Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3606


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The door that had been placed by everyone for a day, finally slowly opened, revealing the situation inside.

Compared to the one three months ago.

The situation here is almost exactly the same.

Qin Shaofeng clearly knows that the real crisis is after killing the ghost slaves.

But when he faced such a situation, he had no other methods to think about, so he had to move towards the four seven-step ghost corpse slaves and killed them.

Same as it once was, but different.

These ghost corpse slaves still regard the corpse king extremely importantly, but these four seem to be more important than the previous ones.

Faced with the butcher knife of Qin Shaofeng and the others, they didn’t even dodge.

clang clang clang!

Slashed four ghost slaves with a few strokes.

Qin Shaofeng’s expression became more dignified, staring at the corpse king’s eyes, full of fear.

“Two Old Ancestors, this corpse king will be handed over to you.”

Qin Shaofeng looked at each other with the king of the corpse. When the king saw the corpse, his scalp was numb. He couldn’t help backing up a few steps and reached the position of the two people half a step behind Zilong.

“Leave it to us.”

The two Scorpions can also see that there is something wrong with the corpse king.

The swords are all out.

The two immediately moved towards the corpse king.

“ka ka ka!”

There was a burst of weird scales in the mouth of the corpse king.

Qin Shaofeng has experienced such a thing once, and when I hear it again this time, there will simply be no more psychological fluctuations.

It’s too late, it’s fast then.

Between lightning and flint, two Old Ancestors fought against the corpse king.

ding ding dong dong Fight for a while.

The Corpse King was completely suppressed by the two Old Ancestors, and it seemed that they might be beheaded by them at any time.

Chen Old Xing Ghost and the others saw this scene, a touch of joy appeared on his face.

But how long the excitement didn’t last at all, Ziyun Shu found Qin Shaofeng frowning, and couldn’t help asking: “Little Feng, isn’t it all in our grasp now? What’s wrong?”

“More than anything wrong?”

Qin Shaofeng’s brows are all frowned with the word’chuan’.

“What’s the matter?”

Ziyunshu immediately moved towards the battlefield and looked over.

After a short period of battle, the corpse king no longer has the strength to fight back, and can only let the blades of the two hands continue to slash on him.

Countless scars have been formed one after another.

It seems that the corpse king has been unable to sustain it for too long.

“This is not comprehensive…”

I didn’t finish the words in Ziyun Book, and suddenly remembered the scene three months ago.

The corpse king himself abolished his body, and then the real ghost main body appeared.

In other words, all the current attacks of the two Old Ancestors are just to release the ghosts contained in the corpse king within the body.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but wet his clothes with cold sweat.

“So, we attacked the body of the corpse king, on the contrary, we are helping the ghost and corpse to regenerate. This, this…” Ziyun Shu felt bad.

“There is nothing this, that, we can’t reverse the corpse of the ghost slaves.” Qin Shaofeng said solemnly: “Only kill, only fight to the death!”


Ziyunshu finally sighed in relief.

The conversation between the two people was not suppressed at all, so that the two Zilong could hear clearly.

Chen Old Xing The ghost did not see the scene where the ghost corpse broke out, and it was still a little foggy.

The purple dragon trembled all over.

Although it didn’t take long for it to happen, they have experienced too many things in these three months, and they almost forgot that thing.

Think of it this way, the real danger is not here yet!

“Looking at the gaze of the corpse king, the ghost within the body clearly pointed the finger at me. If the ghost is allowed to come out, it must be the first to deal with me. What should I do, what should I do?” Qin Shaofeng’s heart also began to mess up.

The threat of the ghost is too big, too big to make him feel scared.

The greater the sense of crisis, the more chaotic I feel.

Qin Shaofeng’s mind became clearer and faster.

He has experienced him who doesn’t know how many lives and deaths he has. He clearly knows that before the crisis of life and death, he must not be nervous and must find breakthrough eloquence.

Ghost Three Slash? Certainly not!

The martial skill of Free and Unfettered Gate is certainly not useful.

Then you can only rely on Thunderbolt Thousand Flashes and Duotian Seal, maybe Luo Tian Zen Shadow can also play all the roles?

Isn’t this thing made by a monk-like existence?

There may be some unclear abilities in it.

And the spirit of the town!

What is he!

Shen Zhong only told me that the Soul Relief Banner can help me survive, but he didn’t tell me whether it has the ability to suppress!

Soul Banner! Summon Banner!

Since the name is called Soul Relief, it must have the ability to suppress it, but how should this thing be used?

Never mind, give medicine to a dead horse!

After Qin Shaofeng felt anxious for a while, he took out the soul-relief flag.

In the shocked eyes of everyone, he quickly slammed the soul-suppressing flag in the courtyard outside the castle gate, and he smashed in a bag of star beast Origin Core.

The use of Origin Core as a stone in this way made the three people feel distressed.

That’s all top grade resources!

The Origin Core of the Zun-rank Star Beast, it is the Zun-rank again…

I feel bad!

Three people feel that they want to cry but no tears can be shed.

Qin Shaofeng quickly arranged the soul-suppressing flag, and began to hand seal with both hands, and each and everyone strange knots formed one after another.

Power of Lightning surrounds the whole body.

A ghost shadow formed around him, and eventually turned into three silhouettes exactly like him, with strange handprints like this.

His movements are too fast.

When the fingerprints were made, the three people reacted.

“Little Feng, what happened, is there something unexpected?” Chen Old Xing asked anxiously.

His cultivation base seems to be slightly higher than Qin Shaofeng.

But he knows very well that his battle strength is definitely the weakest one.

In contrast, after Qin Shaofeng’s arrangement, the battle strength might be stronger than Zilong and Ziyun Shu, who have already reached eight steps.

It’s too late, it’s fast then.

Chen Old Xing, the moment when the ghost questioning voice uttered.

A whistling sound has already sounded.

“Hateful Human Race brat, how dare you interrupt my smooth birth, I want you to die, I want to kill you, I want to take possession of your body!”

The screaming sound suddenly shook several people’s eardrum pain.

The three people finally understood what Qin Shaofeng was doing.

Unfortunately, they knew it was too late.

When I want to help Qin Shaofeng, it is too late.

Fortunately, Qin Shaofeng is too strong in Perception Ability for life and death crisis, and is already prepared for it.

And when Chen Old Xing asked the ghost, he didn’t look back at all.

Suddenly noticed that black mist appeared above the ghost’s head, he pushed out the first fingerprint in his hand.

“Even one of the Seven Great Ghost Kings rushed out of the seal and failed to kill me. You are not qualified to kill me because of you, something that hasn’t even finished hatching!” Qin Shaofeng yelled unwillingly Speak out.

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