Divine Brilliance Chapter 1227

At this time, Qing Xuan is too yellow, and the complexion is extremely complex and severe. After the arrival, I saw the compassionate prince and the black spot, and stood silently.

Just after an instant, Zhu Xi also followed. Being alone, standing on the other side.

Zong Shou is very surprised. Knowing this Zhu Zi is bound to suppress the injury in some way.

However, the cultivation base has fallen. It used to be the cultivation base only under the mercy of Xiu Guan. At this time, it is at most equivalent to too much yellow, which is slightly better.

Many of the sacred sacred sects of the cloud world are gathered here at this time. Zong Shou can even feel the traces of the gods’ powers outside of a World.

For a moment, the black spot finally got an action. A silhouette born from internalization cannot be said to be a ‘person’, but it is also handy. Just a vague look. No, it is said that there is no face, and the skin is black. It’s not like the black skin of the night demon, but everything, like black mud.

Exudes a stinking belly and a bit of Primal Chaos Qi.

Compassion sees you, and then he screams: “The original lord is not a person in this domain, but a domain cultivator. No wonder, the scorpion will say that you are the only taboo, but the Qinhuang emperor built the twelve towns. Copper man. But I don’t know if you are from the last domain of destruction. Or is it from his domain?”

Zong Shou is also shocked. Whether his domain cultivator crosses the barrier or comes from the last destroyed domain, there must be a cultivation base above the real world.

Fortunately, this person is obviously not recognized by this world. The road is not tolerant, no matter the strength in the previous boundaries, it is only a half-step level.

He also vaguely noticed that the indiscriminate determination of the twelve towns of the bronze people was particularly significant for this one, far better than others.

The road is basically the Great Dao Law, which cannot be tolerated by this world. It can only be maintained by its vast cultivation base. At this time, it was disturbed by the disordered gods, and it became more and more unbearable. Even my own form can’t be gathered.

Even so, this person can still maintain realm on the edge of half-step truth.

“Your power of Law of Eternal, at this time, is the foreign material blessing. Although Zeng Xuan holds the wing, after all, can’t strengthen your roots, really want to die with me here? Maybe after that, there is no life in the world. Road?”

The black ‘human’ shadow finally opened, as if a pair of broken rubbing, the sound is very incomprehensible.

Xiu Guan didn’t care, calmly asked: “So what about you? At this time, where can you go? The Sisters of the Scorpion are falling, and the Scorpion is killed. You can score without hurting? Why haven’t there been any movements in the past year? Let my teacher rise and emerge.

In the words, Zong Shou is natural and Zong Shou is surprised. Is this person really injured? Even eight thousand years have not healed?

Injury and injury? Yes, with the strength of the scorpion, this can only make this one minor injury. However, I want to be silent and not to disturb others, so that the rest can help. Even if it is a half-step truth, it will cost a little. The important thing is the backlash of the will of heaven and earth. The cloud world collapses 8,000 years ago. There are countless land fragments and sinking into the sea of ​​clouds, all of which are due to the death of the scorpion. The war, although this person is behind the scenes, did not directly shoot, but since it is a cause and effect, it is inevitable to be hated by this world.

The will of the heavens and the earth in the cloud world can also be seen as the avatar of the will of this realm, and it is the strongest one.

Zong Shou also suddenly understood why this person clearly has the strength of half-step truth, but he does not dare to show up and compete with the nephew.

“For that Heavenly God Artifact, I have been waiting for a total of 370,000 years in the cloud. From this world, it is still the beginning of the star film, watching the various breeds, Ape Race rises. Look at Longfeng II After the family entered the world, and looked at the Ape Race that year, they once again claimed to respect the cloud world.”

The black shadow said faintly: “I couldn’t bear it in the past, and it helped the people of the human race. But it was unexpected that in the end, your family became the murder of my life.”

