Detective from the Future Chapter 865


“The Detective Novel from the Future ()” Find the latest chapter! The arrest action not at all ended with Xuan Ge’s arrest.

Several special police have rushed into the house, ready to rescue the hostages.

Under the confession of Lao Xue, Jiaotou and Siwa, they have already figured out the structure of the house.


One basement floor.

The soundproofing effect of the basement is good, and the movement above did not affect Snake and Jiang Kangming.

Jiang Kangming was tied to a pillar without clothes on his body, and his whole body was blood stained, and he was beaten into disarray.

Instead of making a ‘whisper’ in his mouth, Snake stood aside and smiled silly, happy.

“Lao Jiang, you said you are so shameless, you know that you are still rich, and I am ashamed for you. I have never done anything good in my life, and this time it is enforced Justice on behalf of the Heaven Up.”

Jiang Kangming’s eyes are dull and there is no response.

“Old Jiang, don’t listen to what I said. In fact, you are not much better than us. I am a bastard, I am a villain, but where can you be better? You owe others That many money, is it different from cutting meat with a dull knife.”

“We have to say the difference is that you are smarter than us. You are a chronic homicide, and the law can’t help you. We are different. Being caught by the police is a death. Strictly speaking, people like you are more than us. Suitable for this society.”

“Hehe, I told you so much, didn’t you hear me.” Seeing Jiang Kangming never reacted, Snake was a little upset and a little afraid that he was really dead.

“Pa pop.” The snake slapped Jiang Kangming twice, but the latter still did not respond.

“Mother, you have to cheer up, now is not the time to die, come, I will give you a boost.” The snake smiled again, and went to the table and picked up a bag of deep-sea edible salt , Used a pair of scissors with blood to cut open the salt bag and sprinkled it directly on Jiang Kangming’s wound.

“wu wu…” Jiang Kangming lifts the head, with blue veins on his neck violent, and a painful wailing in his mouth, but the smelly socks in his mouth can only be turned into ambiguous’whispers’ .

“Haha, come back to life again, look, I saved your life again, didn’t you? How would you like to thank me, or tell me where you left the money.”

Jiang Kangming was nodded first,

Then shook his head again, still making a wu wu sound in his mouth, as if he had something to say.

“Old rules, don’t shout, otherwise, I will kick you up.”

Jiang Kangming quickly nodded.

The Snake took off the socks from Jiang Kangming’s mouth, the frowned involuntarily, “Oh, it’s so stinky, let’s go, where is your remaining money.”

“Boss, please forgive me, I have gathered over the two places where the money is hidden, and more than three million have been given to you. Please spare my dog’s life.” Jiang Kangming said weakly.

Snake twitched his lips, “This is not the answer I want.”

Speaking, the snake planted the socks back again, and continued to sprinkle salt on Jiang Kangming with the salt bag.

“wu wu…” Jiang Kangming wailed in pain.

Snake said with a smile, “haha, smelly, if you want to survive, you can get me 2,000,000 more, or you will feel better.”

“Boom boom.” There was a knock on the door of the basement.

The young snake picked up a stick from the ground, “Who is it?”

“My old Xue, we took the money back, and Brother Xuan asked you to go up and divide the money.”

“Okay, several brothers, I got it back so soon.” Snake showed an expression of excitement, turned his head and glanced at Jiang Kangming next to him, “What about this old fellow, do you want to kill it?”

“It’s my shit, I brought it here, do you want to go.” Old Xue put on a sentence, and there was a sound of footsteps.

Snake is anxious, “My grandson, when it comes to dividing money, he is more active than anyone else.”

The snake boy threw the iron rod aside, and said to Jiang Kangming on the side, “Remember, two million, as long as you spit out another two million, I will spare you, otherwise, I will do it next time. I’ll kill you.”

After finishing speaking, the snake opened the door anxiously, ready to go up to share the money.

As soon as the door opened, one kicked up with his chest and feet, and kicked the snake directly.

“Peng!” fell heavily on the ground.

Two special police officers rushed in with guns in their hands, “Police, don’t move!”

The baby snake only feels a pain in his chest, a little out of breath, and the brain lacks oxygen.

