Detective from the Future Chapter 950


“Actually, it’s normal for the couple to quarrel. It’s not unusual for the couple to quarrel. We have quarreled before. She is also a temperamental person. She loves to run out whenever she quarrels, and she usually lives with friends. I thought it was like that again this time, so I didn’t take it too seriously.

On the 2nd day, I called her friend, but no one had seen her. I felt that something was wrong, so I called the police. “

Han Bin listened very carefully, and asked, “She disappeared on the 19th, why didn’t you contact her friends that day?”

Tang Wenyao touched his nose, “My wife is a stubborn person. When the two of us quarreled, you apologized to her at the time, and it was useless to say anything kind. After she had a day or two, she would calm down. , It’s okay.

This can be considered my experience, don’t say anything when arguing, because she will be angry if she doesn’t apologize, I say good things for a long time, she is indifferent, I can’t get a response, and I feel wronged, maybe Also angry. The best way is to deal with it cold. If you take the initiative to talk to her on the 2nd day or 3rd day, it will be fine.

This is my experience. I don’t know if I put it on others, but it’s easy to assign to my wife. “

Han Bin said, “Have you never thought that Jiang Suli would hide in the cellar?”

“That can’t, she is not brave, the place is dark and awkward, she can’t go down when someone is there, even more how is her alone. Besides, the place is not airy and people stay It won’t work for a long time, who would have thought…” Tang Wenyao sighed.

“For the murderer of Jiang Suli, do you have any suspicions?”

Tang Wenyao thought for a while, “Yes, Tang Jiefu’s brother, the police have arrested him before, and I don’t know why he was released again. I admit that my daughter-in-law was wrong with Tang Jiefu. I’ve talked about her stinky gossip a lot of times, but… I don’t want to kill people, she still uses such cruel methods.

Who else do you say is not Tang Jiefu’s family? “

“Have your family had conflicts with Tang Jiefu’s family before?”

“No, my father and I are distant relatives of the same generation, and we are all Old Ancestors from the top. She called me uncle when she saw me. They all looked at the contradiction between the grown-up child, that was my wife. Open your mouth and describe the relationship between the two families as enemies.

Hey… how to put it, my wife has done a lot of harm to other girls, it is just a mess. “

“Where are your son and daughter now? I want to talk to them about this case too?”

“My son works in Beijing, and my daughter is also attending college in the South. There is no holiday yet. It is not easy for you to see them,

But you can call them and I can tell you how to contact them. “Speaking of this, Tang Wenyao remembered something, and added, “By the way, you don’t tell them about my infusion, and it saves them from worrying. “

Han Bin nodded, “Mr. Tang, let’s talk about this first. You can contact me when you think of new clues.”

Tang Wenyao got up and shook hands with Han Bin, “Okay, thank you again for reinvestigating my wife’s case. I also hope that her case can be solved as soon as possible. This is also our family’s wish.”

Afterwards, Han Bin took the people out of the hospital and arranged tasks for Li Qin and Zu Dawei in the car. “Sister Li, you can contact Dawei with Tang Wenyao’s children. It’s best to go back to Qindao to make a transcript. If it’s inconvenient, let them open the video and make a transcript.”

Li Qin replied, “Okay, I will contact them when I go back.”


At seven o’clock in the evening, there was no new progress in the case, and Han Bin let the team members leave work first.

Today is New Year’s Day. Due to the case, the members of the Second Squadron cannot take vacations. What Han Bin can do is to let the members go back early for a reunion dinner.

Wang Ting also went home to spend the holiday with her parents, and Han Bin went directly to her parents’ house after get off work.

Wang Huifang has prepared a table of good dishes, which Han Bin likes to eat. She knows that Han Bin has been working hard recently, and she keeps picking vegetables for her son to let him eat more.

Han Bin temporarily relieved the pressure of work and ate a good meal with his parents. After the meal, he took the initiative to help clean the dishes and the floor, and chatted with his parents for a while before returning home.

The next day, Han Bin was once again engaged in intense work…

At ten o’clock in the morning, Zhu Family Xu hurriedly walked to the Section Chief’s office and knocked on the door, “Boom.”

“Come in.” Han Bin’s voice came from the room.

Zhu Family Xu opened the door and walked into the office, facing the Han Bin report, “Team Korea, we found the suspect’s residence.”

Han Bin beckoned, “Sit down and talk about it in detail.”

Zhu Family Xu sat across the desk and said, “Yesterday, with your help, the identity of the suspect was identified. I divided my staff into two groups and tracked them along the way from a crime scene. After a lot of surveillance videos The investigation revealed that the final destination of the suspect was Mingyue neighborhood near Guangcheng Street and Siwei Road.

This shows that your judgment is accurate. The suspicious persons who appeared at the two crime scenes are indeed the same person, and they are likely to be the murderers. “

Han Bin lit a cigarette and took a puff, “Has his identity been investigated?”

“I have sent someone to Mingyue neighborhood, I believe he will be able to determine his address and identity soon.”

“Mingyue neighborhood.” Han Bin muttered, “Get ready, let’s go to the scene together.”

“The Korean team, how many people do we bring?”

“The second squadron has no urgent tasks on hand. Call in. In addition, I will notify the local police station to assist in the arrest.”



Mingyue neighborhood.

When Han Bin led people to arrive, Zhang Shungu, He Yingsheng, and Feng Na had been investigating for a while.

Knowing that Han Bin is leading people to support, Zhang Shungu and the three immediately rushed over to join them.

“The Korean team, UU reading Zhu Squadron Chief.” Zhang Shungu said hello.

“How is the situation?”

Zhang Shungu stroked his thoughts, “After we arrived at the Mingyue neighborhood, we went directly to the property monitoring, and soon found the suspicious person’s traces. Following the neighborhood monitoring and tracking, we found that the suspicious person took the elevator to the 11th floor of Building 1. . I looked through the surveillance in the last week and found that the suspect had four entry and exit records, and I can confirm that he did live here. Judging from the last whereabouts record, he should be at home now.

Then, we asked people from the property company to call up the owner’s information. There are four households on the 11th floor, one of which is self-occupied, and there are a total of four people. There are two other households that are vacant, not only without renovation, but also without water and electricity. The remaining one is 1102, and according to the property owner, it is likely to be renting out. “

Han Bin said, “It’s not ‘probable’ alone. The suspect is a dangerous person and must be fully grasped before arrest.”

Zhang Shungu helplessly said, “I think the suspicion of 1102 is relatively high, but I dare not contact the owner for confirmation, for fear of missing the news.”

Han Bin pondered for a moment, “Then use the method of elimination.”