Devouring Myriad Ghosts System Chapter 855


Blood King Beasts are divided into seven Avatars. Although Avatar does not at all take away the blood demonic energy of his body, the blood king sacrifice, fusion and differentiation have been used before. .

The blood king beast is not in its heyday at this time.

With one blow, the Blood King Beast did not get any benefit, and was even injured by Li Daochong.

Li Daochong was also injured, but it was only a skin trauma. The blood king beast’s injury was an internal injury, which was obviously much more serious.

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The blood king’s writhing in the chest has not been suppressed, and Li Daochong sees a sudden shot.

“Damn, why is this Li Daochong so powerful?” The blood king beast cursed, and asked in his heart.

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Li Daochong’s strength far exceeds the highest value in Pan Jialuo’s previous memory.

Pan Jialuo didn’t know what was going on, and how he could answer the blood king beast.

At this time, Pan Jialuo’s eyes were faint, and he was at a loss, his despair continued to spread.

After being transformed into a blood sacrifice sacrifice, Pan Jialuo has tasted an unprecedented powerful taste. He thought that he could be invincible in Jiuxuan God World.

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Pan Jialuo played against Han Po and Yueqing River.

The three major Heaven’s Chosen are definitely heaven defying, why is Li Daochong better than them.

Is this impossible?

Pan Jialuo looked at Li Daochong rushing towards the Blood King Beast like a ghost.


With a loud noise, Li Daochong did not use any Magical Powers, and just hit his body against the Blood King’s chest with his body.


The blood king beast spit out blood and stared at Li Daochong with wide eyes.

This guy didn’t even use any tricks, just collided with fleshhy body.

Shame, naked, naked, naked shame.

“roar!” The blood king beast uttered a terrifying howl, regardless of within the body blood demonic energy.

Li Daochong slammed into a violent impact, the claws clenched, and fist hit Li Daochong.


Fist hit Li Daochong’s face.

The blood king beast fell to the ground like a meteorite, a cloud of mushrooms rose to the sky, the magic flame mountain range, and where the mountain range looked, a horrific crater burst open.

Li Daochong was bombed by the fist into the sky, disappeared, and the impact was heavy.

Any cultivator other than the three major Heaven’s Chosen, suffered such a severe blow, I am afraid that the fleshhy body has been smashed long ago, and only the god of the gods is left.

Pan Jialuo returns to despair, after all, awareness is not controlled by ontological consciousness.

He is actually part of the Blood King Beast now.

The true body of the blood king beast is desperately maintaining the blood sacrifice ritual in order to protect the Blood Soul hidden in the blood sacrifice sacrifice within the body.

That is the only secret technique for the Blood King Beast to leave Jiu Xuan God World. Once lost, he will never live again.

You can only act as a mind in Jiu Xuan God World. It exists between Jiu Xuan Spirit Venerable.

Blood King Beast will not miss this opportunity anyway.

Li Daochong was struck by a flash, and the blood sacrifice sacrifice immediately performed the Blood Sacrifice, a few drops of Blood Essence Combustion.

Fighting away with the dangerous danger of the original soul, such as the bird of bow-struck, just want to leave the land of right and wrong as fast as possible.

In the blink of an eye, the blood sacrifice is tens of kilometers away.

These speeds are truly amazing, and the combined late stage cultivator may not be able to achieve such amazing speeds.

The distance of dozens of kilometers is not safe. The blood sacrifice is not dare to care, and the speed is one more point.

“Pan Jialuo, is it fun to go around in my extreme cold field?”

Li Daochong’s cold voice suddenly sounded in the blood sacrifice.

Pan Jialuo looked around in horror. Where was the silhouette of Li Daochong, don’t tell me.

But the voice just now is so real, as if it’s in my ear.

Suddenly, the environment in Pan Jialuo’s eyes suddenly receded, dissipating like a dream.

Pan Jialuo just felt dazzled, and then screamed, came back to his senses.

I saw Li Daochong’s negative hand hovering less than ten meters in front of him, while he was still in his original position and did not move.

“You …” Pan Jialuo was speechless in shock.

The scene of my own escape just now is just an illusion. It is an illusion under the blessing of Li Daochong divine sense.

“To escape, let’s break the extreme cold spirit realm first.” Li Daochong stared at the blood sacrifice sacrifice sharply, like an eagle flying at high altitude, watching the wild prey on the ground. Can not be separated from the mastery of high altitude advantages.

Pan Jialuo’s legs were a little soft at this time, and there was fantasy that Li Daochong’s divide sense had broken through the barrier of his magical thoughts and had an impact on his consciousness.

If you go one step deeper and enter the devil, there is no possibility of resistance. At that time, you can only leave it to Li Daochong.

The blood king beast true body felt the threat and blasted down like a mad rush.

“Li Daochong, dare you.”

The blood king beast’s voice became hysterical.

Li Daochong turned a deaf ear, and the sense of divine surged out like tide, enclosing Pan Jialuo.

Pan Jialuo consciously still wants to do the final struggle, but in vain in the face of absolute power.

Li Daochong has n’t used Divine Sense for a long time since Great Accomplishment in Nine Cracks.

Used at this time without any reservation.


