Divine Cultivation System Chapter 143

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Not paying attention to Meng Xin’er’s attitude towards himself, Qin Shaofeng immediately took a few steps, came in front of Meng Xin’er, crouched down sharply, and then stretched his hands slightly toward the fluff.

at last……

When touched again, there was a soft fluff, but this time, Qin Shaofeng didn’t feel the smoothness from the past, and Little Brat didn’t immediately look towards himself, revealing those big black and white bright and intelligent eyes.

No movement!

Qin Shaofeng trembled all over, and his chest was orally transmitted with a pain in his heart.

The subconscious Qin Shaofeng wanted to pick up Small Fox, but was blocked by Meng Xin’er’s hands, and said coldly: “Don’t move, if you let her leave me now, her last trace of aura will disappear immediately. I now This can only be maintained, but there will be a few more hours … “

Speaking of this, Meng Xin’er slightly paused, saying sadly: “The reason why she can persist until now is because she wants to see you at the end. Are you ready? If it is ready, I will Will make her wake up, but once she wakes up, I’m afraid there are only 15 minutes left! “

15 minutes?

how come?

Qin Shaofeng’s hands were completely stiff, and there was endless sadness in his eyes.

I just suffered from the departure of clansman and Uncle An. Will I lose Small Fox now?


Suddenly, Qin Shaofeng’s eyes flashed sharply, revealing a hint of excitement.

By the way, why did I forget that?

I have Super Evil Pieces!

Qin Shaofeng’s heart burst into hope, and there was a smile on his face.

The only thing that made him a little bit uncertain was whether Super Evil Pieces would work for Small Fox.

Give it a try!

With a slight movement of his hands, Qin Shaofeng summoned the chessboard of Super Evil Pieces in an instant.

Anxious to rescue Qin Shaofeng of Small Fox, at this moment, he did not worry about the presence of others around him.

However, in Qin Shaofeng’s opinion, this illusory’s chessboard and Super Evil Pieces can only be seen by him, and there is no need to worry about this white-clothed girl.

What’s wrong with this person?

Seeing Qin Shaofeng momentarily didn’t answer, Meng Xin’er eyes flashed with doubt, he could not help looking up at Qin Shaofeng.

But this look, just saw a smile on Qin Shaofeng’s face.

This immediately made Meng Xin’er furious.

Who is this Qin Shaofeng, Little Xue Bai is doing this for him, and he dare to laugh.

This Qin Shaofeng is simply an asshole!

Meng Xin’er, who was under the atmosphere in his heart, suddenly wanted to yell at Qin Shaofeng.

But next moment, her complexion changed suddenly.

For some reason, the moment Qin Shaofeng moved his hands slightly, Meng Xin’er was in an inexplicable state.

As if I suddenly felt the strength of a summon, and subconsciously looked down, Meng Xin’er was shocked to find out that sometime, an illusory thing appeared in front of Qin Shaofeng.

The illusory thing seems to be a chessboard, but Meng Xin’er has never seen it, even more so for each and everyone chess piece.

Suddenly, Meng Xin’er’s eyes flashed a bit of confusion, and his eyes fixedly looked towards a chess piece on the chessboard. The right hand lifted gently, and he couldn’t help but reach out to a chess piece on the illusory expectation.


When illusory chessboard appeared, Qin Shaofeng secretly shouted.

King’s Blessing!


The illusory chessboard shook slightly, the chess piece on the chessboard lit up instantly, and after a while of flashing, eventually a chess piece representing Rook flew out and fell into Qin Shaofeng’s hands.

This situation made Qin Shaofeng feel happy.

Because of this situation, it is fully explained that you can collect Small Fox as your own Devil Peerage.

With great joy in his heart, Qin Shaofeng was ready to incorporate that Rook Piece into Small Fox within the body.

But at this moment, a beautiful white hand like a jade suddenly stretched out and touched directly to a chess piece on the illusory chessboard.

What’s even more incredible is that at this moment a chess piece on the illusory chessboard is emitting a dazzling golden light, and under this golden light, Meng Xin’er can’t help but emit a golden light on the chessboard. That chess piece echoed each other.

Even at the next moment, the two golden lights smashed together, seemingly merged together.

this is?

Such a weird situation surprised Qin Shaofeng.

Soon, I felt it through Super Evil Pieces Qin Shaofeng. One of my own chess pieces had some connection with the white-clothed girl in front of her, or it was attracted to each other.

How did he respond to Super Evil Pieces when he did not use King’s Blessing?

Qin Shaofeng is not stupid, he instantly understood, I’m afraid that the white-clothed girl in front of him is a perfect match with one of his Super Evil Pieces.

I couldn’t help but look at the chessboard. When I saw the chess piece that was flashing golden light, which specific chess piece was, Qin Shaofeng’s face suddenly felt a little strange.

didn’t expect it was this chess piece!

Although Qin Shaofeng is sure, if I perform King’s Blessing on the white-clothed girl in front of me, I am afraid that next moment will be my own peerage for convenience.


Looking at the chess piece that radiated the golden light on the chessboard, Qin Shaofeng still coughed.

“Oh, this …”

With this opening, Qin Shaofeng suddenly stopped.

He remembered it because he didn’t seem to know the name of the white-clothed girl.

