DSL Chapter 234

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Devil's Son-in-Law The latest chapter, Volume I, Chapter 234, Dominique and Cyprus, Astronomy     Skye, who is a Great Devil King Level Expert, also felt the killing intent and asked Chen Rui: "Would you like..."

    "no need."Chen Rui shook his head and gave Elyane a slap in the face. Skye understood what he meant, taking care of Elyane's three girls and Dada Master.

    "Aleksis! Accompany me and have a look. ”Chen Rui made a call to Aleksis, walked over and patted him on the shoulder, and exerted a slight effort on his hand.

    Aleksis is not a day with Chen Rui. I know it differently, said with a nod : "Yes, leader."

    As soon as the words "the leader" were just exported, Chen Rui immediately felt that the goal of the killing intent turned to himself, and his heart was secretly strange.

    Vasasha sees Chen Rui looking for Aleksis to go straight to the other side.

    Aleksis followed Chen Rui all the way to the night market, and went to the remote place, all the way to the south gate of Dark Moon City. Although the city gate is generally not allowed to enter and exit in the evening, the Guarding Army at the gate recognizes the Aleksis instructor and does not dare to block it.

    The two people walked through the southern suburbs until a huge pit of ruins, and Chen Rui's footsteps stopped.

    "Aleksis, you are quite close to the Devil King Level now."

    "Yes, I have already felt the limit faintly, only a line, you can break through."

    Chen Rui nodded. "So what do you think is the best way to break through the bottleneck?"

    Fight over!”Aleksis's eyes are bright, and the Master pulls him here. Is it because he wants to use the battle to guide him through the final line and become the Devil King Level? He had previously requested to play against Athena several times in private, but because of the great difference in strength, Athena's skill in suppressing Strength was not skillful enough. No Law was perfectly controlled at the level of High Rank, so he was defeated before.

    "Yes, and it must be a real battle. Have you already had a sense of death?"Chen Rui asked, the face is full of seriousness.

    Aleksis is nodded in color, his eyes are extremely firm. He does not have the adventure of Chen Rui. Apart from Devil Fruit, his strength is accumulated in countless actual battles. He has experienced several tests between Life and Death. The more the battle between Life and Death, the more the potential of the body can break through the bottleneck. Compared to the real Life and Death Battle, Athena is just a matter of learning.

    So,Chen Rui saw Aleksis's determination, suddenly increased the volume, and said: "Two followers, come out!"

    Aleksis was taken aback and he didn't feel anyone tracking!

    ‘Hum! Actually, I was discovered by your ants, but I found out what happened, but it was a dead word. ”The coldly sound came, and under the moonlight, the figure of a man and a woman gradually became clear.

    Chen Rui heard the words of the ants, suddenly thought of Balor, his heart was upset and asked: "Who are you, why do you want to kill me and Aleksis?"

    In the night market, the previous murderous aura targeted Aleksis, but later turned to him, it seems that two people are the opponent's goal.

    The plump woman coldly snorted said: "Let you die to understand, my name is Domini, this is Cyprus."

    Chen Rui shook his head: "I don't know you. Since it is for me to die, I can always tell the people who are pointing you."

    "You are the leader of the Cloak Association's Guile!"The woman’s eyes are full of hatred: “Weick of the Blood Devil Association is my pro-Younger Brother!”

    Chen Rui thought of Weick, who was personally killed by Aleksis, finally understood where the roots of women's hatred were, not thinking of the Lord Devil Association, which is supported by the Mellon Family, and the Elder Sister of such a Devil King Level early-stage!

    However, Weick is a murderer and killer, and he is a dead opponent with the Cloak Association. If he kills, he will kill it. There is nothing to explain, but this pair of men and women think he is only the High Rank Devil peak in the state of “True Restraining Aura”. -stage strength, so did not care to come out.

    The man Cyprus spoke up: "I originally wanted to see you here to discuss some secrets. I couldn’t think of it and challenged us to challenge Devil King Realm! It’s really hard! Dominique, killing Weick's murderer, handed it over to you. ”

    "Of course! After killing the two people, kill the Cloak Association's owner and avenge the Younger Brother! ”Dominique came out, and the cold murderous aura has locked Chen Rui and Aleksis.

    "There is a head, and the debt has the Lord."Chen Rui retreat A few steps, one fingered Aleksis: "He is the real murderer of killing you Younger Brother, you look for him."

    Aleksis has understood Chen Rui's intention, fighting intent greatly rises, the whole body is condensed, and the two-headed sickle appears in the hand, and slowly walks toward Dominie, the flame of the body has already shined.

    “The leader of the Cloak Association's is actually such a villain who is greedy and fearful of death!”Dominic said disdainfully, looking at Aleksis without fear, nodded: "You finally have a little courage, but the courage to surpass strength can only be stupid!"

    Aleksis didn't talk, the sickle swayed, the big shouted once, leaped high, and went to Dominie, and Dominie showed a scornful smile, and did not use transformation or increase the flame, easily avoid the knife, at the same time A boxing in the chest of Aleksis. Aleksis snorted, the whole person swayed, and even retired six or seven steps before standing still, complexion was a bit whitish.

