant and began to take people to search the house.

Han Bin and the others still have guns in their hands, Lu Cuiluan and Aunt are trembling with fright, and dare not come out.



“There is no one in this room.”

Han Bin led people to search, and returned to the living room. He looked at Lu Cuiluan and Tian Aunt, “Are you who?”

Lu Cuiluan was taken aback for a moment and asked loudly, “You are who, are you the police? I don’t know who we are, so I dare search our house.”

Han Bin explained, “We are investigating a case. The suspect in this case is very dangerous, and searching the house is a last resort.”

“What does that have to do with us?”

Han Bin took out his mobile phone and clicked on the monitoring screenshot, “This group is the suspect we want to track. Do you know the man who was taken by them?”

Lu Cuiluan’s face suddenly changed, “That’s my husband! They are not people in the court, what is going on?”

“Take out your ID card first, let us verify your identity, and let you know the details.”

Then, the two people, accompanied by police officers, went back to their bedrooms to get their ID cards.

Lu Cuiluan became more panicked and confused, “My ID card, where did it go, why can’t I find it.”

Nanny Tian Aunt first found his ID card and handed it to Han Bin, “Comrade police, I am a nanny, this matter has nothing to do with me.”

“Is the person arrested called Jiang Kangming?”


“Has he been captured by that group?”

“Last night, the group claimed to be a judge and took Mr. Jiang away.”

Han Bin nodded, ask two police officers to take her to the bedroom on the side to make notes.

Lu Cuiluan also hurried over and handed her ID card to Han Bin, “Comrade police, this is my ID card. Tell me what is going on.”

Han Bin handed his ID card to Bao Xing to check and asked, “What is your husband’s name?”

“Jiang Kangming.”

“Where is he?”

“He was taken away by the group of people claiming to be judges. He was taken away at 8 o’clock last night. He should have gone to the court.”

“Do you really believe that they are judges?”

“I… I don’t know. Our family does owe money, and we did have a lawsuit. It is not the first time that a judge has come to arrest someone. I also didn’t expect someone to impersonate a judge. Lu Cuiluan cried, “Comrade police, could you make a mistake? Maybe they are really judges.”

Han Bin smiled, “You really…Your husband was arrested, so you didn’t go to the court to ask.”

“This morning, my husband called me and said that he was okay, and he was released after two days in the court, and he said that he can rest assured that he can stay at home obediently and honestly and not let me go to the court. At this time, the more joyous the trouble, the harder it will end.” Lu Cuiluan seems to have also noticed the problem, the more he speaks, the smaller the voice,

“I just listened to him and didn’t go to court.”

Han Bin shook the head, “He is really going to be caught by the court, can he call you so easily?”

Lu Cuiluan grabbed Han Bin’s arm and asked nervously, “Comrade police, what are these people doing and so on? They won’t hurt my husband, right.”

“You have to ask yourself whether you have done anything illegal or whether there is a large amount of illicit money.”

Lu Cuiluan’s voice trembled, “No…no.”

Han Bin shrugged, “If not, then I don’t know their purpose of committing the crime.”

“Comrade police, I am…not…in the end…” Lu Cuiluan panicked, clenching his fists tightly, showing a struggling expression.

Han Bin continued, “This group of suspects is not profitable, and their targets are people who are engaged in illegal industries or gray income. He has a lot of cash under his name. And even if the money is robbed, it is usually not reported to the police. Because the money is illegally obtained, even if it is recovered by the police, it must be returned to other victims.”

“If your husband is really taken away by this group, then his situation is very dangerous.”

“wu wu…” Lu Cuiluan cried, “How could this happen, how could there be such a person, what should I do…”

Han Bin said, “Which court is the one who took your husband?”

“They said it was the Qindao City People’s Court.”

Han Bin instructed, UU reading www.uukanshu.com “Sister Li, check it out.”

Although Han Bin is 90% sure that Jiang Kangming must have been robbed by that group of suspects, but there must be procedures for this, and the court must be notified of this matter. More about Jiang Kangming’s situation.

Han Bin said resolutely, “Ms. Lu, I have already explained the situation to you. Your husband is in a dangerous situation and must be rescued as soon as possible. We need your assistance.”

Lu Cuiluan wiped his eyes, “How can I help you, what should I do?”

“The purpose of this group of robbers is very simple. It is for property. If you really have a large amount of cash or valuable items, then that is their goal. Tell me where they are stored, and we can stand by.”

Lu Cuiluan lifts the head, looking at Han Bin with some caution, “I’m going to the Public Security Bureau, I don’t want to say it here…”

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