Detective from the Future Chapter 951


The so-called elimination method is very simple. It is almost impossible to live without water and electricity, and two vacant houses can be eliminated. The questionable ones are the 1101 owner-occupied house and the 1102 suspected rental house.

Han Bin focused the investigation on the family of 1101. This family has a total of four people. The owner is a couple, and there is a son and a daughter. The ID photos and surveillance video of the owner’s husband and wife match up.

Han Bin carefully observed the video, and ruled out the possibility that the male owner is a suspect based on the walking posture and gait.

In this way, the suspect’s hiding place is left at 1102.

After obtaining this result, Han Bin immediately arranged for manual control.

The control is divided into three groups. Han Bin leads people to arrest, Zhu Family Xu leads people to guard the underground garage exit, and Wang Xiao leads people to guard the first floor lobby to ensure that the entire building is under the control of the police.

As for how to open the door of the suspect’s house, some team members recommended themselves and pretended to be the property company to call the door, but Han Bin denied it.

According to Han Bin’s speculation, this suspect is likely to be a professional killer. He will definitely cut off contact with his surroundings before committing the crime. He is very alert and will be detected if he knocks on the door rashly.

Comprehensive consideration, the best way is to rush in by surprise to subdue the opponent.

But the problem has come again. How to break in quickly and well is a practical problem facing the police.

There are three common methods. The first is to break the door and use military force to break the lock. However, there is a problem. The suspect’s house is an iron door, and no one can guarantee that it can be broken in one blow.

The second method is to find an expert in unlocking, but it is still unknown whether the lock can be opened without the suspect’s awareness.

The third method find the owner and use the spare key to open the door. This is the fastest way to unlock, but there is a big problem here. No one can guarantee whether the suspect has changed the lock cylinder after moving in. If the suspect has replaced the lock cylinder, the original key will not open the door, which will expose the police instead.

After Han Bin was carefully considered, a Master Unlocker was invited. Please Unlock Master to check it on the spot.

According to the Unlock Master, it is not difficult to open the lock, and he can definitely open it in one minute.

But for the police, one minute is still too long, and the suspect has been prepared for the time difference.

After another hour of tossing around, with the assistance of the Unlock Master, I finally determined the method of unlocking.

The fastest way,

The door is still broken by using the door breaker. The difference is that the door can be broken accurately under the guidance of the unlocking Master to ensure that the lock can be broken with a single blow and the door can be broken in at the fastest speed.

The unlocking master studied the entrance of the iron door and found two key points, and then found two strong players, and smashed at the two key points of the door lock at the same time.

After sufficient preparation, with a loud noise, “peng!”

The door opened in response.

Han Bin rushed in with the fully armed team members.

“Police, don’t move!”

“The living room is safe!”

“Kitchen safety!”

“Toilet safety!”

“The bedroom is safe!”

The team members searched the house quickly and orderly.

Zhang Shungu put away his pistol, “Team Korea, no trace of the suspect was found.”

Han Bin walked to the coffee table and touched it with his finger. There was a layer of dust on his finger, and he looked all around. The house was very tidy, not as if it was inhabited.

Zhao Ming came over and said, “This is not right, how come it looks like an empty house, it doesn’t look like someone is living.”

Zhang Shungu’s tone is sure, “This house should be occupied. I asked the property to check the water and electricity, and there are traces of use. Will the suspect be out?”

Han Bin asked, “Didn’t you check the surveillance and haven’t seen the suspect leave the neighborhood?”

“I…” Zhang Shungu was speechless for a while.

Han Bin pinched his forehead, thinking back to every detail, where the loopholes appeared, “Everyone carefully search the house to see if there are any traces of residence or suspicious items.”

“Yes.” Everyone complied and investigated separately.

It didn’t take long for He Yingshenghui to report, “Team Korea, the toilet tap is on and dripping.”

Han Bin walked over to check that the faucet was indeed on, but the water flow was extremely small, dripping drop by drop. If you listen carefully, you can hear Didi’s answer.

Han Bin froze for a moment, and suddenly thought of something, “Look carefully at all electrical appliances to see if there are any electrical appliances in use.”

Everyone didn’t understand what Han Bin meant for a while, but they still acted separately.

“No electrical appliances are used in the kitchen.”

“No electrical appliances are used in the bedroom.”

“No electrical appliances are used in the toilet.”

“No electrical appliances in the living room.” Everyone reported.

Han Bin thought for a moment, instructed, “Close all doors and curtains in the house.”

Everyone is at a loss again, but they still follow the instructions.

Han Bin took out his mobile phone, turned on the flashlight, and illuminated it in the living room. He searched some relatively hidden places, such as air-conditioning holes, curtain corners, lampshades, and sockets.

Han Bin quickly discovered an abnormality. The flashlight reflected on a socket in the direction of the hallway will reflect light, which is obviously abnormal.

“Unload this socket, hurry up.”

Zhao Ming took a screwdriver from the unlocking Master and removed the socket. “This is… the camera, and it’s still powered on. We are being monitored.”

Han Bin took out the walkie-talkie and said, “I am Dongyao. I ordered the entire building to be sealed off. The suspect is not in room 1102. He is likely to pretend to escape. Without my order, no one should be allowed to leave the building. “

“Two holes received!”

“Dong San received, promise to complete the task.”

Zhang Shungu came over and said, “Team Korea, this camera should be installed by the suspect. Although he does not live here, he has been monitoring the situation of this house.”

Han Bin nodded, “Yes, the suspect did live in this building, and he did rent the house, but he did not live here. UU read and regarded it as An early warning place. Although he lives on another floor, he deliberately goes to the 11th floor to take the elevator every time he goes up and down to give himself more protection.

Once his whereabouts are discovered by the police, the police will check and monitor the house. Once the police carried out an arrest, the surveillance camera would take it, and the police action would be exposed to him, and he could take the opportunity to escape.

If I didn’t guess wrong, he should now be pretending to escape from this building. “

Zhang Shungu analyzed the situation, “The tap dripping in the toilet is also to deceive the police and create the illusion that he lives here.”

Han Bin was slightly nodded, immediately instructed, “Zhang Shungu, you take people to the first floor lobby to support, I take people to the underground garage to support. Remember, the suspect is very dangerous, must be careful. He is likely to run away in disguise, no My order does not allow anyone to leave.”

“Yes.” Zhang Shungu complied and then took people out of the house.

Han Bin left two people to look after the scene and took other team members to the basement to support.

This suspect is more cunning than he thought…