Detective from the Future Chapter 979


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As soon as the year comes, I get busy. If there is a case, it is natural to handle the case first, and no case is still busy. The case has been handled for a year, the supplementary investigation of insufficient evidence, the summary of the summary, and the filing of the archive must be completed one year ago.

In addition to these, there are also various large and small meetings. In short, it is just one word, busy.

February entered in an instant, and there are still eleven days before the New Year.

Qindao gradually has a New Year atmosphere, major shopping malls have begun to do activities, and the streets are also full of lights.

The police officers began to prepare for the New Year.

Two platoon, 1st Squad office.

1st Squad added a newcomer named Ma Jiaoxu.

Although he is a newcomer, he is not too young. He is thirty years old this year. He used to work in the Criminal Investigation battallion of Gaocheng County. It is not easy for him to transfer to the city bureau.

From his daily work, it can be seen that Ma Jiaoxu cherishes this opportunity to transfer. He is much more diligent than Zhao Ming, who has been here for a while. Often he arrives first in the morning and leaves after get off work.

Of course, Zhao Zhonghua also has his own advantages, so he doesn’t have to be industrious with him.

No, Zhao Ming took out a pack of Chinese cigarettes and distributed it to everyone, “Squadron Chief King, it’s about to celebrate the Chinese New Year, our team should have no cases.”

Wang Xiao took a cigarette and put it under his nose and sniffed, “I don’t count this matter. You have to ask the section chief and the Korean team.”

Zhao Ming lit his cigarette and took a sip. “I don’t dare to ask about the section chief. As for the Korean team, there are always meetings these days. I want to ask and I can’t find anyone.”

Li Zither Dao, “You, just let it go, stop scolding. Whether there is a case or not, the big Section Chief and the Korean team won’t count it.”

Huang Qianqian asked subconsciously, “Then who has the final say?”

“Of course it’s the suspect. When did he commit the crime, when did we investigate, he stopped, and we can also live a good year with him, that’s all. The leader said ten thousand things on it, and promised again. Okay, it’s a case, can’t you go?”

Zhao Ming smash it, smash it, “tsk tsk, Sister Li can understand it. The words made me empowerment, the whole person is transparent and powerful.”

“Let’s take flattery less. I have a copy of this information. You will send it to the Korean team office later.”

Zhao Ming complied, picked up the information and looked through it. It was supplementary evidence for a certain case.

Ma Jiaoxu said curiously, “Zhao Ming, haven’t you just been transferred to the city office? How come you are familiar with the Korean team.”

“The Korean team and I were transferred from Yuhua Branch Station. He is my old leader.”

“It’s no wonder.” Ma Jiaoxu showed a so that’s how it is appearance, “I heard the name of the Korean team when I was in the Criminal Investigation battallion in Gaocheng, and I saw him once in a joint case. , The former colleagues knew that I was transferred to the second platoon and they were very envious.”

Zhao Ming said with a smile, “This is not bad. After being transferred to the second platoon, there will be more opportunities for meritorious service. Before you came, we just broke a serial murder case, and the city bureau declared one for us on platoon. Collective second-class work. It would be nice if you came to half a month ten days earlier.”

Ma Jiaoxu asked, “What is the case, tell me about it, I really don’t know.”

“creak…” At this moment, the office door opened and Han Bin strode in.

“The Korean team.”

“The Korean team is here.”

Han Bin glanced at everyone, “You guys are quite leisurely.”

Wang Xiao moved a chair to Han Bin, said with a smile, “We want to participate in the meeting, but the level is not enough.”

Han Bin laughed, “Don’t worry, there are many opportunities for promotion. No, I won another one for you.”

“A new case?”

Han Bin nodded and said, “pack up your equipment and set off in ten minutes.”


Bacui neighborhood.

The neighborhood is not far from the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and it takes only ten minutes to drive there.

This is an old-fashioned neighborhood. The house is more than 20 years old. The neighborhood is located in the city center, surrounded by shopping malls, hospitals, and schools.

After Han Bin got off the car, he looked all around, the yard is not big,

There are many cars parked around, which is common in old neighborhoods.

There are six buildings in the Baicui neighborhood. The cordon is surrounded by the third building, and several civilian police in uniform stand outside.

The deputy Superintendent Lin Guokai of the local police station was responsible for maintaining the scene. After a brief introduction by the two parties, Han Bin started asking questions.

“Lin Superintendent, how is the situation at the scene?”

“The deceased was named Xiao Bingtian. He lived in Room 201 of Building 3, which was also the scene of the crime. The reporter was his younger brother Xiao Guodong. We received the call at 12:30 at noon, 12:40. Arrived at the scene. Xiao Guodong had already opened the door of the deceased’s house, and there were several neighbors around who were watching. We immediately took control of the scene and set up the cordon.”

While speaking, Han Bin entire group is on the second floor, and the corridor entrance is not at all installation monitoring.

Room 201 is an old-fashioned iron door. Han Bin observed the lock of the door, and there was no obvious sign of prying or damage.

As soon as I entered the house, I could smell a strong smell of blood. A middle-aged man leaned on the coffee table, his lower body was stained red with blood, and there was also a large pool of blood on the floor, which had solidified.

Han Bin is proficient in bloodstain identification. Based on his experience, the deceased should be killed in more than twelve hours.

After seeing this man, UU read Han Bin frowned and was a little surprised. He had met this man, and it was the big brother who was kindly changed seats on the high-speed train.

Han Bin didn’t expect will meet again to him, and didn’t expect in this way.

Han Bin froze for a moment, then asked, “Where is his younger brother?”

Lin Superintendent said, “His younger brother came by car and was a little excited to see the scene of the crime. I asked him to return to the car and wait.”

Han Bin nodded, began to check the scene of the crime. Xiao Bingtian wore a house suit. There was an obvious wound on his left chest. The knife fell on his side. There were 1st Squad shoe prints around the blood. Considering the size of the shoe print, this is probably left by a man.

Of course, this is just a rough observation by Han Bin. To get an accurate identification result, you need to go back to the city bureau to study it in detail.

Han Bin checked around the corpse and did not see the deceased’s cell phone. He remembered very clearly on the high-speed rail that Xiao Bingtian had a cell phone, which should be a Huawei cell phone.

Han Bin continued to survey the house and found a broken cup on the kitchen floor, and an apple with half peeled peel in the trash can.

Han Bin is only a rough check. Judging from the characteristics of the current scene, this is likely to be a crime committed by an acquaintance.

Xiao Bingtian took the initiative to open the door, invited the guest into the house, poured water on him, and peeled the apple. Before the apple was cut, the murderer started to kill.

Since it is very likely that an acquaintance committed the crime, it is very important to investigate the surrounding relationship of the deceased.

The Technical Division and the forensic doctor also came to the scene, Han Bin said hello, and went straight downstairs.

Although Han Bin knows Xiao Bingtian, he has only met once and is not familiar with his situation.

Soon, Han Bin met Xiao Bingtian’s younger brother, Xiao Guodong, and was about to learn more about Xiao Bingtian from him.