Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3605


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“Something has changed!”

Ziweiben didn’t care whether they were in power.

After all, the two were once Free and Unfettered Gate Peak figures, and they have been in power together for too long and too long. Now it is just the winner is the king, loser is the villain.

It’s okay to really change your status.

What really shocked her, it was Ziyun Shu’s self-confidence that made her say this.

Ziyunshu dared to throw such a huge bet when Qin Shaofeng didn’t have much breakthrough. This shows his confidence in Qin Shaofeng.

Qin Shaofeng actually did it.

How can she not be shocked?

“Has changed?!”

Zilong looked back fiercely.

Looking at it, his heart suddenly started beating peng peng.

It has really changed!

It’s really going to be a breakthrough!

Zilong’s emotional tension reached the extreme, and he kept secretly rejoicing: this brat too much is awesome, if he breaks a little later, the old man might really be fooled by the bastard of Ziyun Shu.

Betting with something almost impossible, his fooled probability occupies almost 70%.

The last 30% is only due to Ziyun Shu’s strong confidence.

He couldn’t think of how Qin Shaofeng really has that ability.

Speaking of breakthrough means breakthrough.

There wasn’t even the slightest sign beforehand.

It seems that before he blinked, the aura on his body was just an ordinary four-step climb to the sky, OK?

Speak better, that is, between the four-step Middle Stage to the Late Stage.

The battle strength may be very strong.

Five steps to reach the sky, but it’s almost impossible.

This kind of impossible thing is about to happen to Qin Shaofeng again.

Is this a miracle?

When Zilong was shocked, the aura change on Qin Shaofeng’s body had reached its extreme.

Appeared with the debut of the weather.

Zilong feels bad all over.

Not messy in the wind.

It should be said that I was almost convulsed.

That’s only a slight difference!

Qin Shaofeng Really, with such a little bit of words at night, he is almost done!

“Yaohua old ghost, do you still dare to say impossible now?”

Ziyunshu seems to be unable to regain power, and there is no wave in his heart. All he cares about is whether Qin Shaofeng can break through.

Seeing Qin Shaofeng’s success in the sky, he seems to be happier than Qin Shaofeng.

I am even happier than the Zilong who is in the heart fortunately.

“No, I dare not.”

Zilong really didn’t dare to say harsh words this time.

Otherwise he will make a fool of himself.

“Yaohua old ghost, remember clearly in the future, what brat said, 90% can be trusted, especially in terms of his cultivation progress, don’t question anything, what he said is the inevitable result.” Ziyun Shu Laugh out loud.

Zilong got stuck for a while.

“What are you doing so happy? It’s not your breakthrough anymore. Can you still order Bilian?” Zilong suddenly ran away.

As soon as the words were spoken, he felt bad.

Now it’s Ziyun Shu Zhanli.

In case Ziyunshu had a fight with him, his majesty in the Free and Unfettered Gate would probably be destroyed.

As everyone knows.

After Ziyunshu secretly observed Qin Shaofeng for so long, the temperament side had already begun to move closer to Qin Shaofeng.

Is rights really that important?

For Zilong and the others, or for him once, it is true.

But he witnessed Qin Shaofeng’s changes over the past few days, but he clearly gained a recognition.

Not important, not important at all.

Like the current Qin Shaofeng, it seems to be the Alliance Lord, and it seems to be a high power to the extreme.

But does he really have real power?

No, not at all.

The 7 Star gate is the 7 Star gate of the ghost of Chen Old Xing. The Star Sect chasing is the Star Sect chasing of the Ximen Family. He was only temporarily promoted to the upper position because of the situation.

As long as the difficulties pass, he will directly become nothing.

Similarly, in Qin Shaofeng’s mind, this may not be the case.

He neither has the burden of Sect influence, but also can command the crowd, which is an extreme manifestation of personal ability.

The current psychology of Ziyun Shu is changing towards Qin Shaofeng.

So Quan Quan, for him now, he really looks very indifferent.

As long as he has enough of his own abilities, doesn’t the current Zilong also need to rely on him, and he needs to stand on the same level as the stray dog?

No officials are light, it seems that it is not just a saying.

Ziyunshu thought silently, but a very happy smile appeared on his face, saying: “I am happy, do you have any comments?”


Zilong was shocked severely.

Since the start of the negotiation alliance, he has felt that Ziyun Shu seems to have changed, but he didn’t expect such a huge change.

“Stop talking nonsense, we only have one hour left. The best final preparations are as soon as possible. We can’t go any further at the last moment and we have to adjust to the Peak state.” Ziyun Shu sit cross-legged.

Everyone has entered a state of pranayama.

However, no one noticed that once Qin Shaofeng breakthrough aura appeared, the cultivation base aura on the ghost of Dechen Old Xing began to change.

Since Qin Shaofeng mentioned the cultivation of the powerhouse of the holy star.

After discovering the horror of the Tomb Mansion, Chen Old Xing ghost’s cultivation attitude changed again and again, almost to the desperate level.

During this period, he had long been allowed to cultivation base leveled to Five-step Peak.

As soon as the aura of Qin Shaofeng cultivation base came out, he immediately felt the cultivation. Crisis, unwillingness and other emotions erupted together, which prompted him to step forward this time.

Both of them are in a breakthrough, but the way of breakthrough is different.

Qin Shaofeng only took a moment to complete the breakthrough, but he was not in a hurry to express his stance, and was still immersed in the emotion of ‘breakthrough’.

Until the end of one hour.

Only the last one day was left before he finally finished the correction and stood up.

His action seemed to be a huge signal, and everyone immediately opened their eyes.

each and everyone gathered around.

The two were shocked to discover: “Huh? Chen Old Xing ghost has also broken through, and it will end soon? Six steps?”

Zilong is cry out in surprise: “Are all of you 7 Star chasing abnormal people? How can you improve so fast?”

“This speed is indeed improvised, but it is limited to improvisation.”

Qin Shaofeng has long been aware of the changes in Chen Old Xing’s ghost club. He didn’t even look back. He said: “Okay, we don’t need to continue this topic anymore. After the two parties are truly integrated, the Free and Unfettered Gate’s People naturally have this speed.”

“How are you all preparing?” Qin Shaofeng asked.

“Everything is ready.”


The two Old Ancestors followed their words and ordered nodded.

At the same time as their words ended, Chen Old Xing’s ghost voice has also been heard: “I am also ready, six steps, I should be able to survive this crisis.”

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