Devouring Myriad Ghosts System Chapter 833


shadow of the clouds is marked by surprise, and in addition to the three demons, someone can come so close as silently as she can.

It is also surprising that Mu Yun will not be allowed to stay on the young human body that suddenly appears.

Li Daochong flies all the way, and the audio opens up here for only a dozen seconds, whispers like a light, trying to detect his presence, without the strength of the consortium Peak.

Song Yuen Yuen looks like he’s just empty on Void, when a young cultivator in purple shirt is handsome.

Song Yu Xiaoxing, this man is born very well, and there is no human existence in his memory.

“What? Fellow Daoist looks like this knife?

“That’s the sword of a friend of mine.” Li Daochong’s slowing down, can’t see any emotional fluctuations.

“Friend?” Song Yuen Yuen was a little surprised, so looked towards Muwang, and said, “Wang, this Fellow Daoist, do you know?”

The knife, which she received a few months ago in Imperial Capital, killed a contestant on the second Imperial Capital, took some time, although it had not yet been fully held, to be very practical in terms of the parts currently under control, which was very resilient.

The fog in the dead swamp, even super expert such as Song Yuen and Tsui, is very resilient and cannot even be completely blocked.

And she could use the knife to completely isolate the fog from herself, and how much would the weakness of the dead swamp have to do with her not at all.

The knife grade and rank are absolutely not low, and as time passes the game will become more cruel, more than a part of the guarantee will raise the possibility of subtitles.

In the Nine Unseen God World, the rules of the big game were supposed to be.

“Don’t know.” Moon was cold, and he didn’t know anything about history, so he couldn’t see the knife hall, and he wanted to take the baby.

Song Yuen Xiaoxing didn’t know, and he didn’t look like a little white in the equation with what Mu Wang thought.


are more people looking for excuses to take the baby, and this trick is not fresh.

“Fellow Daoist, I’m sorry. The owner of this knife doesn’t know you. Death swamp is dangerous. Sooner or later, Fellow Daoist, please don’t send the Song.”

Li Daochong has been looking at the Silver Moon knife in Song Ping since his appearance.

Maybe magical treasure is similar, but the spirit mark on the silver moon knife was subsequently added to him, which has been following Yin Ping for several years and has left the Spirit Qi wave and smell of Yin Ping long ago.

So he can’t be mistaken.

“Your friend is not the master of this knife, and Fellow Daoist also asked me to give it to me, which is a special knife, and you keep it useless.” Li Daochong’s heart is calm.

Li Daochong’s concept is now deep inside the knife, trying to find a clue about Yin Ping, and he’s not paying attention at all to the people present.

“Fellow Daoist, don’t you think so, according to what you said, is that Song’s magical treasure, not yours, but the Song’s friend, is asking you to give it back now?”


Li Daochong silhouette suddenly disappeared in Void.

The two of them did not see how the man moved.

However, half of the blinking manoeuvres, purple dress youth generally appear in front of Song Yuen Yuen.


Song Yuen has not reacted, the knife has disappeared, and again, it has been held in the hands of the purple dress youth.

Li Daochong, like nothing, looked at with a long knife, with at least three weak Spirit Qi left behind, in addition to Yin Ping’s breath.

That is to say, this knife has passed by at least three men in the last half of the year, except Yin Ping.

Li Daochong had no name in the eye of cold light, Yin Ping had a sudden accident, and dont tell me that I was forced to stay alive.

Read out, Li Daochong’s head up at glanced at a distance where the Easter Point is said to be in an extremely special region in the Nine Unseen God World.

It’s exactly the same as Nine Great Emperors.

If it were at the point of resurrection, his sense would be less than Yin Ping’s breath.

Li Daochong pupils shrank, how did you lose sight of the Easter Point?

Fellow Daoist, are you going to rob?

The most frightening thing about Song Yuen is to lose face in front of women, even though there is a scepticism about the young people of purple shirts in front of their eyes, and after all, his body’s breath is not strong.

Much faster is what cultivating is, or what Profound Heaven Spirit Vein is holding, and the players who can enter the finals, regardless of their base level, have two as strong as Divine Ability, is not surprising.

Li Daochong is being thought about pulling back into reality, looking at glanced at, indifferently said, “Where does it start?”

“Fellow Daoist, the Song just said,” Is that yours? “So, why don’t you just say that what is in the heavens and the earth is yours? Put down the knife, if you don’t blame the Song.”

Li Daochong’s eyeballs frowned, is about to open, behind the chill, out of the way, and a silver light is rushing through.

Mu Wang Yin attack, a chill flying sword, goes through the air and goes faster than lightning.

If Li Daochong didn’t have this door of Divine Ability, he’d only be afraid that his body would have been worn.

The leftovers have always been profoundly painful at cultivator, who took treasure unleashed, saw Moon Yuen, followed up without delay, and countless three inches of bees were shot at Li Daochong as a needle.

These bees, although very good, are not very useful in front of Li Daochong’s super speed.

Li Daochong hides from flying sword, and brakes disappear again and again appear on top of the thousands of metres of Void.

Mu Wang Yin and Shivens Chosen List are the top ten talents of their empires, without doubt being too strong, and in most young cultivator eyes they are demons or perverts, and they can be exterminated from any effort as scum.

These two are at the same time, or sneak attack.

You can’t do it.

If it is no longer possible to see this sudden purple dress youth unusual, they will not have to be proud this day.

Song Yuen Yuen Naturally saw Li Daochong not as usual, with some hair in his heart, but the arrow had to go on the string at this moment.

Both female cultivator have already done it, and they’re all together, and his eldest man will be encouraged and will never be confused again.

Li Daochong just appeared at high altitudes, Song Song Song Song Song Song was burning, and he had a bronze long sword in his hand.

Song family is a super Sword Sect descendant of the previous period, all of which are sword repairs.