Xiu Guanxiao smiled and shook his head slightly: “Your demeanor is bad! In the end, it is sincere and sincere, or because of the taboo of the Sifang Dragon Palace, the ruin of the ruins, or two.”

The shadow of this is no longer arguing, only the pair of ‘eyes’ made of mud, looking to Qing Xuan Tai Huang and Zhu Zi: “So what do you guys say in the future? Is standing by, watching me die? Or Help me to help balance the cloud.”

That Zhuzi is coldly smiled, but it is a thought of starting thinking: “The scorpion is both a fallen man and a mastermind of the looting of the cloud world 8,000 years ago. Then you are my Confucian enemy! And Zong Shou The grudges, I will be clear with him afterwards, and I will not care for you.”

Not only is Xiuxian, but even Zong Shou is not surprised. The foundation of Zhu Zi is based on the doctrine of his own belief.

In the battle of the Imperial City, Zhu Zi was already hit hard. After that, although it was easy to change the foundation, the core is still a ‘rational’ word god.

At this time, righteousness, Zhu Zi has no choice at all. Otherwise, Confucianism will lose the last bit of luck in the cloud and will not be blessed by heaven and earth.

Too yellow is hesitant, Qing Xuan smiles, and compassion begins: “Compassionate Senior Brother, this door is all three of you and me, created by one hand. Dominion disciple, see people still swear by the name of “compassionate lord” There is still a Sect in the door that believes in Taiqing lineage. Please also ask Senior Brother to pity, so that I can teach hundreds of millions of disciplines not to cut off the road!”

“The ridiculous m is ridiculous! In the same year, Fellow Daoist first lost his heart and lost his frankness. If the good and the blind brother said, just wait for some time, do not hurt the origin of the cloud, how can the scorpion stop you? Ten thousand years ago, I was tempted and credulous. After ten thousand years, I realized that the nephew took the open divine object, just to show you the way. With his heart surname, how can he afford to be a foreign object? I am with the show. The view is swearing, never moving the Heavenly God Artifact.”

Compassionate answer to the person who said this sentence, laughed and looked towards Zong Shou, the color of the inquiry.

Zong Shou knows what he wants, and when he thinks about it, he decided to start talking: “In a hundred years, I am under the rule of one hundred and one World, building one hundred and one macro avenues, one hundred and one swords. One hundred and one school of cults, one hundred and one Confucian school, one hundred and one heavenly Academy, to let the people of all circles know the prosperity of the cloud civilization! Let the people of Wanjie know I am a figure in the cloud world. I am a prosperous person in the cloud world. I am studying the texts of the cloud world and repairing the martial arts in the cloud world. Under my great governance, I can really be long-lasting.”

This statement was born, here more than ten sacred sacred sages, are extremely shocked, have looked at them.

That compassion is sorrowful, and it seems that I did not expect that the answer from Zong Shou’s mouth would be such an answer.

Finally, it is laughter heartily, and the manners are lost: “A good person who makes the world, knows the prosperity of the cloud civilization! So the chest is not the only [***] eight invincible respect, ten million million World the Lord!”

That Zhu Zi was also very surprised, and after Xu Fu thought for a while, this took the lead: “Xu Fu, after this, I would like to honor the Emperor!”

That Qing Xuan face is suddenly green and white, too yellow but it is a sigh; “So the character. It is indeed the Supreme of the World! The door is too clear lineage, willing to be the Emperor of the Clouds!”

Zhu Zi did not speak, but he leaned over and silently. Although he himself is incomprehensible with Zong Shou, Confucianism is willing to be Zong Shou.

That compassionate gentleman also converges on a smile: “After Sword Sect, it must be a sword in your hand. Willing to help you, open up the world!”

Zong Shou saw a slight sigh and looked forward to the show. Seeing the latter, it is also a smile: “The Emperor is in the right position, and the cloud world can be alive after that!”

Zong Shou’s brain banged in a burst, blank. Nowadays, many of them have gathered here. Is it not a half-step truth in the distance?

(To be continued)

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