Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3603


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After finishing the visit to the tomb house, everyone started a cultivation for a few days.

The swallowing of a large number of heavenly materials and earthly treasures has once again brought Zilong and the others’ cultivation base to the edge of breakthrough.

In a few days, Alliance Direct Disciple once again found several tombs.

Immediately at the end of the cultivation.

Qin Shaofeng summoned everyone, and once again entered the tomb of each and everyone for excavation.

With their tyrannical battle strength.

In just half a day, all the tombs were excavated.

It’s a pity.

These tombs are all ordinary and extremely existences.

Especially, there is no place in Tianlian Mountain, and basically no good things have been found.

Of course, this is basically for Qin Shaofeng.

Whether it is a move half-type Divine Grade martial skill, or a weapon beyond the world of shining stars, it is a great harvest for Zilong and the others.

Even at a certain moment, the two Zilong beat their chests.

Free and Unfettered Gate oversee the Great Northern Wilderness for so many years, why hasn’t the tomb of the Yaoxing Ten Thousand Gods ever been excavated?

Anyway, with the leadership of Qin Shaofeng, some of them proceeded in an orderly manner, and they finally mourned a few days later and calmed down.

If they had started digging a long time ago, they might have killed many people by the ghost slaves in the tomb mansion.

Perhaps it is a good thing?

Qin Shaofeng did not waste time on such things like they did.

After excavating all the tomb houses, he couldn’t sit still again.

Anyway, in a short time, unable to find a large number of tombs, he simply singlehanded to the depths of Tianlian Mountain.

Three months in a row.

Qin Shaofeng almost killed a corpse mountain and blood in the depths of Tianlian Mountain, before he brought a three-step cultivation base to the sky, and returned with a storage bag full of venerable star beast Origin Core.

When he returned, he discovered that the number of people on Tianlian Mountain was actually many times more than before he left.

After some inquiries, he knew what the Alliance had done within 3 months.

It turns out that after he left, the senior executives also felt a little idle.

After all, after conducting treasure hunting, it is difficult for them to calm down on cultivation, especially the training in combat, which can also promote their cultivation base.

As a result.

Not only did Zilong’s heart go wild, he pulled Free and Unfettered Gate and all the people he could mobilize into Tianlian Mountain, and even the Alliance Headquarters also moved in.

It is said that Kitazawa Island has been here several times for this, trying to find out what.

After all, if it is only 7 Star chasing, it is an outsider to the Great Northern Wilderness, and there is nothing wrong with it, and people will not care too much.

However, such changes as Free and Unfettered Gate almost illustrate one thing.

That is what treasure they found in Tianlian Mountain.

Zilong is also decisive enough to do things, and directly asks them to incorporate Kitazawa Island into the alliance, otherwise they are absolutely not allowed to mix things with the alliance.

At this time, Kitazawa Island may be having a tense meeting?

Qin Shaofeng didn’t care anymore after listening to it.

The strength of Kitazawa Island is too weak, even if you participate, it may not be able to play a big role.

Not to mention, Beize Island is the aborigines of the Great Northern Wilderness.

People who are not my race must have different hearts.

Another thing is that these powerhouses have been here within three months and have cleaned all the more than 30 tomb houses they found.

Among them, there are a total of eight High Level tombs, one of which is very similar to the place where the first Teleportation Array they have visited.

Except for the core castle, the outer circle of the small tomb has been cleaned by them.

Since Qin Shaofeng has returned, they will naturally start excavating the tomb house.

An order is given.

Zzuzusan 12, the powerhouse chasing Tianshu, is here.

After some observation, Qin Shaofeng was completely speechless.

After the alliance began to develop according to his requirements, the speed of improvement was really terrifying.

Nowadays, the old powerhouses such as Tianling and Ximen Yaoyang have all entered the second step to the sky, and even a few people have entered the third step.

After entering the four steps, Ximen Tian gave up the management right of the star chasing Tianshu, and prepared for leveled to Fifth Step cultivation.

In the five steps of Chenxing, Zilong and Ziyunshu both came to the eight steps.

In contrast, he appears to have the least improvement.

No one knows.

Qin Shaofeng doesn’t want to improve. His beheading during this period of time has already achieved a real value of 10 billion. Adding his previous ones, even if leveled to five or even six steps, there is no problem.

The problem is the star and moon values.

Unless the existence above the sky is killed, the star and moon value cannot be increased at all.

On the way back, he only left four 10 billion to prepare to upgrade, and all the others fell above the thunderbolt thousand flashes.

The sadder story is that Thunderbolt’s advancement has gone to a heinous level.

The true value of hundreds of billions, it was only leveled to 298 flashes.

Qin Shaofeng had no choice but to give up temporarily.

A group of nearly 40 people began to excavate the tomb mansion again.

Start with a small tomb mansion.

It’s a massacre everywhere.

Although is so.

When they were about to kill all the small tomb houses, the star and moon values ​​were finally enough.

Qin Shaofeng is in front of everyone again.

breakthrough in battle.

Four steps to the sky!

In just three months, his cultivation base reached the same level as Ximentian at a blowout speed, almost making Ximentian embarrassed.

From that moment on.

Xi Men Tian and Chen Old Xing ghosts are almost crazy.

As long as they enter the tomb house, they will attack the ghost slaves in a desperate posture.

In just three days.

“If there is no accident, in this tomb house, there will be ghosts and corpses again, and all people with the cultivation base below five steps will immediately withdraw.”

After Qin Shaofeng opened the gate of the castle and took a look, he immediately gave an order to everyone.

After everyone climbed into the sky, they naturally thought that they had become very powerful for a while.

Can be after such a long period of excavation in the tomb.

That kind of arrogant thoughts have long been disappeared, and the immediately ordered Ximentian who almost wants to cry but no tears can be shed took everyone away.

Under the successive battles, he already felt the opportunity of breakthrough.

But that was just an opportunity.

Under Qin Shaofeng’s order, he did not dare to violate too much.

Follow everyone away.

In the tomb house, only six people including Qin Shaofeng were left.

The door opens.

Qin Shaofeng once again brought three people into it.

At this moment, they felt as if they had gone to the second tomb, and all they encountered were corpse slaves boarding the Heavenly Ghost.

There are four steps and five steps to reach the sky.

Fortunately, under the leadership of Qin Shaofeng, everyone has become a subconsciously move about how to kill the ghost slaves.

With a sturdy room that is terrifying.

Three hours later, they have come to the gate.

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