Detective from the Future Chapter 978


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In the morning, after they got up, they went for a stroll on Quancheng Street.

Breakfast, the two people ate the straw buns. Since graduating from college and leaving Quancheng, Han Bin hasn’t eaten it again. I’ve long wanted this bite.

The straw buns are made of all-purpose flour. The buns produced in this way are thinner. The ingredients used include pork, starch, sugar, soy sauce, sweet noodle sauce, etc. The most important thing is to prepare some pig skin jelly. This is a straw bun One of the most important materials for the bag, the straw bag without pigskin jelly will lose its soul.

After the meal, Wang Ting took Han Bin to her university. The university campus remained the same, but the students changed. Wang Ting took Han Bin and strolled around the campus, recalling some interesting events on the campus.

At noon, the two of them went to the Huixianlou restaurant to have a meal, which was a stop to the trip to Spring City. Although there are some small episodes, it is also considered complete.

In the afternoon, the two returned to Qindao by high-speed rail.

The ticket was booked by Wang Ting. The two tickets were in consecutive numbers, but after I got on the bus, I found that there was an aisle in between. Although the distance was not far, people passed by from time to time, which made people a little uncomfortable.

The two got into the car and settled their luggage. Han Bin’s right hand seated a man next to the window. He was in his forties and had a refined temperament. He was dressed in white casual clothes and his hair was meticulously managed.

Han Bin said with a smile, “big brother, you also go to Qingdao?”

The man glanced at Han Bin and said, “Yes, just listen to your accent and you will know that we are fellow villagers.”

“What do you call?”

“My last name is Xiao.”

“My name is Han Bin. Brother Xiao, I want to trouble you with something.”

“You said?”

Han Bin pointed to Wang Ting next to him, “This is my girlfriend, we two want to sit together, can you change positions with her.”

The man surnamed Xiao is slightly nodded, “Okay.”

“Big brother, thank you.” Han Bin nodded.

The man was also a simple person, stood up, and directly changed positions with Wang Ting.

Wang Ting said politely, “Thank you.”

“All fellow villagers, no effort at all.”

After changing positions, Wang Ting and Han Bin talked more easily. Han Bin is very grateful to that big brother. If people want to change, you have nothing to do.

The two chatted for a while, Wang Ting became a little tired and rested on Han Bin’s shoulder.

Quancheng has had a lot of things in the past two days, and she also recognizes the bed more. She suffered from insomnia last night.

Han Bin looked at his cell phone for a while, and then began to close his eyes and rest.

Back to Qindao, it’s time to work and be busy again, when the time comes, it’s not so leisurely anymore.

“Om…” Han Bin’s phone rang. He took out his phone and looked at it. It was a WeChat message from Bao Xing.

Bao Xing is going to work and cannot see Han Bin off. He asks if Han Bin has boarded the car smoothly.

Han Bin chatted with him a few words.

It’s coming, and Bao Xing wished Han Bin a good journey, and invited Han Bin to come to Quancheng again.

Receiving the phone, Han Bin glanced at the beautiful woman next to her. Wang Ting was still sleeping, and Han Bin tugged the coat she was wearing.

The big brother named Xiao next to him has been silent. Han Bin glanced inadvertently and found that he was a little lost, holding an old photo in his hand, looking at it carefully, rubbing with his hands from time to time.

Han Bin’s angle is not clear, and it vaguely feels like a young woman.

The man surnamed Xiao lips slightly moving and seems to be muttering to himself, his voice is very small, almost inaudible.

Han Bin understands lip language, and the man surnamed Xiao seems to be calling ‘Rongrong’.

Han Bin withdrew his gaze, who hasn’t read a story yet, and he doesn’t want to explore other people’s privacy.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, the high-speed rail reached the Qindao station. Han Bin once again expressed his gratitude to the man surnamed Xiao and took Wang Ting out of the car to go home.

Quancheng is not far from Qindao. It is quite convenient to take the high-speed rail, but Han Bin seldom walks because of his busy work.