Qin Shaofeng only knew that this white-clothed girl should be named surnamed Meng, a cousin with Zhao Yun’er, Little Junior Sister of Lian Chenghao and Yun Qingrou, and Young Martial Aunt of Du Meng, but what exactly is her name? With?

But it was this light cough, but it made Meng Xin’er in a dream state immediately wake up.

After waking up, Meng Xin’er realized that she knew the movements, but she didn’t care about them, instead she looked up to Qin Shaofeng and asked, “What is this? Chessboard? And why is it, chessboard? The chess piece on it is calling me, want to be one with me? “

She really can see!

Listening to this, Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help but feel secretly speculated: It seems that if you meet someone who meets your physical physique, the other person can see the illusory chessboard and Super Evil Pieces that they have summoned!

However, Qin Shaofeng didn’t answer her, just pressed the Rook Piece in his hand to Small Fox.

Seeing Qin Shaofeng didn’t answer, Meng Xin’er still wanted to say something, but next moment, after seeing Qin Shaofeng’s action, he couldn’t help but stop.

Because she saw it, Qin Shaofeng had a chess piece similar to that on the illusory chessboard.

Seeing Qin Shaofeng pressing the chess piece towards Small Fox, Meng Xin’er’s heart moved a little, guessing a little more.

Is it?

There was a glimmer of expectation in his eyes. Meng Xin’er did not continue to question Qin Shaofeng, but he was very curious about everything in front of him.

And next moment, after Qin Shaofeng suddenly incorporated the chess piece into Small Fox within the body, Meng Xin’er was even more shocked.

Although there was a little speculation in my mind before, the situation at this moment still subverts what is recognized in Meng Xin’er’s mind.


After that chess piece was incorporated into Small Fox within the body, a small flash of purple gold rays of light suddenly flashed on Small Fox, and then Meng Xin’er felt that he had kept the last life force strength of Small Fox. An unknown strength, forcibly crowded out of Small Fox within the body.

But what shocked Meng Xin’er most was that Small Fox was being held up by an invisible strength at the moment, floating in the air, exuding a noble purple gold rays of light.

Under this purple gold rays of light, Meng Xin’er clearly felt that the life force of Small Fox within the body was actually recovering, and the speed was extremely fast.

From the last trace of life force, it took only a little while to completely recover to a vibrant state.

Although Small Fox still closed her eyes at this moment, Meng Xin’er was understood.

Small Fox is fine!

What exactly is this means?

What happened in front of me made Meng Xin’er’s heart burst into a stormy sea, and he couldn’t help looking at Qin Shaofeng. Meng Xin’er wanted to know what the chess piece was.

But for the next moment, Meng Xin’er’s face was a little dull.


That illusory chessboard, and those chess pieces on the chessboard are gone.

When he saw that there was nothing in front of Qin Shaofeng, Meng Xin’er beautiful eyes flashed slightly, his eyes were full of doubts.

If it weren’t for what happened to Small Fox at the moment, she would have thought that what she had seen before was a dream.

Thought it was too fantasy!

Can save the frequent death state, what exactly is this chess piece?

And why, I feel very kind or even bloodline connected to one of the chess pieces?

At this moment, Meng Xin’er had too many questions in his mind.

But she didn’t ask Qin Shaofeng again, because she knew that such an important thing was that she asked, I’m afraid Qin Shaofeng would not really answer her.

However, these are not important anymore, the important thing is that Little Xue Bai is finally fine.


“System Prompt: Congratulations to Player Qin Shaofeng successfully performed King’s Blessing, successfully subduing one Devil Peerage, consuming one Super Evil Pieces, subdued target beginning transformation, time is ten hours!”

After hearing the familiar prompts from system, Qin Shaofeng was finally at ease.

And for Meng Xin’er’s response, Qin Shaofeng was also sighed in relief.

The other person finally didn’t ask about Super Evil Pieces, otherwise he didn’t know how to answer.

However, after some exchanges, Qin Shaofeng told the other party that Small Fox can be fully recovered in up to 5 hours, once again full of energy, and continue to sell cute and cute!

It was also this exchange. Qin Shaofeng finally knew it. The name of the white-clothed girl in front of her-Meng Xin’er!

After learning that Small Fox was finally okay, Meng Xin’er was all light, and then left.

For the past 3 days, she has maintained the last life force of Small Fox. Even her, it is extremely expensive.

Now that everything was relaxing, she felt a little tired, and returned to her room to rest.

Looking at the silhouette where Meng Xin’er left, Qin Shaofeng felt grateful.

Qin Shaofeng understands that if it was not for Meng Xin’er, I am afraid that Small Fox would have been killed by Zhang Lingtian’s blood arrow 3 days ago.

If that’s the case, even if he owns Super Evil Pieces, I’m afraid it won’t save Small Fox.

Because once died more than 3 days, even the Super Divine Item Super Evil Pieces will not resurrect Small Fox.

Qin Shaofeng remembered this kind of affection.

Find a chance to repay her in the future!

Qin Shaofeng secretly decided, but at this moment, he couldn’t help but think of the moment when he summoned Super Evil Pieces and healed Small Fox, his mind was quite weird.

I didn’t expect, this Meng Xin’er could take the initiative to make Super Evil Pieces react.

And then that chess piece, this …

It really surprised me.

Especially thinking about the Profession represented by the chess piece, Qin Shaofeng had a feeling beyond words.

Does she still have something with herself …