Detective from the Future Chapter 981


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Among the four neighbors, Liu Rong caught Han Bin’s attention, “How old is Liu Rong and what is the house number?”

“My brother is 43 years old this year, Liu Rong should be five or six years older than my brother, he should be less than fifty years old. Liu Rong lives in our unit 302, does she have any problems?”

Han Bin remembers that Xiao Bingtian was holding a photo on the high-speed rail, and he was meditating on a name called Rongrong.

As for whether Bi Rongrong is this Rongrong, it is not known.

“Does Xiao Bingtian have a cell phone?”


“What phone?”

“A Huawei mobile phone.”

“Did Xiao Bingtian explain what kind of guests he would invite for the day table?”

“I don’t know, I told him to eat today just to ask about this, who knows it’s not too late…” Xiao Guodong shook his head and sighed.

“Did Xiao Bingtian say when to leave Qindao?”

“In the next year, he will leave after selling the house. Actually, I also persuaded him to move back to Qingdao. Although he likes Chang’an, he has no relatives there. It is better to move back to Qindao, old. I also have a sympathy for each other.”

Han Bin flipped through his notebook and said, “That’s OK, let’s talk about this first. If you think of anything, you can contact me at any time.”

“Okay, Officer Han, I will trouble you with my brother’s case.”

“It should be.” Watching Xiao Guodong leave, Han Bin found Wang Xiao over.

“Team Korea, what do you have to order?”

“You go to Building No. 302, and find a neighbor named Liu Rong. After the incident, she also went to the scene. I will make a transcript for her personally.”

“What about the other people who have been to the scene?”

“Other people are responsible for taking notes?”

Wang Xiao was nodded, some said curiously, “Team Korea, is there any problem with Liu Rong?”

Han Bin said, “It’s hard to say now, I’ll tell you later in the game.”

After sending Wang Xiao away, Han Bin returned to the scene of the crime. Forensic doctor Li Can has completed the preliminary autopsy.

“Team Korea, you just came here, the preliminary autopsy is completed, I just want to report to you.”

“You said.”

“You should know the identity of the deceased. He should be about 40 years old. The cause of death was that a sharp knife was inserted into the left chest. This position was very dangerous and directly stuck the aorta of the heart. Unless he was treated immediately, , I guess people will be dead on the way to the hospital.

Except for this fatal wound, no other wounds were found on the deceased, and there was no trace of being tied up. “

Li Can paused, continue to say, “The time of death of the deceased should be between 4:00 and 8:00 yesterday afternoon, because the heating in the room and the high temperature accelerated the corruption of the body to a certain extent.”

Han Bin asked, “Are there signs of poisoning in the dead?”

“Nothing has been found for the time being. When I return to the laboratory, I will conduct further tests.”

“Thank you.”

“It should be.” After Li Can reported the situation and communicated with the Technical Division, he put the dead body in a body bag and prepared to transport it back to the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Wang Xiao returned to the scene, “Han team, Liu Rong is at home. I asked her to come over and make a transcript. She said she was afraid of death, please go to her house.”

Han Bin touched his nose, “She had been on the scene before the police arrived, but now she says she is afraid of death?”

“Who knows, should I ask her to take a transcript at the city bureau?”

“Forget it, let me go. Zhao Ming and Ma Jiaoxu come with me.”


Climbed a flight of stairs, the three of them arrived at Liu Rong’s house.

“Boom…” Zhao Ming knocked on the door, and a woman about fifty years old opened the door. The woman was tall, thin, with a ponytail, and she had a lot of white hair.

“Hello, I am Han Bin from the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Is this Liu Rong’s house?”

“Yes, I am Liu Rong, three comrades, please come in.”

Han Bin entered the house. This is a three-bedroom apartment. The toilet is next to the right hand to enter. There is a smell of urine. The house is not too clean. There are a lot of things piled up in a mess.

Liu Rong is somewhat sorry, “There are many people in the family and the house is messy, don’t mind.”

“How many people are there in your family?”

“My parents, husband and I, and a daughter. My husband and daughter are not at home, and my parents are in their house.” Liu Rong made a please gesture, “The three comrades sit first, I Pour you a glass of water.”

Han Bin sat on the sofa and said, “Ms. Liu doesn’t have to trouble, we are not thirsty, let’s just make a transcript.”

“That’s fine too.”

“Ms. Liu, do you know the deceased Xiao Bingtian?”

“Knowing, we are all neighbors. When he was young, he lived here for a period of time. Later, he heard that he went to Chang’an, but he hadn’t seen him in many years.”

“Have you been to the crime scene?”

“Yes, I’ve been there once. Xiao Guodong was shocked when he saw his brother died and shocked our neighbors upstairs. I just went over and took a look. I’m not brave. Just glanced through the crack in the door, oh my god… but it scared me a lot.”

“Have you met since Xiao Bingtian came back from Chang’an?”

“I have seen them, they are all neighbors. I will inevitably encounter them when I go up and downstairs. I also said a few words.”

“Have you been to his house?”


“Have you not been to the crime scene today?”

“Really not, I just took a look outside the door, that bloody Linlin, how dare I go in.”

“From 4 to 8 o’clock yesterday afternoon, UU reading where were you?”

“I am at home.”

“Have you been out?”

“No, I have always been at home.”

“Who can prove?”

“My parents, they are in the house. If you don’t believe it, you can ask.”

“Did you hear any suspicious movements at home?”

“No impression.” Liu Rong shook the head and asked, “Isn’t Xiao Bingtian dying today?”

“The incident occurred at noon today, but Xiao Bingtian was killed between 4 and 8 pm yesterday. You lived close to him. Did you see suspicious persons go to his house during this time?”


Liu Rong said, “I didn’t leave the door yesterday afternoon. No one saw anyone except my parents.”

“As far as you know, does Xiao Bingtian have any enemies or conflicts with?”

“I don’t know this. It hasn’t been long since he came back. I haven’t seen him twice. Even if he has an enemy, he won’t tell me. You say yes.”

Han Bin took out a business card and put it on the table, “Let’s talk about this first. This is my business card. If you think of anything, you can contact me directly.”

“Eh.” Liu Rong followed and stood up, somewhat worriedly said, “Officer Han, was Xiao Bingtian killed by someone?”

Han Bin stopped, “Why ask?”

“We live in one unit. There are old people and children in the family. I am also afraid. If it is a vendetta, if there is a thief in the family, our family will be at risk.” Liu Rong sighed, “As soon as the New Year comes It’s easy to happen. We people have to celebrate the New Year, and the thieves have to celebrate the New Year. What if they steal into my house.”

Han Bin said with relief, “Ms. Liu, you can rest assured that our police will do our best to investigate the case and will not affect your normal life.”

Liu Rong’s brows are still not stretched out, “Hey, this guy going up and down, I hope…”