It feels good to go out for relaxation this time. I have time and opportunities in the future, and I have to walk more, otherwise I will have no time when I have a child.


The next morning.

Qindao City Public Security Bureau.

Han Bin arrived at the Public Security Bureau and wiped the office desk first.

Then I went to the big Section Chief office to report, and then stopped by the 1st Squad and 2nd Squad offices to listen to the team members reporting their work.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, I attended a meeting held by the City Council.

At 4 pm, the internal meeting of the Criminal Investigation battallion.

At the end of the meeting, Han Bin cleaned up and it was almost time to get off work.

After get off work in the evening, Han Bin went to his parents’ house for dinner. Originally, Wang Huifang wanted Wang Ting to come, but Wang Ting also returned to his parents’ house. Only Han Bin came.

As soon as I entered the door, Han Bin smelled a scent, which was different from the usual scent of dishes. It was Han Bin’s memory of croquettes.

In the restaurant, there are three large pots of freshly cooked meat, including beef tendon, tripe, pork knuckle, pork belly, etc. Wang Huifang is standing next to the kitchen stove for croquettes.

There are still more than ten days before the Chinese New Year. At this time of the year, Han Bin’s family will prepare meat for the New Year. The broth will be used for filling meatballs and croquettes. Although they sound similar in name, they have completely different methods and shapes Delicious food.

Han Bin likes these two kinds of food, and my favorite is croquettes.

“Mom, how do you cook meat today, don’t wait for me to help you when I rest.”

“You are usually so busy at work, and finally take a day off, so you can take a good rest. I will do this with your dad.”

Han Weidong greeted, “Come and taste it.”

Han Bin picked up a croquettes with his hands and threw them directly into his mouth.

Wang Huifang reminded, “It’s hot from the pot.”

Han Bin took a cold breath of contorts one’s face in agony, “It’s delicious and fragrant.”

Han Weidong said, “I know you love to eat, this year I put a lot of meat.”

Han Bin raised his thumb and said, “It is not easy to do it once, of course, you have to put more meat.”

“Boom…” There was a knock on the door outside. UU reading www.uukanshu.cóm

Han Bin said, “Who is here, I will knock on the door.”

“It should be your uncle.”

Wang Qingsheng also likes to eat meat, and he is too lazy to do it alone. Every year before the New Year, Wang Huifang does more and let him take it away.

“creak…” With a sound, the door opened and a man in his forties stood outside.

Han Bin froze for a while, then shouted after a while, “Uncle, why are you so thin.”

“Hehe, it’s okay, I lost more than 20 catties.”

Han Bin was surprised, “How long have we not seen each other, you have lost so much.”

“It’s just over two months, a big base, easy to reduce.”

The two entered the house, Wang Qingsheng put on slippers and went straight to the kitchen, “It’s so fragrant, look at the color on this meat, this big elbow really likes people.”

Wang Huifang looked at the younger brother, “You are losing weight again. It is a good thing to lose weight, but don’t lose too fast.”

Han Weidong said, “I will cook the elbow for you. I will bring one later.”

“That’s very good, big elbow is my favorite.”

Wang Huifang reminded, “You finally lost weight. You eat a lot of meat during the New Year, don’t get fat again.”

“Sister, you don’t understand that. If you want to be thin, eat meat first. I eat meat every day, otherwise I can’t lose weight so fast.”

Wang Huifang was a little unbelievable, “There is also this saying, you are not thin from sports.”

“Exercise only accounts for 20-30%, and the rest is dependent on eating. You have to adjust your diet, know how to eat, and you can lose weight.” Wang Qingsheng speaking of which clear and logical.

Han Weidong patted the belly, “Eating meat can also lose weight. This is not bad. I have gained weight recently. I have to talk to me later.”

“It’s no problem.”

Han Bin washed his hands and beat Mother.

Han Weidong and Wang Qingsheng went to the living room to drink tea and discussed how to eat meat to lose weight…