When he was sober, he was already handcuffed.

Snake put out a long breath, “I fucked, I almost kicked Laozi to death.”

Several special police directly ignored him and rushed to rescue Jiang Kangming.

Jiang Kangming left tears and was excited, as if he saw his relatives.

After the socks in his mouth were taken out, he cried loudly, “ahhhh, comrade police, you are finally here, I was almost killed by this group of people. Look at the injuries on my body. They tortured. Why are you here now? If you had come earlier, I wouldn’t have been tortured so badly. This group of people is simply livestock, must kill them and sentence them to death.”

Hearing his shouts, several SWAT team members felt at ease. They would not die for a while, and the ambulance had already rushed here.

After Jiang Kangming loosened the tie, he hugged the SWAT team members, “Comrade police, these robbers have robbed me of millions of property. You must help me get it back, and must help me get it back. That’s us The savings of the whole family are old and young, so I can’t let them starve with me.”

The special police team is only responsible for surprise operations. The investigation is not under their control. Let Jiang Kangming sit on the side to rest first. His injuries are serious and need to be handled by ambulance personnel.

At this time, Han Bin led people into the basement. He quickly stepped forward and held the hand of the Deputy Chief of the Special Police Brigade, Section Chief Zheng Mingxun. “Zheng Section Chief, this arrest is so beautiful. Give us a good job. A lesson.”

“Section Chief, Han, you are welcome, we everyone has their own field of specialisation, and we learn from each other.” Zheng Mingxun smiled and complied, “I will leave it to you here. We withdrew.”

“Thank you guys.”

The SWAT team comes quickly and goes quickly. They are only responsible for assaults and storms, and the rest is ignored.

Han Bin walked up to Jiang Kangming. He had seen Jiang Kangming’s photo, but he didn’t dare to recognize it for a while. He carefully identified it for a while, “Are you Jiang Kangming?”

Jiang Kangming said in a hoarse voice, “It is me, comrade police, my money was robbed by the robbers, you must help me find it.”

“Don’t worry, take care of your injuries, we have recovered the money.”


“Not only the cash was found, but people were also caught.”

“That’s good, this group of robbers is too bad, look at what they tortured me, I have lived like years in the past two days, without a piece of good flesh on my body, even the heart of death.” Jiang Kangming brought He was crying, but no tears were left. This is not his pretense, but the tears have drained.

“Comrade police, now that the money has been recovered, can you return it to me.”

Han Bin froze for a moment, didn’t expect the other party wanted to ask for money as soon as he was out of danger.

“Don’t worry, although the money is found, we have to go through a procedure to prove that the money is indeed yours before we can return it to you.”

“It’s mine, it’s really mine. A total of more than three million cash and a few gold bars.”

“I will apply with my superiors to return the money to the owner as soon as possible. You can heal your wounds with peace of mind.” Han Bin finished speaking and stepped aside.

Several emergency personnel came over and carried Jiang Kangming on a stretcher. Jiang Kangming did not forget to remind, “Comrade police, please trouble you. Must help me apply as soon as possible. I have people in my family. I am young, and I am still anxious to spend money.”

Han Bin ignored him, his responsibility was to rescue the hostages, and he was too lazy to deal with other things. UU Reading

Han Bin went out of the basement and met Ding Xinfeng. He looked a little ugly and asked, “Big Section Chief, what’s wrong?”

Ding Xinfeng snorted, “If you remember to eat or not, ask me for money if you don’t say anything.”

Han Bin smiled, “human beings will die for riches, just as birds will for food.”

“Then don’t think about it, he won’t even want to take back the stolen money.” Ding Xinfeng said.

After it was found that the suspect had pretended to be a judge of Qindao People’s Court, Ding Xinfeng contacted the court. The court provided Jiang Kangming’s details. This is an old man who owes more than a dozen people’s foreign debts. , Which adds up to several million.

The court has always wanted to seize Jiang Kangming’s assets, but has not found it. This time he greeted him in advance and only retrieved the stolen money. The court will initiate the asset freezing procedure and use the stolen money to repay the debt.

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