Devouring Myriad Ghosts System Chapter 857


A group of veteran cultivators on the immortal God Palace stands, their eyes are staring at the first place on the battle leaderboard, and the words “Li Daochong” are placed on it.

Someone’s brain circuits are down.

I’ve seen many dark horses. I’ve never seen such a dark one.

A youngster who has never appeared on the important list of Human Realm can actually put the Three Great Monsters recognized by Human Realm to death.

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Spirit Venerable couldn’t sit still, the immortal Spirit Venerable was shocked and incredible.

“Jiu Xuan, is this Li Daochong so powerful?” Immortal Spirit Venerable asked.

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“He killed the Great Pluto remnant parasitic in Jiu Xuan God World, and resolved a major hidden danger for this palace.”

After finishing, Jiu Xuan Spirit Venerable closed his eyes again.

Immortal Spirit Venerable was surprised to see the top spot on the battle list. Jiu Xuan Spirit Venerable didn’t say what Li Daochong’s strength was.

But there is always the Nether Territory interference in the nine mysterious gods, the immortal Spirit Venerable knows.

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Spirit Venerable searched within the realm for nine years and failed to find the Great Pluto.

The Great Pluto King is one of the most powerful Nether Territory Phantoms. According to the level, it belongs to the Phantom Supreme level, which is much more powerful than the Great Demon King.

Equivalent to the Great Ascension Peak cultivator, also known as the Spirit Venerable level.

Nine Xuan Spirit Venerable has been helpless, and it is not even clear how the Great Pluto Cannian entered the 9 Xuan God World she created.

Spirit Venerable can’t do anything about it. A Li Daochong did it, and completely wiped out the Great Pluto.

In this way, the hidden dangers of Jiu Xuan Spirit Venerable have been lifted. Isn’t the strength even higher?

Immortal Spirit Venerable Inadvertently glanced at Jiu Xuan Spirit Venerable, a little more awe in his eyes.

On the immortal God Palace stands dead.

Everyone was shocked by Li Daochong’s final ranking.

They thought of the tens of millions of possible rankings for this test, but none of the possible top three positions are always the same.

The status of Mo Chenxi, Yueqinghe and Han Po is unbreakable.

Even if there is a dark horse, the sky can only be reached in the fourth, before the first round of testing is not over.

Everything is as they expected. Indeed, Three Great Monsters firmly occupy the top three positions, and no one can shake it.

Wu Mingshi, the biggest dark horse, can only be ranked fourth in the pursuit.

The sunset sky Monarch is an Old Ancestor made for Tianyin. It has been a realm of Spirit Realm for hundreds of years. It is aloof and remote regardless of wealth or status.

I haven’t seen anything.

But at this moment, the veteran cultivator dumbfounded, on the spot, is set to look at the most dazzling name on the battle list.

Li Daochong is dazzling.

The sunset sky Monarch didn’t put this character in his eyes, but he also dreamed didn’t expect, and this youngster he would never get into the eyes would rank first.

This means that Li Daochong has great potential.

Cultivation base Mo Chenxi, Yueqinghe and Han Po Three Great Monsters are not as good as the sunset sky Monarch.

But in the realm of Spirit Realm, Three Great Monsters is far more than the sunset sky Monarch.

Don’t say that their Three Great Monsters are the top ten Heaven’s Chosen, and the sunset sky Monarch is not comparable.

Because they are the hope of the future of the human domain, and whether they can resist the Nether Territory in the future.

Under the Great Ascension cultivator, these young handsome men.

The status of Transcending Tribulation cultivator is unmatched.

Li Daochong surpasses Three Great Monsters, which means that the youngster who doesn’t care about the sunset Sky Monarch at all, has far exceeded his status.

Now it is no longer a question of ridiculing Kunlun Heavy Industry’s successor, but whether Kunlun Heavy Industry has become a super-cultivation enterprise after the top ten cultivation enterprises.

The nature is completely different.

Tai Yitian’s Old Jun’s face convulsed constantly. The shock of the old man’s heart was stronger than that of Sky Monarch.

“Falling, setting sun, this, this …” Taiyi Sky Monarch dignified fit late stage cultivator, at this time was shocked and speechless.

The other people made by Tianyin are aggressive.

The opposite.

Kunlun’s cultivators will be jumped into the sky if they are not suppressed by Na Lanxiu’s aura.

Li Daochong stands for their Kunlun Heavy Industry. At the moment, his name is clearly marked with Kunlun Heavy Industry.

Although Kunlun is expensive to overhaul cultivation enterprises, compared with those real super cultivation enterprises in Renyu, it is still a small witch.

In front of the top ten cultivation cultivation companies, Kunlun is only a child.

They thought about carrying forward Kunlun Heavy Industry, making it bigger and stronger, and one day it could become a larger cultivation enterprise.

But they never thought about it. One day Kunlun Heavy Industry could surpass the top ten cultivation companies.

Step on super cultivation companies such as cloud jade magic clothes, Yuqing military, and Wan Miao Lingfu.

This is something they would never even think of.

But today it happened. Without any precaution, it just happened.

Nalanxiu’s beautiful eyes stared at Li Daochong’s name, with a stormy sea in her heart, unable to calm down for a long time.

The guy she didn’t care about was so explosive at the last moment that she rushed to the first place.

It’s too shocking.

