Devouring Myriad Ghosts System Chapter 856


The immortal Voice of Immortal Spirit Venerable is still echoing in the ears of every contestant. Those contestants with less than a thousand achievements have begun to be ejected from Jiu Xuan God World.

Huh, huh …

Nine Xuan God World The nine major Imperial Capitals and all hunting sites disappeared in large numbers.

At that moment, it seemed as if the annihilation was complete.

Well, one less! I like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest to update.

In the end, only about 2,000,000,000 contestants remain within the realm.

The battle results list was not fully public during the First Round test period, and you need to pay for the corresponding battle results to check it, and the price is not low.

Fuck, it’s one more missing! Zhai Shu Yuan, the latest chapter updated soon!

It’s completely public at this moment, and all participants can’t wait to see their ranking.

Let’s see who else is in the top ten.

Unsurprisingly, the top ten evildoers are those old faces.

The first Mo Chen, the second month Qinghe, the third Han Po.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

It’s not Feng Qichang or Zhu Xiaoyu, but it’s an anonymous contestant.

The fifth is Feng Qichang, the sixth bamboo fish, and the seventh demon dragon star.

Although the eighth place is an old face, it doesn’t seem to be in this position in terms of strength.

The eighth is actually Long Zaitian of the Long Family.

The ninth minute leaves Qiong Chang, and the tenth Shangguan rains.

In general, this ranking list not at all is too much for everyone to expect, and some slight changes are also within a reasonable range.

At this moment, most young cultivators participating in this competition are thinking.

Only a mess of magical mountain range, dozens of young cultivators who have just survived a blood battle with the blood king and beast showed strange expressions after watching the battle list.

They looked towards Li Daochong by accident.

Li Daochong has shown even more strength than Three Great Monsters in the battle against the Blood King Beast.

It is not reasonable to see his name in front of the battle list. With Li Daochong’s strength, he can only get as many battles as he wants, and no one is his opponent at all.

However, his name is not visible in the first thousand names.

Also, he just killed the three top level nine Profound Nether things, namely the raging blood demon dragon, blood sacrifice and blood king beast.

These three great things are definitely not bad.

When the young cultivator present was surprised, someone whispered.

“I found it, 1917.”

It’s not loud, but was heard by all the participants. Li Daochong just bombarded the blood king beast just too amazing.

You have to get everyone interested in him.

It’s just that when someone immediately looked towards the 1197th position.

Where is Li Daochong’s name, it is another name.

“Where is it?” someone frowned.

“It’s moving, Li Daochong’s name is moving.” The cultivator who had previously exclaimed voiced again, his voice seemed a little excited.

“Seen, the battle behind Li Daochong is climbing wildly.” Another young cultivator said afterwards.

When others looked up, they saw the word Li Daochong rising rapidly.

At the same time, outside the Jiu Xuan God World, inside the immortal God Palace, on the platform of Kunlun Heavy Industries and other cultivation companies watching the game, the quiet older cultivators, each and everyone, have been bored trying to sleep. .

Kunlun heavy industry people, after rushing to the eleventh place in Li Daochong rankings, are looking forward to his further progress.

I hope Li Daochong will do more wonders.

But after Li Daochong reached eleventh place, he had no stamina, and his martial arts stopped at two hundred thousand thousand, and he never moved.

The young cultivator participating in this competition has many geniuses and fierce competition, and the whole competition is going against the water.

If you don’t advance, you will retreat.

Li Daochong’s martial arts performance has not changed, and the ranking has naturally continued to decline. After a few months, it has already fallen outside the thousands.

Nine Xuan Spirit Venerable, for whatever reason, cancelled the observer treatment for all cultivation companies.

Can no longer enter Jiu Xuan God World to see what happens.

The months in Jiu Xuan God World are days outside.

The calm after the stunning is a torment for everyone at Kunlun Heavy Industries.

Kunlun has been ridiculed by competitors for years because it has no successors.

This time, the Nalan show doesn’t want to come to shame, but it has to come under the pressure of Spirit Venerable.

I thought it would be a torment during watching the competition, but Li Daochong who did n’t expect to be watched would have such a huge energy burst.

