Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3610


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After the entire group left the tomb, they took a rest for a whole day again.

Qin Shaofeng took Ziyunshu and Scorpion Old Ancestor and embarked on the road to the last tomb.

Since I learned that it was a Teleportation Array, it didn’t make sense to have more people.

After teleport.

Qin Shaofeng got a colorful order again.

But through this line, they are even more convinced of the precariousness of the different world.

In three years, that is just an idealized number.

According to the senior who gave Qin Shaofeng a colorful order, the ghosts and corpses will be rushed out in at most another year and a half.

When the time comes Qin Shaofeng can’t get the colorful order, you can only rely on him to enter this different world in the future to find it.

Fortunately, Qin Shaofeng has won three colorful orders.

He also told Qin Shaofeng how to open the door to a different world by using a colorful order.

But Qin Shaofeng just remembered it.

With his current cultivation base, opening the door to a different world is nothing but courting death.

After returning to Tianlian Mountain.

Through his strength, Ziyun Shu once again expanded the level of excavation of Tianlian Mountain.

Qin Shaofeng is pulling the Scorpion Old Ancestor to learn more.


The Scorpion Old Ancestor is an Old Ancestor Fang in the land of the shining star.

But in the Cangming Realm, it is just an ordinary Loose Cultivator. Because of offending a party’s influence, he came to the Land of Bright Stars through some special means.

As for the special means, he wouldn’t say anything.


Qin Shaofeng once again entered the calm and calm cultivation.

Another three months in a blink of an eye.

Half a year has passed.

Qin Shaofeng continued to explore the Tomb Mansion and once again increased the star and moon values.

Doing so will allow him to level the cultivation base to six steps.

But because his cultivation progress is too fast, and most of the excavations are small tombs, not at all, what is too big a battle, so that he did not dare to do promotion.

Today, the exploration of the Tomb Mansion is finished again.

Qin Shaofeng gathered all the senior management.

“How is your search this time? What are the useless resources? Let’s take them out!” Qin Shaofeng said straight to the point.

“Are you leaving now?”

Zilong had been informed by him three months ago.

The useless resources in their hands are too much, but the high grade medicine pill and heavenly materials and earthly treasures are not enough.

Qin Shaofeng is going to personally visit the land of the shining stars.

They didn’t feel anything back then.

But when Qin Shaofeng speaks out now, he feels a little bit sad.

For half a year.

Unconsciously, he has also regarded Qin Shaofeng as the soul of the alliance.

If Qin Shaofeng leaves, he really doesn’t know what to do next.

“I have been so bored during this period of time. Apart from cultivation, I can’t even find a large cemetery all day long. If I don’t go to the place of shining stars, do I have to waste time here? “Qin Shaofeng said with an unhappy face.


Everyone fell silent.

“Since you are going to the land of the shining star, you can’t go there alone, right? Why don’t you let me go with you myself?” Zilong thought for a while, said.


Qin Shaofeng didn’t expect that he would say so.

“Yes, the league is now in a period of great development. I am actually the same here or not, and no one in the land of the shining star knows me, so let me walk with you?” Zilong asked again.

“Even if the alliance enters a period of great development, it seems that it cannot be separated from the Gate Lord, right?” Qin Shaofeng frowns saying.

“Is there anything inseparable, Chen Old Xing ghosts also spend the whole day leisurely?”

Zilong asked unhappyly: “Even if it wasn’t the ghost of Chen Old Xing, did Ximen Li and Ximentian really manage the affairs of the alliance?”

Qin Shaofeng was speechless.

He thought you could compare with them?

My subordinate Zhou Qing can pick up the leader alone, let alone the spirit Sectmistress Jade and Sharon Xing deputy Gate Lord to help, how could it be necessary for the two Gate Lords to work?

But what does your Free and Unfettered Gate have?

Except for your son from time to time back to cultivation for a while, it seems that there is not much to use, right?

“Don’t think about it. When I leave, I will leave Ziyun Shu and let him take charge…”

“Don’t think about it!”

Ziyunshu didn’t wait for him to finish, so he shouted: “Little Feng is here if he is there, and his shadow is now working hard in cultivation. The old man can imitate his shadow in the dark. , Do you have this ability?”

“I, I…”

Zilong was choked to speak.

Zi Yun Shu continued: “Besides, you are the Gate Lord of Free and Unfettered Gate, and the old man is just a stray dog ​​that’s all. Why did you throw Sect to me?”

“Zilong, you have no conscience. The old man agreed to let you take charge of Sect again, but for your affirmation, how can you do this?” Zilong roared.

“It’s not uncommon. Either I will get the Free and Unfettered Gate back again and you will be the stray dog, or you will just keep it.” Ziyun Shu doesn’t eat his style at all.

“Fog! Grass!”

The purple Dragon Qi wants to squirt blood.

He couldn’t be as open-minded as Ziyun Shu, and he even had too many worries in his heart when he even asked Ziyun Shu to be in charge of Sect.

But he didn’t expect anyhow, and he got such an answer.

“that’s all! that’s all!”

Zilong fiercely took a few breaths, and said: “Since Free and Unfettered Gate is now a part of Sect, two Gate Lords will take care of it for us first. We will attack Yaoxingzhi with one and a half years back. Naturally, I have to check it out.”

After a dispute between the two people, Chen Old Xing ghost and the others were silent.

I remember half a year ago, these two guys still guarded themselves like thieves.

Now I’m going to let go.

Could it be said that after being with us for a long time, we were really infected by us and wanted to make a palm cabinet?

It’s just… who passed down the fault of this palm cabinet?

“that’s all, go ahead!”

Chen Old Xing is so angry that the ghost can’t let out, saying: “At worst, when you come back, you will find that the people at the Free and Unfettered Gate have become our 7 Star gate.”

He broke down with Qin Shaofeng.

When he heard that Qin Shaofeng was going to the Land of Shining Stars, he couldn’t help it.

But he himself knows very well that his face is too easy to attract attention.

Qin Shaofeng, a famous celebrity, has come in person.

If he reappears, he will almost be walking the night with the searchlight in the middle of the night, and it will be a ghost if he is not found.

Zilong gave him a fiercely white look.

He also knows that Chen Old Xing ghost is unhappy and fiercely said: “If you have the ability, you can do that. It’s better to take the old man into your 7 Star door together.”

After saying this, he looked at Qin Shaofeng: “Okay, the matter is explained clearly, when shall we leave?”

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