If Nalanxiu’s cultivation base is deep and firm, I’m afraid it will be out of control.

It is her calmness that suppresses the others in Kunlun.

Otherwise the scene is boiling.

It’s just the Spirit Venerable God Palace. It’s too bad to be in the end, it’s disrespect to Spirit Venerable.

The Witch Lord is dumbfounded, and that Old Zhang’s face freezes for a moment of astonishment.

Li Daochong was found by him. Old fogey knows that this brat is capable, but he can’t think of it so much after exhausting his life.

This is far beyond the limit that the Witch Lord could have drawn Li Daochong in mind.

Bai Chen, the master of the Witch Lord, wanted to compete with Li Daochong at first, but now it doesn’t seem funny. How can the difference between Heaven and Earth be compared?

Huang Ying and Wang Xuemei’s mood is like a roller coaster. Just now, they are still suffering. They offered to please the Spiritual Pill because Li Daochong’s disappointing was given away.

It took only a while, and the two girls felt that the Spiritual Pill they sent was too thin. At this moment, they wished to kneel and lick Xia Lingxi.

They absolutely do not expect that Li Daochong can be ranked first. Even if this position cannot be maintained for a long time, this guy’s status will be greatly different.

Just staying in the first position for a second is enough to put this youngster on the Spirit Venerable watch list.

Kunlun has been established for thousands of years, and nobody has ever reached such a height.

“Assistant Huang, give me a bang, am I dreaming?” Wang Xuemei still couldn’t believe what she saw was true.

Huang Ying’s mind was blank and she didn’t hear what Wang Xuemei was talking about.

At the moment.

The most exciting thing is the magic magic charm headquarters located at magic magic star.

Wan Miao Ling Fu, the two great ancestors, Man Miao Spirit Venerable and divide talisman Spirit Venerable cannot accept the fact that Li Daochong is number one.

After Ange was killed by Li Daochong.

Wonderful Spirit Venerable has only a single thought head, and completely banned this smily brat in the first round of this contest.

Even at the expense of the means, the entire Nankun contestants are struggling and become the target of criticism.

In the eyes of Wan Miao Spirit Venerable, Li Daochong is just a young Flying Insect, which is not worth mentioning at all.

A pinch can be put to death.

Wan Miao Spirit Venerable cultivating For thousands of years, when did he look away, but this time he completely looked away.

A lot of trouble, not only can’t help Li Daochong for half a minute, he hasn’t even killed it once.

“Impossible.” Spiritual Venerable stared at the unbelievable three words on the battle list.

In the Conference Hall, the top director of Wanmiao Lingfu Headquarters Building, a group of lame guys who can make Spirit Realm tremble in the field, hold their breath.

divine talisman Spirit Venerable Keep your eyes closed, but a ray of Divine Soul asks Li Daochong about another Spirit Venerable.

When divine talisman Spirit Venerable opened his eyes, he smiled bitterly, “Wonderful, this Li Daochong is that we underestimated him, and Ange was killed by him, I’m afraid that Jiu Xuan gave Li Daochong no magic charm.”

Wonderful Spirit Venerable’s expression is stiff, he doesn’t want to admit this fact, but he has to admit it.

Except for two Spirit Venerable directors, the most prestigious thing is Qu Bo Liu, who is old.

“Brother Wan, Li Daochong can surpass Mo Chenxi, Yueqing River, and Han Po. You must not use luck to explain it. This brat is incredible. It is the blessing of our Human Race to have such a talent. Suppressing it again and again, our real enemy is Nether Territory. “Qu Bo Liuyu said earnestly.

Wonderful Spirit Venerable Although he hates his teeth and doesn’t want to accept this reality, but as a Spirit Venerable, he has been cultivation base for thousands of years, and he cares nothing about it, coldly snorted.

“Cancel the warrant for Li Daochong.”

Qu Lao is lightly smiled, inwardly heave a sigh of relief, and if Wan Miao still has to deal with Li Daochong in this way, then he is not worthy of his current status.

Moreover, Jiu Xuan Spirit Venerable cannot ignore the talents like Li Daochong, so going on will only make Wan Miao amulet and Jiu Xuan God Palace stand in opposition.

At present, the enemies are insane, and the consequences and losses will be unimaginable.

Li Daochong ’s number-one news after the first round of testing ended, and the virus spread quickly.

Spiritual Spirit Realm spreads quickly.

Fry pan on Spirit Network.

The keyboard fighters who had suffered from their fringe irony and scorching satire because of Li Daochong’s poor performance in the resurrection race have been beaten.

To hide shame, many posts have been deleted.

at first and Keyboard Man questioned that the news might be false.

It didn’t take long for this questioning voice to appear, and it was completely wiped out by the officially announced list.

Everything that happened outside the world, Jiu Xuan God World naturally did not know.

But due to the full publicity of the battle results, Jiu Xuan God World ’s vibration is stronger than the outside world.

All young cultivators who have been in contact with Li Daochong during the year of Jiu Xuan’s God World time flow, whether hostile or friendly.

At this moment, all of them are in an aggressive state.

But how shocking they are at this moment, how incredible.

The second round test has officially started after the sound of the immortal Spirit Venerable.

The Nine Imperial Capital Safety Sectors were lifted.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

“Young Master, the second round test has begun, where are we going?” Yin Ping looked at Li Daochong with a kind of admiration, as he always asked.

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