Inconceivably rushed to the eleventh place in the standings.

Just as the cultivators of Kunlun Heavy Industry raised their eyebrows and exhaled, suppressing the days of ridicule they used to laugh at.

Li Daochong ’s ranking is starting to fall again, and getting faster.

This kind of unprepared ups and downs keeps the hearts of Kunlun cultivator.

Nine Xuan Spirit Venerable After closing the observer channel, nobody knew what happened to Li Daochong in Jiu Xuan God World.

Because Li Daochong’s performance after coming to Kunlun Heavy Industry, most of them don’t have enough confidence in him.

Although the Li Daochong ranking once reached the jaw-dropping eleventh place, the descending speed that followed was getting faster and faster, after all, it was extremely worrying.

After all, the geniuses of Spirit Realm in the entire human realm are in Jiu Xuan God World, and if they are not careful, they may be killed and robbed a lot of war merit.

If you die once, you will lose half of your combat power. For two hundred thousand thousand battles, you wo n’t have much left after three deaths.

When Li Daochong’s name dropped by a thousand names, the faces of the witch gods could not help expressing anxiety.

Because of Li Daochong ’s hurricane ranking, some assistants who were attentive to Xia Lingxi and Luo Yingsha were regretful.

Huang Ying and Wang Xuemei only felt a little response. If Li Daochong only obtained a lot of combat power because of dogshit luck, his potential value would not be high at all.

The original form will soon be exposed. This guy who comes by luck is not worthy of dedication.

When people turn their faces, they are always faster than turning books.

Li Daochong’s ranking is behind Xiaoying and Baichen, Huang Ying and Wang Xuemei’s attitude towards Xia Lingxi is not so hot.

I only feel funny about falling sakura. Human cultivation is not an ordinary reality. Once you find that you don’t seem to be good, you start to alienate. You are terrible.

But there is room for retraction.

Large Sakura can’t help scorning this complicated relationship change, which is still straightforward from Nether Territory.

Nether Ghost has either unconditional acknowledgement allegiance, don’t accept it, do nothing about life and death, there is no intrigue, and there is no one in the world.

weak are prey to the strong, it’s that simple.

The witch god is holding Li Daochong’s declining rankings, and his old face is full of inexplicability.

For Li Daochong, his veteran cultivation, he can’t understand it at all.

“Senior Senior, Li Daochong has obtained a lot of military exploits before. Is there any hole in the hole, after finding it, find a place to hide and wait for the First Round test to end?” As an assistant to the president, Huang Ying’s status is not high , But the power is still considerable.

“Assistant Huang, the old man hasn’t opened Heavenly Eye. If you are curious, you can ask the immortal Spirit Venerable.” Witch God God replied impatiently.

Huang Ying had a boring discussion and had to twitched his lips. When she asked, she was really distressed by the medicine pill she had given to Xia Lingxi.

Knowing this, she wouldn’t be so anxious to be diligent.

Huang Xuemei has the same mentality as Huang Ying. She sent out the 2-star Divine Pill, which is more valuable than the medicine pill sent by Huang Ying.

This thing can increase the chance of breaking through the Divine Transformation Stage by 20%, and the value can be imagined.

Now that the two assistants are suffering from pain, Nalan Xiu, who is the leader of Kunlun Heavy Industry’s viewing team, has gradually become less attractive.

As soon as she made a good impression of Li Daochong, this guy gave her another head shot.

This brat is really not trustworthy.

Nalan Xiu thought about it.

Still, Xiaoying is fighting for strength. The ranking has been steadily rising, and at this time has been ranked in the 83rd place.

Beyond the unknown young, talented people, this little-known little girl, the small body inside the body contains extremely powerful explosive power.

Nalan Xiu waits for the end of the contest must to cultivate this little girl and absorb it into Kunlun Heavy Industry.

In terms of Tianyin manufacturing, because Li Daochong’s declining rankings, to be wild with joy, especially after Li Daochong quickly fell down the Tianyin Sanjie rankings.

The ridiculous resurgence is resurgent.

The two big brothers, Sunset Sky Monarch and Taiyi Sky Monarch, can’t wait for Li Daochong to be killed a hundred times, so the ranking will disappear.

