Detective from the Future Chapter 866


“The Detective Novel from the Future ()” Find the latest chapter! After investigating the scene, the suspect was returned to the city bureau. It was already 12 o’clock in the evening.

Han Bin ate a bucket of instant noodles at noon, and now the hungry chest sticks to the back. The other players are not much better than him.

Everyone has been busy for a day, tired and hungry, and has no energy to continue the interrogation.

Interrogation is also a very energy-consuming task. It must be rigorous. If an interrogation is conducted without a clear brain, it will bring unnecessary trouble to the conclusion of the case if something goes wrong, but it will half the results for twice the effort.

Therefore, Ding Xinfeng decided not to interrogate that night, and let the team members rest for a day, and then continue the interrogation tomorrow.

Han Bin took several group members to eat skewers and went home to sleep. There is nothing else I want to eat at this point.

In this sleep, Han Bin slept particularly securely.

Woke up in the morning, it was already past eight o’clock, Han Bin took a brief wash and hurried to the police station.

On the way, he called Huang Qianqian and asked her to help buy breakfast.

Huang Qianqian’s other abilities are commonplace, but she still has some talent for eating.

Huang Qianqian bought two stone pancakes for Han Bin, one with fried eggs and ham, one with pork head, and a cup of soy milk. It was called a fragrant.

After eating two stone pancakes and drinking a cup of soy milk, Han Bin felt warm, at ease, and full of energy.

Then, he called Bao Xing to the Interrogation Room.

Han Bin’s interrogation is Brother Xuan. Han Bin is still very interested in this suspect. He is bold, careful, and has a certain sense of anti-reconnaissance, which is very difficult to deal with.

Han Bin entered the Interrogation Room, and Brother Xuan had been handcuffed to the interrogation chair. He lowered his head and couldn’t see his expression clearly.

Han Bin put the interrogation materials and the water cup on the table. The water cup contained neither boiled water nor tea, but coffee for refreshing.

Han Bin sorted it out a bit, took a sip of coffee, and cleared his throat, “We are going to interrogate you now and raise your head.”

Ge Xuan slowly lifts the head, glanced at Han Bin and Bao Xing, wrinkled his nose, “I want to drink coffee too.”

Han Bin brewed a big cup of coffee,

Shook the cup, “Do you mind?”

Ge Xuan sneered, “I have anything to pay attention to now.”

Han Bin poured coffee into a disposable paper cup and handed it to the other party, “Try it, I make it myself.”

Brother Xuan took a sip, aftertaste, “This coffee… it tastes good. I haven’t drank it before.”

Han Bin laughed. This coffee is a mixture of two coffees. Wang Ting bought him a lot of black coffee, but the black coffee is sugar-free and milk-free, and most people are a little uncomfortable drinking it. If you pair it with Nestlé’s bagged coffee, it will not be too sweet, and the coffee will taste strong enough and taste very good.

“Drink the coffee too, let’s start.” Han Bin routinely asked, “Name, gender, date of birth…”

Brother Xuan put down the disposable paper cup and rubbed his nose, “My name is Zou Guoxuan, male, I was born in 1985…”

“On the night of October 17th, a robbery occurred in Hongyuan Hotel. Did you plan to implement it?”

“It’s me.” Xuan Ge answered very happy.

“Why choose them as the target?”

“It’s very simple. They spread news on the road, saying that Hongyuan Hotel is going to hold a gambling game. They usually use cash, a lot of cash, and they don’t dare to call the police if they are robbed. Reason not to choose them.”

“Who was involved in the robbery at the time, me, Hu Dingrong, Jiaotou, Lao Xue, Snake, Siwa, Xu Yuehua, among them Xu Yuehua was an undercover agent, and a few of us pretended to be police officers and carried out the robbery.”

“Why disguise as a policeman?”

Brother Xuan thought for a while and replied, “There are two reasons, one is that the police have deterrence and it is easy to control the situation. The second reason is that the police have a bottom line and will only arrest people in accordance with the law, but the robbers are different. If we appeared directly as robbers, they would not be obediently surrender.”