    Dominique is a little surprised. In her opinion, although this fist has not worked hard, it should also fly Aleksis out and vomit blood to the ground. The gap between the big Realm is quite obvious, especially the High Rank Devil and Devil King Level, and also the level of the average to mid level.

    Chen Rui is not surprised by this, the reason is very simple, equipment.

    Aleksis is now armed with teeth, scythes, armor, boots, wristbands, belts, rings, all of which are “experimental products” of the Chen Rui manufacturing tool.Although some quality has not yet reached Rare Grade, it can only be regarded as a very close Rare Grade, but for a High Rank Devil, it is no extravagant to the extreme.

    Aleksis only feels bloody, he has the experience of fighting against Athena, not afraid, took a deep breath, under the acceleration of the shoes, once again rushed forward, that Speed ​​makes Dominis slightly reveals strange, Aleksis is characterized by In order to defend against it, the flame is more blazing, the thunder is ringing, and the Darkstar Iron in the hand is turned into several arcs of light, and it is rolled up to Dominique.

    Dominion figure is flashing like a ghost, and the light arc is avoided. However, the Attack of Aleksis is very old, not uniform, and the combination of slow and slow, like a trap of change, is hard to prevent.

    Dominic slightly careless, face by the light Zhang swept, with special sharp and bloodthirsty characteristics Darkstar Iron weapon instantly broke the Dominic of the epidermis defense, left a blood marks mouth on the face Domine anger, unexpectedly was a high R Ank Devil hurt, and is the most concerned about the face, 怒叱 a sound, teleportation to aleksis behind, the twinkling has transformation become battle Form.

    The Great Devil that reached the Devil King Level was no longer a normal figure. Dominique had long bones on the elbows of both hands, and the sharp edges were sharp, and they were twisted toward Aleksis.

    Aleksis gave birth warning sign, but the other Speed ​​was too fast, too late to dodge, immediately launched Teleport, avoiding to open, angry Domini is about to kill Aleksis, suddenly felt the action stagnate, Speed ​​is greatly reduced only In the symptoms of slow surgery!

    Dominique's gaze fell on the nearby cloak "Guile", sneer, the flames increased, and the Great Devil's flames eliminated the negative state. However, no matter how she burns the flame, there is no Law to eliminate the slow effect. . There may be only one such one, and the opponent's magical force and Spirit Force have far exceeded the strength of the flame. Here Aleksis didn't give Dominion a chance to breathe, and the sickle turned into two handles and attacked again.

    Dominic spurs a cross, holding a sickle, sparks four turbid, actually just a crack, and then gradually restored, with the sharp character of Darkstar Iron, there is no Law smashed, it seems that this is Dominic Blood Variation Strength.

    Although Dominique has just been promoted to the Devil King Level for less than a year, and there is no Law to play Speed ​​under the slow delay, although Aleksis is a luxury equipment and only a line from the Devil King Level, it is close to the Kings Strength and master Devil. King Level Strength is still two extremes, and the strength gap between the two sides is still obvious. Only a few face to face, Aleksis is already dangerous, if not equal, plus practical experience, avoiding the killing move at critical moments, has died a few times.

    Chen Rui didn't help, and the sky wouldn't drop the pie in vain, and from Aleksis's previous eyes, he wouldn't let him help again.

    "Dominic, you are too slow, it takes so long to pack a High Rank."The Cyprus went down and the door was a bit big: "We don't have Time to stay here for too long, and that Guile will help you to kneel down."

    "Dominique's delay is about half an hour, Aleksis...Chen Rui shrugged. "I will never help you again, die or break through and see your own."

    "You still worry about yourself, cockroaches."Cyprus reveals the proud look: "Even if your magical Law force is special, it has no effect on me. My variant bloodline attribute can make the Magic Law weaken. But I won't kill you, I will only cut off your limbs, your life, I will leave it to Domini. ”

    "蝼 蝼, the word...Back to you. ”

    When talking about the word "蝼蚁", Chen Rui has appeared in front of Cyprus. Cyprus was shocked. He had not had time to make a Defense. He had a colic in the abdomen and the whole body flew. Chen Rui's figure is extremely fast, has caught up with him in the air, clutching in the air, losing balance, no Law, and exerting a force on his hand, turning the backwards of the backwards upwards, and the entire person of Cyprus is thrown. Half empty.

    Chen Rui kicked his foot and appeared on top of Cyprus, clenching his fists in both hands and slamming down. ""Bang!"With a muffled sound, the Cyprus was smashed into the ground like a giant hammer, causing a tremor.

    These several times, such as the electric stone fire, are completed in an instant, at this time the "return to you" three words just exported.

    On the side of the Dominican earthquake, she is clear about the strength of Cyprus, Devil King middle-stage! It was so beaten by this Guile, then the strength of Guile...At least on the same level as Cyprus! The ant ant did not say that it was not qualified, unless the two people themselves admitted that they were ants.

    The intelligence is not to say that a few months ago, Guile struggled with Aleksis at Dark Moon Arena, and finally won? Aleksis hasn’t even reached the Devil King Level yet, is it that the intelligence is wrong, or what special happened in the past few months...(To be continued)

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