Detective from the Future Chapter 864


“The Detective Novel from the Future ()” Find the latest chapter! After Han Bin brought the two suspects under control, they were immediately interrogated separately.

Han Bin and Zhao Ming are in charge of interrogating corner heads, and Li Qin and Bao Xing are in charge of interrogating Old Xue.

Zhao Ming carefully searched Soujiaotou, and shook his head at Han Bin.

Han Bin Da Ma Jindao sat on the sofa, “What is your name?”

“Pan Renjie.”

“The mouth is very hard.” Han Bin smiled, “We have known your situation a long time ago. Should I call you a corner or Pan Xiujie?”

Pan Xiujie complexion slightly changed, “Since you know everything, why are you asking?”

“According to what you mean, I know everything. I can convict you without asking, and shoot you directly, OK?” Han Bin’s tone suddenly increased, “Tell you, ask you, to protect you Don’t tell good from bad.”

Pan Xiujie lowered his head, not daring to look at Han Bin.

“How many people are you here?”

Pan Xiujie hesitated, “Three.”

“Where is the other person?”

“Leave the wind in the car.”

“Who is the other associate?”

“Four children.”

“Are you wearing a pistol?”


“Where is the other gun?”

“In the hands of Brother Xuan.”

Han Bin took out the walkie-talkie and said, “According to the suspect’s accomplice, there is only one suspect in the car. There is no gun. You can act. Pay attention to safety.”

“Received.” Wang Xiao’s voice came from the walkie-talkie. He and Jiang Yang led several police officers from the police station to stare downstairs.

The task of arresting another suspect can only be entrusted to Wang Xiao. Han Bin still trusts Wang Xiao’s ability.

One more one,

Han Bin is also inseparable, and has to pry open Pan Xiujie’s mouth before other accomplices are not alert.

“Where is Brother Xuan?”

Pan Xiujie bowed his head and said nothing.

“The police have found enough evidence. Even if you don’t tell me, you can still catch Xuan Ge and Snake. It’s just a matter of time. I’m asking you now to give you a chance to commit crimes.”

“I will not betray my brother, Brother Xuan is not as easy to catch as you think, I really want to betray, he will not let me go.”

Han Bin smiled, “If you don’t say it, it doesn’t mean that the other two accomplices don’t say it. There is only one chance to reduce the sentence. I think Lao Xue and Siwa should be willing to fight for this only opportunity.”

“Ge Xuan can’t run away, the police will definitely catch him. Your worries are groundless.”

“Hey…” The walkie-talkie rang, “The Korean team, the stalking suspect has been caught, only a saber was found, no guns were found.”

“Are there any injuries?”


“Very good, on-site interrogation, as soon as possible to find out the whereabouts of the other accomplices and Jiang Kangming.”


Han Bin put down the walkie-talkie, “You should have heard the content of the walkie-talkie, and the four babies have also been arrested. You have another competitor.”

Pan Xiujie’s head was covered with sweat, and his face was tangled.

“Don’t hesitate, Brother Xuan will be arrested soon, no matter what he promised you, it will not be realized. Your only way out now is to cooperate with the police.”

Pan Xiujie licked his lips, “Can you give me a cigarette?”

Han Bin slightly nodded.

Zhao Ming lit a cigarette and handed it to Pan Xiujie.

Pan Xiujie took a couple of sips, “How do you know we are here?”

“Jiang Kangming is not the only one who knows this hiding place.” Han Bin said.

“Yes, it should be Jiang Kangming’s wife who said that she should have been arrested together if she knew it. No, it should be her son and the nanny together, so that we can achieve true secrecy. .”

Han Bin said, “There is no perfect crime in the world. If you catch them, you will also increase other hidden dangers.”

“Yes, Brother Xuan must be more thoughtful than I thought.”

“Speak, where is Brother Xuan?”

Pan Xiujie took a puff of cigarette, “If I say that, can I really reduce my sentence?”

“Of course, I don’t have to lie to you at this point.”

“Okay.” Pan Xiujie gritted his teeth and finally made up his mind, “Onqiao Market, Brother Xuan and the others are hiding in Onqiao Market.”

“I know that your base is in the Onkyo market, what I want is a detailed location.”

The area of ​​the Onqiao market is not small. If a family search will surely leak out, the remaining suspects will definitely run away, and Jiang Kangming will be killed.

What’s more dangerous is that Brother Xuan has a gun in his hand. If Brother Xuan resists arrest, he may cause more troubles and even hurt the innocent.

Han Bin took out a map of Onkyo Market for Pan Xiujie to recognize.


After receiving Han Bin’s report, Ding Xinfeng rushed to Onkyo Market with special police immediately.

The first person to reach the Onkyo market was Zhu Family Xu. He has been leading people in the vicinity to conduct secret investigations and is familiar with the surrounding situation.

At this time, after Han Bin asked about the situation, he also rushed to the Onkyo market with three suspects. At the same time, Old Xue also explained a very important situation.

Xuan Ge agreed with them in advance to report safety every 30 minutes.

This point, Pan Xiujie did not say, this is also the advantage of separate inquiries, otherwise the two people may conceal this very important situation, which is equivalent to warning Xuan Ge.

Under the supervision of the police, Old Xue called Xuange to report safety, telling him that he had safely received the stolen money and was about to return to Onkyo Market.

After half an hour, Han Bin escorted the suspect to the Onkyo Market and met Ding Xinfeng and the Deputy Chief of the Special Police Brigade, Zheng Mingxun.

Ding Xinfeng was responsible for the arresting scene, but the specific arrests were still dominated by the SWAT team, which was also their main role.

Being able to be on the front line without charging, Han Bin is also happy. After all, no one wants to face a gunman.

As one of the specific Chief-In-Charge of the case, Han Bin also participated in the planning of the arrest.

From the perspective of the entire case, Xuan Ge has a very strong counter-reconnaissance ability. Once the enemy is attacked, the enemy is secretive and the risk is greater.

The best way is to ask the three suspects to open the door. This can reduce Brother Xuan’s vigilance. As long as Brother Xuan is successfully subdued, without the threat of a pistol, the risk will be much lower.

However, according to the confession of the three suspects, Jiang Kangming was taken care of by the snake boy. Once he heard the movement, he might use Jiang Kangming as a hostage. This is also a trouble.

The final specific arrest plan was finalized by Zheng Mingxun, Deputy Chief of the Special Police Brigade, and he is also responsible for the specific arrest.

Han Bin and the others are on the sidelines.

After the arrest was ready, Old Xue went to the door and knocked, “dong dong dong.”

It is also two fast and one slow.

“Who is it?” After a while, Brother Xuan’s voice came from the room.

“It’s my old Xue.”

“Creak…” The door opened, and Ge Xuan poked his head out, just as he was about to look outside.

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