Divine Brilliance Chapter 1223

Outside the ruined ruins, many Void rivers are still turbulent. However, in the middle of the storm, the source occurred, but it gradually calmed down.

The shadow of the calm calm and composed while handling pressing affairs, the swaying sword of the monday mouth, like a photoelectric and like a dragon. Every spin can bring a huge amount of spiritual whistling, and not long ago, it was this sword, just the balance of overflowing after the fight, and then smashed three Xiaowan World.

However, at this moment, it is very tame, such as the dragon lying, the edge is not obvious.

Dragon Shadow did not have the idea of ​​shooting again, but the smile was quite meaningful. Looked towards that bloody river resembling a bloody red belt.

Lin Xuanjing and Xu Fu are two people. At this time, they are far away from a few Worlds. Relaxed mind, no half-fighting intent.

Opposite the three, a black-eyed man with a sullen look, at this time is a surprised and angry. Similarly, there is no intention to fight again, but all the minds are put into the void of Void, the space that has already read out.

“Individual boundaries? It is a good means! Is this what you are waiting for?”

Even if it is a sacred sacred person, it has been practiced for tens of thousands of years, and the empty night is still unable to penetrate into the half of the boundary. It is impossible to truly lock the real position of this temporary boundary, as if it is completely I broke the contact.

Knowing that at this moment, even if there is no dragon shadow Xu Fu three people in the side, he can not help the temporary boundary.

This can be regarded as the real ‘absolute defense’, even if he can do nothing. Thoroughly isolated inside and outside, naturally, the nightless and night turn back to the two, cut off all connections with the outside world.

Within the temporary realm, the night Demon Race is the most distinguished king, but it is only the two Peaks of the Holy Land, which makes people worry.

There is even a burst of suspicion in the empty center. This kind of technique, the mastery of time and space, is clearly the ultimate.

Except for the legendary ‘real world’, no longer possible. However, this domain, since its creation, has never existed in the realm.

Could it be that?

Fraried, the empty night decisively rejected this idea. I also remembered the ‘斩界图’ of the family collection, thoughtfully.

It’s not the people of the world, it’s from other realms – “My discipline, this time it’s just luck! It’s just in his hands, there’s such a rare treasure. It’s also the two owners of your family. The heart is too big.”

The dragon shadow laughed, and the words seemed to be modest, but the eyes were full of pride. Seeing the opposite of the empty night, the anger is getting stronger, and the anger is violent, and the faint ruins of the law are faintly shaken. The dragon shadow shook his head slightly now: “At this time, the victory and defeat have been fixed, what is the benefit of the war? I have nothing to do with it. If I am You, you should think about the dark world of the devil at this time, where to go from here!”

The eyes of the empty night are even more haze. I only feel numb in my chest, I am going to vomit and bleed.

luck? This is to imply that the big emperor Zong Shou, the luck of the air, so that there is a change in the future?

In the cloud era of the cloud era, there was a prophecy. After the 10,000 years of the cloud world, there will be a god emperor. Will Yune [***] eight invincible, into the ten-party million World.

Is this so-called Emperor, is that Zong Shou? The debate on Divine Brilliance has been finalized?

Night Promise and the night turn back, what is the situation now in the temporary realm?

However, it is true that these two people are not willing to miss the opportunity, chasing Zong Shou too tight, that falls into such a trap.

Now, where is the dark world, what should I do? If the night is no longer the same as the night ring, it is nothing but the Royal Family, and then pick two people to succeed as the head of the country.

However, it is easy to say, but there is not much to do in the Royal Family at this time.

Even if you barely do it, take over the dynasty, integrate the national trend, and master the military. In a short period of time, it is impossible to have the ability to compete with the enemy.

The power of the night Demon Race is greatly damaged, which gives the parties a powerful opportunity.

When I think about it, I only feel the pain in my mind. Thousands of thoughts, one after another in the mind flashed.

The heart is imaginary, but the empty night is still biting the teeth and sneer: “The victory and defeat have been fixed? A big tone. Do you even decide my two younger generations, and they will definitely disappear. Is it true that there is no reincarnation? Is there a means to rob? Even if it is not the lord, he is not the usual three or five sacred steps to deal with. Not to mention a former Ren Xiaoyao Xuan, a God Realm sacred king -“

Dragon Shadow shook his head again and directly interrupted the words of the empty night: “The usual method is naturally impossible. So Divine Ability? Can I use the Six Imperial God Knife of my discipline, I am afraid that it is empty night Senior. I am afraid that it will be difficult to take it without any damage!”

No Divine Ability?

In the soul of the night sky, it seems that there is a thunder and lightning, and the heart is a sacred meaning, but more is unbelievable.

Nothing, how could it be supreme?

From ancient times to the present, in this field, how many people can you master the Divine Ability? Both hands can count! And most of them have fallen.

Six Imperial God Knife, he knows Zong Shou, masters this Flying Mask Technique, which is almost Divine Ability, but how can it be Divine Ability?

Unbelief in the heart, but the night is inexplicably feeling a flustered. Knowing the words of Dragon Shadow, it will not be false, it will not be deceived, but it is really sure.

Only in the next moment, the empty night only felt pain in my heart. The opposite dragon shadow is also a brow, and then lost with a smile: “It seems that the outcome has been fixed, and the war is no good. I wonder what Senior is now?”

Empty nights are stunned and my eyes are dull. At that moment, it was the night of the three kings of the Dark World, which had been completely degraded.

Although within the isolation domain, the night magic Royal Family bloodline, all have their own sense.

Just in that moment, outside the heavenly world, sixty ancient wooden boats, 50 million night magic. There is one third, and all sent a sorrowful mourning. Panic, mourning the death of his own country.

Dragon Shadow is no longer speaking, only silently waiting. Even if the big national power plus Sword Sect is alive, there is no possibility of completely destroying the dark world.

Killing the night, or being able to do it, it must be devastating. Qing Xuan Tai Huang, a few, you can sit and watch the big dry and the dark world of the devil to win the game, do not delay. However, it is impossible to see Zong Shou solve the problem with the enemy.

Therefore, it is indeed useless to fight again. But the next step is to fight and meet, but still need to look at the next plan for this empty night.

If this sage is still a little bit sensible, he should humiliate and accept the defeat. However, there may be anger and anger, and the entire dark world must be taken into the abyss.

(To be continued)

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