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“The Detective Novel from the Future ()” Find the latest chapter! “Don’t cry, what did you do early, now I know it’s too late.” Lu Cuiluan’s cries made Han Bin a little upset, after all, he was one step behind the suspect.

“I have never encountered such a thing before, how can I think of so much.” Lu Cuiluan showed a fragile side. Although she is an old man, her husband has always been in front of her. Now she Her husband was taken away, and she had no idea.

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t think of it. As long as you listen to the police’s arrangements, we will naturally help you rescue Jiang Kangming. If you refuse to assist the police, then I have nothing to do.”

“I am willing to assist you, I am willing.”

Han Bin shook his head, “What use are you willing to do now, the suspects all took the money and ran away, do you know where he can go?”

Lu Cuiluan blurted out, “I know.”

“What do you mean?”

“Our house… has more than one place to hide money.”

Han Bin scratched his hair, “I asked before, but you clearly said that there is only this place to hide money.”

“My husband said that Cunning Rabbit has three caves. If you really need money, you can come here to get it. You can’t tell others if you kill the remaining money hiding place. I thought that as long as you say this, you can Caught the band of robbers.”

“Obviously, your husband is not as hard-headed as you think, and even another hiding place may have been patronized by the suspect.”

“Impossible, I know my husband, he will not easily name another place to hide money.”

“Where is the other place?”

“Belden neighborhood, Building No. 703.”

“How much money is hidden?”

“About 2,000,000 in cash and gold bars worth a few hundred thousand.”

“Hehe.” Han Bin laughed, “It’s true, you are really rich, so what do you want to be a scumbag? Give the money back to others and live your life?”

“This money is also earned by our hard work. If we pay off the debt, we don’t have much left. We don’t want to put it on anyone… I won’t be willing.”

Han Bin shook the head, this is the first time I have seen such a comfortable person who can owe debts,

Whose money is not brought by the wind, and the people you owe money don’t work hard?


Onkyo Market.

Pan Xiujie parked the car and walked to the black iron gate, knocking on the door three times faster and slower.

After a while, a man’s voice came from inside, “Who is it?”

“My head.”

With a sound of “creak…”, Brother Xuan opened the door and looked outside, “Come in.”

Jiaotou, Lao Xue, and Siwa entered the door carrying a box.

Xuan Ge looked it up, “How is it, is it going well?”

“Brother Xuan, please rest your heart in your stomach, it’s going well.” Corner head patted black trolley box, “We brought the money back, no less than 1,000,000.”

Old Xue also showed joy, “Brother Xuan, let’s make a lot of money this time. When will we divide it.”

Upon hearing this, Jiaotou and Siwa also showed an expression of expectation.

“Don’t worry, yours is indispensable.”

All three of them are laughed.

Jiaotou pushed the trolley case in front of Brother Xuan, “Brother Xuan, there is nothing wrong at home.”

“It’s okay.”

“Then why did you open the door yourself, what about the snake boy, won’t you go out to find a woman again.”

“He dare.” Xuan Ge snorted, “He is still interrogating Jiang Kangming in the basement.”

The four children asked in a low voice, “Brother Xuan, we have already got the money, what should Jiang Kangming do?”

“I got it.” Xuan Ge sneered, “Where is this? This is a famous old man. Impossible only hides 1,000,000.”

Jiaotou astonished said, “Brother Xuan, you said that the old fellow still has money.”

“Then it depends on the ability of the snake.”

Four people entered the house, and we could faintly hear the whimper from the basement.


Half an hour, the foul-mouthed snake went on the first floor.

“Brother Xuan, you guessed it right, the old fellow didn’t hold any good farts.”

“What did he say?”

Snake boy laughed, “He said another place to hide money?”

“How much is it?”

Snake stretched out two fingers, winked his eyes, “More than two million!”


“Yeah, yeah.”

“Get rich.” Several people cheered.

