Devouring Myriad Ghosts System Chapter 801

Li Daochong, who sold all item items, left the barn immediately, flew out and headed towards the valley.

This surveillance of Li Daochong was significantly smaller, but two breaths went out of Dili with him.

How can the stalker escape Li Daochong’s ideology?

However, Li Daochong was lazy and was still acting according to his plan.

Go round the valley and figure out what kind of medication is there.

Then Li Daochong intends to leave Diet Six and turn around elsewhere to find Yin Ping’s tracks.

Li Daochong is now in the next round of tactical promotion to enough and to spare.

Even in the next five months, he will have no problem with a little more fighting.


valley is very far away from Divine Six, and Li Daochong arrived for hours.

The so-called Valley is, in fact, a narrow shaft, and it is not possible to see the ground crack at the end.

The fragmentation within the scope of the observation is narrow, and some are linked, and the terrain is extremely complex and varied and is an excellent place to hide.

Li Daochong swept up Void the invisible barrier, lightly smiled on his face, stuck in it.

Li Daochong, in the context of God sense sense, medication is much more like cow hair, strong and weak.

Of course, in addition to medication, there are equally large numbers of competitors, less than billions of dollars.

There are several hundred meters deep below the bottom of the crack, and there are also complex solubles and intertwined mistakes.

Li Daochong flew forward and felt so much, and the Nine Unseen Gods were an ax worker.

What exactly did Kowloon Spirit Venerable Town achieve?

Not only can such a vast world be created, but the details can be irrelevant.

This is almost nothing different from the real world, and the rule here is entirely under the control of the Nine Unseen Spirit Venerable.

Li Daochong remembers the look of the Nine Unseen Spirit Venerable, and it’s really hard to imagine a woman who looks soft and has such a terrible power.

Nor do you know who is better than the Emperor and the Emperor of the Rocca leaf and the Nine Spirit Venerable.

Li Daochong is now very powerful and the youngest generation in the entire human area is the highest.

But in comparison with the Nine Unseen Spirit Venerable, it’s like the heavens and the earth.

Li Daochong, fearful, continues to fly forward, with a large number of medications on his way, but most of them are less powerful.

Li Daochong’s release will destroy them in vain.

Hundreds of medications are not more than thousands of battles, not worth mentioning for Li Daochong’s now huge war base.


few hours later, Li Daochong ignored the sense to be familiar, but soon disappeared and seemed to be dangerous.

But it is not entirely certain that it is far from Li Daochong, at least thousands of kilometres.

Secondly, the atmosphere in the valley is chaotic and hundreds of millions of different gases are intertwined, and Li Daochong’s concept is difficult to identify again.

Either way or not, Li Daochong went in the direction of moving towards breath.

About an hour later, Li Daochong arrived in the sense of loss of breath.

There’s a wolf here, and there’s still smoke burning in many regions, some of which are frozen into ice, and a small part of which seems to be corrosed by something, full of wings.

In addition, there are a number of magical treasure fragments scattered.

Li Daochong’s concept has been carefully swept, showing a little surprise on his face, where Spirit Qi waves are very active and with the strength of the rule of law.

A fierce war just ended soon.

Li Daochong began to think it was a massive battle between the contestants in order to seize the war.

However, with the depth of the search, the collision between Spirit Qi was found to be very low.

More is the collision between Spirit Qi and the energy-specific energy of the Nine Unseen God.

Nine Hyun-Divine Sword’s unique energy is white, and it’s a lot of medication inspired.

Li Daochong was standing by a big corrupt pit, thinking about the touch of the chin.

He’s constantly showing out the images of the war.

The number of participants exceeded 30.

And the number of medications is only one.

“The great devil can be at least 30, at least at the level of the magic.”

Li Daochong? Li Daochong, down and down, touching the ground, 36751;

He’s in the body’s thunderbolt to generate defense.