The blood king beast can’t stop seeing it, he screams desperately, watching the blood red in the blood sacrifice worshiping his pupils fade away quickly.

Instead, it’s pale.

Pan Jialuo’s consciousness was annihilated by Li Daochong’s divide sense, and Blood Soul, who was hiding inside his body, was extremely fragile, and was also not immune.

A hint of green Soul Power overflowing from blood sacrifice within the body, that is Pan Jialuo’s remaining consciousness.

Li Daochong not at all killed Pan Jialuo, but dispelled his Yuan Shen, leaving only a trace of consciousness.

Using the found mystery of Jiu Xuan’s rule, I will integrate Pan Jialuo’s residual consciousness into Jiu Xuan’s God World.

Let him be a mystic spirit in Jiu Xuan God World, imprisoned here, and never leave again.

Unless you experience cultivating for thousands of years like the blood king beast, you must have great luck to suck millions of mysterious souls to refining the true soul.

You also have to beg Jiuxuan Spirit Venerable to let people in, and then use the great secret technique to let the true soul enter the outsider’s soul.

Even if all this can be achieved, it may not be possible to go out.

Just like the Blood King Beast, he already has all the above conditions, and also encounters dead souls like Pan Jialuo.

It seems to be absolutely secure.

In the end, when he met Li Daochong, his single thought turned all his efforts into waste.

The blood king beast feels that the magic core is about to be broken.

“Li Daochong, I want you to die.” The blood king beast turned into a bloody meteor and ran into Li Daochong.

Passing by, the fiery flames flared.

The blood king beast is so angry that his heart is as dead as death. At this time, the blood demon Soul Power will burn directly regardless of whether he wants to be with Li Daochong perish together.

Li Daochong’s purple electricity exploded, and Zi Xuan cut it off empty.

Sky Thunder and Jiu Lei Bang Ding.

blade glow Brings nine Dao Ziyang really thunder, blasting down.

The sky is covered with purple clouds, rolling and turbulent, among which the falling purple thunder is like the scariest tribulation thunder in the Transcending Tribulation.

Boom, boom …

Nine Daozi Thunders are split on the burning Blood King Beast.

The final battle of the Blood King Beast became insignificant under the thunder of Jiu Lei.

The first purple thunder blasted the scarlet flame.

“No, it’s impossible.”

At the last moment, the Blood King Beast murmured, staring at a pair of blood-colored pupils, unbelievably bombarded by purple thunder into slag, and disappeared.

Wan Zai cultivating, so it dissipates. If you can gather a trace of thoughts, you can repeat it.

It’s just unknown whether there is such luck.

As to whether Jiu Xuan Spirit Venerable knows the intention of the Blood King Beast, it is unknown.

Maybe Spirit Venerable is intentional, maybe Spirit Venerable intentionally.

In short, the Blood King Beast failed to escape the bounds of the Nine Mysteries.

Although the battle on Li Daochong is fierce, other competitors have no time to take care of it.

The battle strength of the raging blood beast is really terrifying. Three or four competitors are in danger of facing the previous one.

If it wasn’t for Li Daochong, he would kill the raging blood demon dragon and let the three, Luo Qingmu and Shangguan Yuehong, be liberated, so they can free up their hands to support other participants.

Otherwise, most of the injuries will be caused during this period.

But even so, everyone’s battle can’t be trivial, one step can be torn to pieces by the raging blood beast.

Come to single out a raging blood beast at once, and can even draw at first.

As time passed, he felt a little helpless right away. He consumed the body Spirit Qi, and his physical strength began to slide.

The raging blood beast is as tireless as a machine, and it has never weakened in any speed or power.

Finally, after hundreds of counterattacks, he immediately couldn’t resist, and was tore his chest with a claw of the raging blood beast.

Groaned immediately and flew away, without stopping the figure, the raging blood beast had appeared in front of him, and the giant claw grabbed the coming top of the head.

The raging blood beast opens his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl and bites his neck.

Immediately, unwillingly, waving the blade in his hand, trying to stop the huge mouth of the raging blood beast.

But it’s useless.

Just as soon as I thought I was going to resurrect.


The raging blood beast suddenly explodes.

It’s such a self-destruction without warning.

peng peng peng ……

Then all around there was a burst of crackling sounds in the void, as if the last second of New Year’s Eve entered the new year, and the sound of crackers suddenly sounded.

Ninety raging blood beasts died like this Self-destruction.

On the other side, Avatar, the Seven Blood King Beasts who slaughtered with the three Heaven’s Chosen, has much greater Self-destruction formidable power than Raging Blood Beasts.

Fortunately, this explosive force is insignificant to the three Heaven’s Chosen.

Li Daochong is suspended, all participating cultivators look around, all around is silent.

The battlefield that was still fiercely slain just now became the dead graveyard.

No one expected that Li Daochong would kill the blood demon dragon, blood sacrifice and blood king beast alone.

Even Han Po, Yue Qinghe, and Mo Chenxi all lost their thoughts for a while.

The cultivators who looked down upon Li Daochong when he appeared, and even taunted, had no face, but it was hotter than real face.

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Suddenly, a deep majesty sounded from everyone in the Sea of ​​Consciousness, announcing the end of the first round of testing.

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