Brother Xuan is also very happy, but still maintains a trace of reason, “Where is the money?”

“Belden neighborhood, Room 703, Building 2.”

“Did you three hear me clearly?”

“I heard it clearly.”

Brother Xuan glanced at his watch and said, “It’s eight o’clock in the evening. You immediately rush to Belden neighborhood to withdraw money. You must be careful. Also, every half an hour, remember to report to me.”

“Don’t worry, Brother Xuan, this is not the first time for us.”

“Then you have to be careful, as long as we finish the ticket tonight, we can fly far away.”

“Good.” After finishing speaking, the three of them packed up and left.

The snake wiped the blood from his hands, “Brother Xuan, what am I doing?”

“What did you do before, what are you doing now.”

The Snake was surprised and said, “Ah, I’m still fighting. Didn’t that kid already tell me about the two places where money is hidden.”

Brother Xuan twitched his lips, “How do you know that there are only two places to hide money?”

“Yes, this old fellow is a miser, maybe there are other places to hide money, I will go.” Snake took two steps, then turned around and said, “This old fellow was beaten badly. If you go down, you may not be able to carry it anymore.”

Xuan Ge lightly saying, “Among these people, he impressed you the most. Are you planning to send him away?”

“Hehe, Brother Xuan, with your words, I have a bottom in my heart.” Snake laughed grimly, turned and went down to the basement.

It didn’t take long for the basement to hear the whimper again…


Belden neighborhood.

A car drove to Belden neighborhood, which is an open neighborhood, and the car drove straight to the bottom of the second building.

Jiaotou and Old Xue got out of the car.

With a cigarette in his hand, Jiaotou smoked twice, then threw it on the ground and trampled it out, “Four children, you are waiting here, I and Lao Xue go up.”

“I see, remember to shout if there is a situation.”

“So are you.”

Jiaotou and Old Xue entered the unit building and pressed the upward elevator. While waiting for the elevator, the two watched all around vigilantly. At this time, they were also a little nervous, and they were afraid that the police would set up ambush.

“Ding.” The elevator came, and the two of them got on the elevator and pressed 7-Layer.

The corner head took a deep breath, the right hand was put in his arms, the gun, he didn’t have it, but he carried a saber with him, as the so-called danger lurks within the riches and honour, he always felt that if he was born in ancient , Will definitely become a general who leads the war.

“Ding.” The elevator reached 7-Layer and the door opened.

The knife in the right hand of the corner head is gripped tighter, cautiously out of the house, and Old Xue is similar, with a nervous expression on his face.

The two of them walked to the door of 703, without seeing the silhouette, and secretly relieved in their hearts.

Jiaotou winked at Old Xue, “Just stare, I will work.”

“Okay.” Old Xue complied, turning his back to corner head.

The corner head opened the bag and took out the unlocking tool from it.

Not only can the corner head steal the car, it can be as difficult as opening the door lock. In less than one minute, the door lock opened with a ‘click’.

Old Xue turned his head and said with a thumb, “It’s okay, it’s shorter than last time.”

The corner head put away the tool and took the knife out of his arms. It is really going to happen, and it is easier to slash, “Go, go in.”

The two entered the door and walked in lightly. As soon as they walked to the living room, they were stunned.

“Go. UU Reading” Old Xue urged.

Tone barely fell, three men with pistols appeared in the living room, “Police, don’t move!”

The right hand holding the knife in the corner of the head trembled.

Old Xue felt his legs were weak, and he was pointed at by three guns for the first time.

Han Bin scolded, “Don’t talk, don’t make small movements, put the knife in your hand on the ground and kick it over.”

Jiaotou and Old Xue both dared not defy, and kicked the knife over according to Han Bin’s orders.

Han Bin again ordered, “Hold your head in your hands and squat on the ground.”

Jiaotou and Old Xue did so again. Although the two of them were fierce and dared to fight, they were not willing to die in vain in the face of three black holes.

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