“Strange, this fierce battle just ended soon, why does this breath disappear?”

Li Daochong’s face is suspicious.

Can’t it be done with both sides?

Otherwise, the inner Qi, hundreds of kilometres wide, no medications, no competitors.

What a ghost.

At the time of Li Daochong’s search, 300 km of the field valley was inside a large pit.

Nankun Heavens Chosen List is ranked fourth Dullo, under the control of countless black spreads, unable to move a single step.

On Void, the explosion continued, and countless miracles continued to bombard three giant fibres, as if they didn’t have money.

What is constantly happening is that Heavens Chosen List of the dry empire is ranked as the sixth supernatural pride attached to the spectacular statue, Angela, 3-star Spirit Sequence Master.

The assaulted giant is a plant meditation called Black Devil.

This is Nether Territory’s magic plant, and when it comes to maturity, it swallows a cell star.

When the human race eats a lot of suffering on this magic, there’s no idea how much cultivator is planted in the hands of the Devil.

It is clear that the devil has not grown yet, just in the first place, but even so, it is difficult for the ordinary community cultivator to cope with.

More than Dullo, under the control of Sato, dozens of young cultivator are all participants from near Dili Six.

There are also the Lei River and the Moon and the Moon, and the Yeon.

Li Daochong did know the breath that he had previously felt was dangerous, when he was attacked by the devil, and all Spirit Qi was blown out in a rush, killing and trying to get rid of it.

Regrettably, Yeon’s power is not enough in front of the Black Ghost, or is he surrounded by Satan to move a single step.

There is still operational capacity, with the exception of the Anchol, there are three other cultivator.

These three are the three of them that belong to the sound made by the sky.

The monastery, the monastery and the monastery.

In theory, these four people try to compare their strength with the Black Devil, and the next crowd of those who are under control should want them to win.

However, on the contrary.

Hundreds of cultivator had to yell at the streets, and their body could not be tied up by magic, but their mouth could still move.

“Angelo, you bastard, you sneak into Laozi, there’s kind of a place where we have about 300 rounds of great war.”

Doudou’s crazy song on Void, and he keeps screaming in his mouth.

“The monastery, you’re a fucking animal, you don’t have to be a dog, Angela gives you what you can do, and Laozi and your team have been together for more than three months, turning around and doing your feet on Laozi’s return to spirit medicine.”

A young cultivator, who is not far away from Dushan, who has been wrapped up by Satan, has only shown his head, yelled at the sky.

This young cultivator is not small, one of the twin stars of too much refinement, the stars.

Fuck, I didn’t think the song of the dry emperor was so vague, using a transmitter’s symbol when you were working together to surround the Black Devil, and we’d be paralyzed, eating something outside of it, even if the meditation wasn’t real, could ‘t it? “

“Too despicable, too shameless.”

How do you call it? Four people in Void don’t say a word, and all God’s attention is to the Black Devil.

“Angelo, don’t be fucking smart, we don’t want to go to the next round if all of our human body’s battles are sucked out of this magic.”

The biggest song that was scolded was totally ignorant of what was being said down there, trying to deal with the Black Devil.

The three of them seem to have no impact, actually, on how many hair they have in their hearts.

After all, they’re Nan Gong people, and Angie’s different from him.

Ninety per cent of the participants near Dingdu were Nan Gon cultivator.

Between the three great Powers, there is a strong appearance and a very strong competition in the dark.

The same is true between young cultivator.

There has been controversy over the three most powerful demons on the list, Heavens Chosen List.


young people of the Three Great Series Empire who do not obey anyone say that the first day of their empire is the strongest.

The Voice Three is better ranked in order to get more fighting.

Ultimately compromised by the force of Ango, promised to join him in launching a raid, which should be outside.

All the other empires continue to have strong medications.

Only the 6th Empire is late.

The underlying reason is that the battle of the six Empires is brought together as one of the lowest of the nine empires.

