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“The Detective Novel from the Future ()” Find the latest chapter! “What are you going to do to the Public Security Bureau? Your husband is very dangerous now. If he wastes one minute on the road, his hope of survival will be reduced by one point.”

Lu Cuiluan showed a vigilant look, “You said those judges are fake, how do I know if you are…”

Lu Cuiluan’s voice became smaller and smaller, and he didn’t say anything at all, but everyone present understood it.

Jiang Yang showed the police officer ID, “Our police officer ID and Search Warrant are here, can it be fake?”

“I have dealt with the judge, but I have never dealt with the police. Besides, I can’t tell that many false certificates now.”

“Okay, all your diligent eyes are used for me.” Han Bin warned, “I have said everything that should be said. Since you don’t believe us, you can only go to the Public Security Bureau. But if the robbers will give us time to trust each other, I don’t know.”

Lu Cuiluan gritted his teeth and said, “Anyway, I won’t say anything until the police station.”

Han Bin made a please gesture, “Let’s go, let’s not go to the Public Security Bureau. Let’s go to the nearest police station. Save some time.”

“Yes, but I have to go by myself.”

“That won’t work. It is Jiang Kangming who is missing now. As her wife, you have never reported the crime. You don’t believe me, and I don’t trust you.”

Lu Cuiluan is anxious, “What do you mean, do you think that I and the group of suspects are accomplices, kidnapping my husband together!”

“It doesn’t matter what I think. For the safety of Jiang Kangming, I must follow the regulations. From now on, you must not leave the police’s sight.”

“What is the difference between you and the group of judges, my husband has been arrested, can I not be afraid.”

Bao Xing became a little impatient. “We have guns in our hands. If we were the robbers, what else would we have to do with you and arrest you long ago. What do you say… you should be shrewd When you are not shrewd, you should be shrewd when you shouldn’t be shrewd, and put that shrewdness on the police.”

“wu wu…” Lu Cuiluan started crying on the sofa.

“Creak…” When the door rang, a teenager walked in, “You are who, why are you here at my house?”

“Mom, mom, why are you crying.”

“You bad guys,

I took my dad away yesterday, and came to bully my mom again today. I’m fighting with you. “The young man was angry and smashed Han Bin with his schoolbag.

Jiang Yang on the side with sharp eyes and quick hands, grabbed his schoolbag, “Don’t move, we are the police, we come here today to rescue your father.”

“Son…” Lu Cuiluan hurriedly hugged her son.

“Mom, what is going on, what is going on?” The boy also started crying.

Faced with this situation, Han Bin is also a bit speechless, said resolutely, “Ms. Lu, we have shown enough sincerity. If you still don’t trust us, let’s go to the police station now and keep on going. Jiang Kangming will There is a possibility of torn tickets.”

Lu Cuiluan looked at his son, “Okay, I will go with you.”

“Mom, I don’t want you to leave. Dad didn’t come back if he was arrested. If you were arrested too, what shall I do in the future, wu wu… How much money do we owe others? I have already returned the phone. I will never buy a phone again. I will also give you my New Year’s Day money. Let me pay back the money. I don’t want to be Lao Lai’s son. …” The teenager’s mood collapsed.

Lu Cuiluan felt her heart broken when she heard this.

Lu Cuiluan calmed down the boy for a while. The boy stayed at home with the nanny, and Lu Cuiluan followed the police to the police station.

There was a traffic jam at this time. Everything went well apart from this. After Han Bin and the others arrived at the police station, they explained the situation to the comrades at the police station. The police station cooperated with Han Bin and the others to free up an office.

As soon as he entered the office, Lu Cuiluan cried again, “wu wu…you are really policemen, I would have believed you earlier, what is my husband doing now.”

After tossing for so long, Han Bin doesn’t have the patience to comfort her, “How is your husband now? Only those robbers will know. Want to save your husband, tell us where your money is .”

“I… our family’s money…” Speaking of this, Lu Cuiluan hesitated again, “Comrade police, can’t you go and rescue my husband directly? Why do you have to ask where my family’s money is? Well.”

“If we knew where your husband is and what are we going to do with you, we would have asked the special police to rescue him. The problem now is that we don’t know where your husband is hidden, and the goal of the robbers is They will definitely look for the hidden property in your family.” Han Bin sighed, “Now, you still can’t bear the money. Is your husband important or money important?”

“It’s all… important. Without money, how will our family live in the future? Besides, I understand my husband. He is a person who wants money and his mouth is much stricter than me.”

Han Bin opened up the matter and said, “That group of robbers won’t be as gentle as we are, and reason with you over and over again. Your husband may have been beaten up now. Can he carry on forever? Once the robbers take the money, not only will your family lose the money, your husband will also be killed.”

“But if I said it, my husband didn’t say it, he would definitely scold me to death. I know him too well. He often said that people can die, but they must not die poor.”

Han Bin was a little helpless, “Well, I said so long, play the lute for a cow, then you can wait for him to be killed.”

“I…” Lu Cuiluan showed a tangled look and struggled for a while, “OK, let me tell you. Our family does hide some money.”

“Where is it?”

“Marsh Neighborhood, Room 902, Building 1.”

“How much money is hidden?”

“About 1,000,000 or so.”

“Where is it hidden and what is it used for?”

“It is a black suitcase hidden in the closet of the bedroom.”

“Besides Cinda neighborhood, are there other places to hide money? We have to control where the robbers may go.”

Lu Cuiluan shook his head and said, “It’s gone.”


“It’s really gone. If our family still has money, we will have to pay back the debt long ago, and we won’t have such a life.”

Han Bin immediately called Ding Xinfeng to report. After getting permission from Ding Xinfeng, he took Lu Cuiluan to the Daxin neighborhood. It only makes sense before the robber takes the money. If the robber runs with the money They can only follow the back of the car to suck exhaust gas.

Arrived at Cinda neighborhood, Han Bin first arranged for Wang Xiao and Jiang Yang to guard the entrance of Building No. 1 and he went to the property company to check the monitoring.

The surveillance showed that two hours ago, two men in peaked caps took the elevator up to the 9th floor. Ten minutes later, they came down again with a black trolley box.

Han Bin immediately called Lu Cuiluan over, “Look carefully, is this box yours?”

Lu Cuiluan is a little shortsighted, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com leaned close to the computer screen, “This box…is exactly the same as my house. Yes, I remember it clearly. I bought it.”

Han Bin sighed. Looking at it this way, the suspect might have taken the box first.

“Sister Li, Bao Xing, you two will continue to check the surveillance and check the escape routes of the two suspects.” Han Bin ordered, and took Lu Cuiluan and Zhao Ming to check where the money was hidden.

Downstairs in No. 1, Han Bin and Wang Xiao met, and a group of five people went up to the 9th floor.

Han Bin checked the lock in room 902, there was no obvious sign of being picked, but then he was relieved that this group of people were originally the people who resort to petty tricks, and it is not surprising that they would unlock the lock. .

Entering the house, Lu Cuiluan was the first to ran into the bedroom and saw the cabinet door open. He glanced at it. It was empty inside and burst into tears, “My money, my money is gone. , This group of robbers who killed a thousand knives, why are they so cruel, they took them away, wu wu……”

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