Detective from the Future Chapter 980


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Xiao Guodong and Xiao Bingtian have a three-pointed look. They should be shorter, with red eyes and an anxious look on their faces.

“Comrade police, how is the investigation? How did my big brother die?”

“Mr. Xiao, please keep your sorrow and change. I am Han Bin from the Municipal Public Security Bureau and I am responsible for investigating this case.”

“Officer Han, who really killed my brother?”

“You are the reporter, and you should know that the police have just taken over the case. I can understand your current mood, but it takes time to investigate the case, so I can’t rush.”

“Yes, I know, I’m just…just such a big brother, such a relative, I…” Xiao Guodong couldn’t cry.

Han Bin handed him two tissues, “Mr. Xiao, I want to get some information about Xiao Bingtian.”

“Okay, you can ask.”

“Is Xiao Bingtian married? Besides you, are there any other immediate family members?”

“No, my brother is a relatively loose man, he feels a little bit of a literary youth. He likes freedom and doesn’t like being bound by his family, so he has never been married. Both my parents have passed away, and apart from my younger brother, they are not too close. Relatives.”

“Does Xiao Bingtian have a girlfriend?”

“I don’t know much about this. My big brother has been working in the field and returned to Qindao half a month ago. I am not easy to ask about feelings as a younger brother.”

“In which city did Xiao Bingtian work and how long did he go to work?”

“Before, my brother had been working in Chang’an. He went to Qindao for nearly 20 years. He didn’t return to Qindao because he was far away. The last time he came back was 17 years. My mother passed away that year. My brother never came back.”

“What does Xiao Bingtian do, specifically when did he appear Qindao?”

“My brother is engaged in the identification of cultural relics. Chang’an is an ancient capital for two thousand years. There are many historical sites, cultures, and customs. It is the city he has always longed for.”

“Do you know his specific work unit?”

“Hey, I really don’t remember this. I only know that he works in an Auction House.”

Han Bin wrote in his notebook, “Does Xiao Bingtian have any close friends in Qindao?”

“I haven’t asked, but there should be. My brother is very nice, he is very easy to get along with, and he is also a warmhearted person. It is easy to be friends with people.”

Han Bin has a deep understanding of this. Although he only saw Xiao Bingtian, Xiao Bingtian gave a good impression, and he was quite sorry for Xiao Bingtian’s death.

Recalling the scene on the high-speed rail, Han Bin thought of the photo Xiao Bingtian was holding. The photo was a few years old. The young woman at that time is probably not young now, but one thing will not change. That is this woman is very important to Xiao Bingtian.

“Have Xiao Bingtian talked about the object before?”

“How long did you mean before?”

“No time limit, as long as you know what you can say.”

Xiao Guodong said, “My brother has been away from Qindao for nearly 20 years. During this period, he rarely comes back. Even if he does, he does not stay for a long time. Either come back to see my parents, or take my parents to Changan for a period of time. , Every time he goes back to Qindao, it takes less than a month. And he spends most of his time with my parents, and he has no time to talk about love.

Go ahead and say that before he went to Chang’an, he had talked with a girlfriend, and the two of them had reached the point of talking about marriage, but they didn’t get it for some reason. To be honest, it’s a pity that the girl is pretty Not bad, I always think that when my brother left Qindao, he should have something to do with her. “

Han Bin asked, “What is her name? Do you have her contact information?”

“Her surnamed Song…what’s her name, I really can’t remember it for a while, after all, twenty years have passed. I only met her two or three times, knowing that she and my brother are in the same school, other It’s not very clear either.”

“After your brother returned to Qindao, did he live here alone?”

“Yes, this is my parents’ old house, and it’s not a short time since my parents passed away.

My brother and I discussed to sell this house. He came back this time to deal with this matter too. I think it will not be easy for him to come back once. Let him stay for a while and wait for the new year.

My brother also wants to live for a period of time before the old house is sold, which is a single thought. Who knows… something happened in only ten days. I knew I wouldn’t let him come back. I can handle this house alone. Hey…everything is impermanent, no one can think of it. “

“Do you have a disagreement with Xiao Bingtian on the sale of the house?”

“No. My brother is not young, but he still feels like a young artist. He doesn’t care much about money. Before I said he wanted to sell the house, he was a little bit reluctant. After all, it is where my parents live. It’s also a single thought.

Later, after thinking about it for a while, he agreed. After all, the Senior has already gone, and the house is a thought, but sometimes it is also a concern. He hadn’t planned to come back, so I just let me watch the sale without mentioning the money.

But this house is not a trivial matter. Although this house is old, it is in a good location. At least one hundred thirty-forty million can be sold. I am not a person who likes to take advantage. I want my brother to come back. This house has been dealt with. This is better, and our brothers can also get together.

My brother also agreed. Maybe he still can’t let go of this old house and wants to live for a while before selling it. “

“As far as you know, is there any conflict between your brother and others in Qindao?”

Xiao Guodong shook his head, “He came back on January 18th. It has only been ten days. Who can have such a big conflict with, I really can’t think of it?”

“When was the last time you saw Xiao Bingtian, how did you know that something happened to him?”

“The last contact was yesterday afternoon. He called me, but I didn’t receive it. I opened a restaurant. I was busy in the back kitchen and didn’t care about it. Later I called my wife and said Acquired would be in the restaurant. I booked a private room and wanted to invite some friends to dinner. My wife asked him how many people are. My brother said that even four or five people would cost about 1,000 yuan.

After my wife told me, I didn’t even bother to go back to him at the time. This morning, I wanted to let him go over for dinner. By the way, I asked him clearly, but my phone couldn’t get through when I called. I didn’t care too much at the time. What could happen to his elders, I continued to call, but he didn’t answer until noon, UU reading I felt something was wrong.

Let my wife look at the store, I hurried over to have a look, no one answered the door knocked, I opened the door to see, hey…I’m just such a relative, my brother is two years old than me at worst, I really didn’t expect he would leave so early. “

“Did you find anything unusual before entering the door?”

“No, I was a little worried at the time and didn’t look at it carefully.”

“How did you open the door?”

“My brother is usually not in Qindao, and the keys to the house are with me. I have the keys and open the door myself.”

“After opening the door, did you enter the crime scene?”

“Yes, I saw that my brother was injured. I must go in and check it out. I walked in and found out that the man was dead and no treatment, so I quickly called the police.”

“Have you touched anything at the scene?”

Xiao Guodong recalled for a moment, “No, I remember not.”

“Have you ever stepped on blood in the house?”

“It shouldn’t be there.”

“Has anyone else been here since you opened the door until the police came?”

“Yes, I was stunned and called my brother loudly. Some neighbors heard the movement and came, but at most they were standing in the hallway, no one went into the living room, and no one had contact with my brother. “

Previously, Han Bin speculated that it might be an acquaintance who committed the crime. Since he is a neighbor, he may also know the deceased.

Moreover, after committing the crime, the suspect may return to the scene again for various reasons and purposes.

“Do you remember any neighbors who came to the scene?”

Xiao Guodong nodded, “Probably remember.”

Han Bin opened the notebook and said, “Tell me.”

“Brother Yang, Old Lin, Sister Liu, and Wu, it should be these four people.”

“Say your full name.”

“Yang Bairen, Lin Chunhua, Liu Rong, Wu Haibo.”