“On the night of November 7, there was a robbery and rape case in Jianhua neighborhood. Did you plan to implement it?”

“Yes, but I’m just robbery, I’m not strong, that’s the snake. This kid is a completely bad embryo.”

“Why choose them as the target?”

“For the same reason as before, they are engaged in pyramid schemes and have a lot of cash, so they don’t dare to call the police easily.”

“So, do you admit that you are the mastermind of the three cases?”

“I admit it.”

“You are very happy.”

“I don’t think it will work if I don’t cooperate. Those goods are all long-mouthed. I admit that it is better than being identified. I don’t want to be regarded as a stepping stone to guilt and meritorious service.”

Han Bin touched his chin, he was a sensible person, “Where did the two guns come from?”

“Hu Dingrong got it.”

“Where did he get it?”

“You can ask him.”

“We will ask him, but now we are asking you.”

“It’s useless to ask me, I don’t know, he does everything about buying a gun.”

“Where is the stolen money from the previous robbery?”

“It has been divided. We all make one order and divide the order. They do not completely trust me, and they are afraid that I will run away with the money.”


The targeting of Zou Guoxuan lasted for more than two hours. During this period, Zou Guoxuan has been very cooperative and told the detailed process of the three cases.

Zou Guoxuan’s choice was also wise, because at the same time, Zhu Family Xu, Wang Xiao, Li Qin, Zhang Shungu and the others were also interrogating other suspects separately. Zou Guoxuan did not say, others would also testify against him.

At the end of the afternoon interrogation, Han Bin and the others escorted the suspect to the scene. Lu Cuiluan was very excited when he saw Zou Guoxuan and the others. She was a pretty woman who was like a shrew and she took off her shoes. Xiang Zou Guoxuan.

Lu Cuiluan did not become honest until he was controlled by the police.

Taking advantage of this moment, Lu Cuiluan called Han Bin aside and asked about the whereabouts of the two stolen money, and wanted to get his’home money’ back.

Han Bin called haha ​​and told her to go to other departments to inquire about this matter.

After identifying the scene, the case officially entered the closing stage. The evidence in this case is conclusive. There is evidence, physical evidence, and monitoring. Several suspects identify each other.

The case was solved. Han Bin did not call Ma Jingbo to report, but planned to tell him the news in person.

After get off work, Han Bin called a few colleagues and bought some skewers and large plates of chicken to bring to Ma Jingbo.

Seeing Han Bin and the others suddenly come, Ma Jingbo looked surprised, “You guys are not doing the case well, why are you all running here?”

“The horse team, we are here to tell you the good news. The suspect has been caught and confessed. The case has entered the closing stage.”

Ma Jingbo was a little surprised, “Yes, you guys, tell me how the case was solved.”

Bao Xing and Li Qin put the food they bought on the table.

Ma Jingbo frowned, “Come on when you come. I don’t need anything else to buy.”

Han Bin said with a smile, “The horse team, I heard that the hospital’s food is relatively light, and I’m afraid you can’t get used to it, so I bought some grilled skewers, large plate chicken, boiled fish…”

“Eh yo yo, don’t say anything, take it quickly, it’s greedy for me.” Ma Jingbo swallowed saliva and said, “put it on the table, everyone eat together, what’s the point of eating alone.”

“Let’s eat while UU reads and talk about the case. It has suffocated me in these two days.”

Ma Jingbo picked up a lamb skewers and slurped it down, “Well, it’s delicious and fragrant. It would be great if I had another beer.”

Han Bin said with a smile, “The meat is good, but I don’t dare to bring the wine. I won’t blast us out next time by the sister-in-law.”

Ma Jingbo took a look outside the ward, “Che, what is she doing, don’t be stunned and eat together.”

Ma Jingbo is in a good state of mind, and his injury has basically stabilized. He is a person who can’t stay idle and can’t do anything in the ward. He has long been suffocated. He wished he could escape from the hospital and handle the case with Han Bin and the others.

Ma Jingbo pulled Han Bin and the others for two hours, and did not let the others leave until nine o’clock.

As for Han Bin, he stayed.

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