As a result, there is also a low level of medication absorption in the vicinity of Dili VI, which has led to slow progress.

The original black devil was the magic meditation that had emerged in recent days.

The participants in the 6th Dingdu competition area are also bad luck.

It’s either magic here, it’s a super monster at the Black Devil level.

Or the kind that can evolve.

The rest of the empire said that the magic would appear long ago, but it was a very conventional magic general.

There’s no Ghost Beast, the devil evolves, or the witch.

The 6th empire is good, and this is an extremely rare swallowing plant.

The more defensive, the more aggressive, the more ambitious.

There’s hardly any weakness.


only weakness of the Black Devil is to fear True Fire and Thunder.

But it must be True Fire, Sky Ray.

And whoever throws away the fire will not say, nothing will be used for the fire, nor for the thunderbolt.

“Lord Ann, we’re almost out of reach.” The monumental building looks hard to say.

Ancho is fully engaged in the fight against three mysteries, and three Jedi is responsible for dragging Tito into the attack.

Angela is proud to be the sixth, powerful, natural terror, combined with a large number of symbols, and the force of warfare cannot be estimated.

The difference between the two is like the sky and the earth.

“Hold on for a second, I’m about to blow the Fujisu off.” Ando anxious said.

At this point, more than a dozen Fujiko struck battered and exhausted, with little effort but hard support, leaving a little bit of God spreading into two and a half.

Void Wars.

Ten cultivator people who were wrapped up on the ground by Fujima continued to scream and scream.

A cultivator was hung into mud without any sign that you went back to the Easter.

Not good, Fujima is starting to swallow the battle. “Somebody yelled.

Bullshit stopped immediately.

Hundreds of young cultivator, who can hardly tell, can only watch people hanging around.

That feeling of powerlessness makes them desperate.

Come on. Come on.

The power of the Devil is extremely terrifying, and a slight contraction will kill one person.

Lately, more than ten of the contestants died under the devil and went to the place of resurrection.

None of the competitors who can reach the depths of the valley is a powerful good hand and have accumulated a great deal of war for seven months.

Most of them have been sufficient to continue to accumulate fighting through the first round in order to give themselves a good name at the beginning of the second round.

But now that you hang up, the accumulation is halfway ahead, and if you can get into the second round, you’re gonna have to call a question.

Yeung has been very successful in hunting with the rich experience of fighting, and no one knows more about medication than she is for her leader in front line cultivation.

Experience in the field, Yeon is definitely well-known figure among all the players, and with the help of Li Daochong, her cultivation base progress is fast.

Seven months have accumulated 130,000 battles, and entry into the second round is already a crucified matter.

This woman, who was angry with fire, didn’t even think he’d grow up here.

Yeung is well aware of her two kilos, and she has no intention of hunting for medication at such a level as Black Devil.

She was deceived by the Sky Trigger.

“Fucking traitor.” When another competitor was hanged, Yeon gnashing teeth yelled.


Li River and the Moon are innocent, and they are involved only in order to avoid other powerful competitors, and they are incorrectly mistaken.

At that time, they were not in the area of fighting to hunt the Black Devil, far from looking.

Whoever expects that the transmission of Angelo’s release is very broad and includes both of them.

After transmission, they entered the area of the Black Devil attack, and a photo was tied up by the Tito.

“Li Daochong, can you contact Li Daochong?”

“On several occasions, my mind is not strong enough to reach more than a hundred kilometres away, and Daochong is definitely not here.”

As Dark Devil swallowed more and more fighting, its spirits began to grow rough, with sharp cutting, and every stab was as hard as gold.

Devil’s skin has gradually evolved from the original young black to black, with black crowded white red and more faintly discernible.

Three of them evolved to a greater degree, as if three black-minded Flood Dragon, the Fujima’s head grew up with horror, opened up the petals, had a crush on the inside, and had a more cone tongue stretched with disgusting fluids.

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