Unfortunately, although Li Daochong’s ranking has fallen, his military achievements have not changed, indicating that this guy has not died once at all.

The setting sun Sky Monarch regrets when the immortal Spirit Venerable announces the end of the First Round test.

“Li Daochong is a clever guy who knows his strength is inferior. After he got a big deal, he started coward. More than two million battles are indeed enough to support the second round.”

Taiyi Sky Monarch said afterwards.

“Tianyin Sanjie’s stamina is quite good. Now it has broken into the 200 or less. Finally, we have not made shame on Tianyin. Although Kunlun Heavy Industry has one person within 100, according to previous observations, Baby is an assassin, and lives on sneak attack. This class is very clever for snatching combat merit, and will definitely fall off when I get to the back. “

Two big brothers made by Tianyin, you say it to me, don’t feel good about yourself.

In their opinion, Kunlun Heavy Industry is destined to be better than Tianyin Manufacturing.

Xia Lingxi opened her eyes and looked at the list of achievements, and asked, “What’s up with Brother Sakura elder sister, Brother Chong, why hasn’t the change in achievements been so many days?”

Luo Yingsha didn’t shrug her shoulders and replied, “Who knows, Brother Brother Chong has never played cards according to common sense. If so, he would not be Li Daochong.”

Since Sakura Sato was conquered by Li Daochong, this kind of situation has become more common. It’s the so-called no stranger, no stranger.

“Well, Brother Brother Chong’s name moved.” Xia Lingxi suddenly lighted up, crying out in surprise.

Luo Yingsha’s eyes are so boring and boring that she didn’t go to the battle list. It seems that she would have known this result.

But others are different. They all stretched their necks in search of the word Li Daochong.

This time you do n’t need to worry, you can find Li Daochong in one glance.

Because at this moment, the only name moving on the battle list is Li Daochong.


Across the stands, Qi Qiqi sounded like a breath of breath.

Li Daochong’s name has soared too fast, and in the blink of an eye, he entered the thousand names, brushing up.

The value of combat power after the name is like a malfunctioning Spirit Brain, and it rolls quickly.

For a moment, the stands in the immortal God Palace were silent.

Everyone stops breathing.

Looking at the words Li Daochong once again in the hundred, and there is no meaning to stop.

This time where will he rise and stop?

So someone has the same question.

But they didn’t all doubt for too long and got the answer.

Li Daochong’s ranking rose too quickly. When he reached the eleventh place, he rose to the top ten without any pause.

So some dumbstruck, incredible.

Tens of millions of battles continue to increase after Li Daochong’s name without money.

Beyond the seventh monster star, the sixth bamboo fish, the fifth Feng Qichang, the fourth anonymous.

It finally eases.

So some don’t dare to breathe, just like seeing thrilling things.

“Oh my god, Li Daochong went up to fourth place, how did he do it.” Someone exclaimed.

Everyone looks at the top names of the battle list as if they saw a ghost.

Many people are inwardly heave a sigh of relief.

Somehow, seeing Li Daochong ’s ranking so high has made many older cultivators unhappy.

Newcomers are not always easy to accept.

Conservation has always been the spleen nature in the cultivation world, and it can’t be changed.

Li Daochong, no matter how heaven defying, is always suppressed by Three Great Monsters, ranking fourth.

If this unknown boy can surpass Three Great Monsters, the old cultivator will feel shameless, after all, they haven’t found such talents of heaven defying.

Aren’t they saying that they have no eyes and can’t know people?

Just just save a sigh of relief.

Li Daochong’s name was in front of the public, silently squeezing the third Han.

Then he paused for a while and passed Yueqing River again.

At the second position, it stopped again, but the value of combat power behind the name is still tumbling, and there is no meaning to stop.

The cultivators on the large and small viewing platforms of the various areas of Spirit Realm in the Human Realm all opened their mouths and looked at this scene in shock.

Can Mo Chen, the number one, suppress the momentum of Li Daochong and keep his number one?

The answer is no.


Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

The battle stopped after breaking through 40 million, a horrifying number.

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