Divine Cultivation System Chapter 001

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Chapter 001 Crossing?

The night was dark, except for a few Insect Cry, at this moment, a mountain forest outside Blue River City was very quiet.

Suddenly, two silhouettes flashed under a bush, and a few faint conversations appeared.

“Did you die?”

“En, not breathing, absolutely dead!”

“Well, just die, don’t delay, let’s go!”

“This … is corpse buried?”

“What to bury! There are so many beasts in the mountain, and in a short while, there will be wolves and tigers, and then there will be no corpse!”

“Oh, that’s the case, let’s hurry up, otherwise it would be bad for the Qin Family to find out!”

“En! Go—!”

A few rustling sounds, and for a while, two sneaky silhouettes emerged from a lush grass.

After looking around 4 places, the 2 sneaky silhouettes, seeing all around really no one, then a few flashes of shua shua disappeared into the vast night.

Where the two people left, there was a man in a beautiful cotton robe lying quietly on the ground, the pale face and the lifeless complexion, indicating that this person has been dead for a long time.

It’s a pity, just looking at people, that is, about 14-15 years old, still a little boy, it’s a pity to die like this!

But at this moment, suddenly, a small space crack suddenly appeared above the young boy’s corpse, and then a faint light shot out from the crack, and fell directly on the young boy’s corpse, and finally merged into it.

Then, the space crack disappeared, and a weird scene happened.

The young man who had already cut off the life force suddenly shook suddenly, and his whole body shook unconsciously.

“Come on, Young Master is here!”

Suddenly a cry came in the distance, and then a few dark shadows flew quickly.


Blue River City, Qin Family.

At this moment, in a luxurious room of the Qin Family, a 14-15 years old teenager was lying on a large bed, and it seemed that he had completely passed out.

Aside from several Blue River City physicians, there is also a 60 years old man, looking anxiously at the young man in a coma.

“How’s it going?”

After several doctors examined Qin Shaofeng, the 60-year-old man asked eagerly.

But when he asked, the doctors looked a little hesitant.

Seeing this, 60 years old man face slightly sink, I had some bad feelings in my heart.


This time, the doctors did not remain silent, and one of the older doctors spoke.

“Old Qin, Little Young Master’s life is no problem, but …” Hesitated, and finally, the old doctor sighed softly, “But Little Young Master’s cultivation base has been abandoned, even Even dantian has been severely damaged, I am afraid there is no possibility of recovery! “

Kuang dang !

Hearing the words of the old doctor, the 60-year-old man was unsteady, almost fell to the ground, his face was pale, and his eyes were darkened for a moment, a little more muddy.

After a long absence.

After the doctor left, the old man looked at the little boy on the bed for a while, his face full of sadness and heartache.

But these sorrows and heartaches quickly disappeared.

“Is it clear?”

As soon as he walked out of the door of the 60-year-old man, his face was cold, eyes flash a cold light, killing intent, an indescribable majesty, burst out from that old body.

When 60 years old man speaks, there is no one around him, he is like talking to the air.

But as soon as he finished speaking, there was a dark place beside him, and he swayed lightly, then a silhouette appeared strangely.

“Clear, it’s the Zhang Family’s Eldest Young Master who fumbled and bought Wu Brothers’ two villains!”

A voice without Human Race’s expression came from the shadow.

This makes those 60 years old man eyes slightly narrowed, and the chill radiating from his body is more terrifying.

“Zhang Family? What a Zhang Family!” 60 years old man coldly said, “What about hands-on people?”

“Wu Brothers caught it, already locked up in the dungeon, but that Zhang Family Eldest Young Master didn’t have the Old Master you asked, we didn’t do it!”

“Very good!” Eyes flash with killing intent, but what the 60 years old man remembered, lightly paused, and then said, “After the interrogation, leave it to Feng’er for disposal. As for the Zhang Family … hmph!”

Although the last 60 years old man didn’t say anything, the killing intent on him was more obvious.