Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3611


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Qin Shaofeng is completely speechless about Zilong.

Anyway, he didn’t want to waste time here, so he took all the resources and left with them.

When they came, there were suddenly two of them on the road, and Qin Shaofeng was not good at direct breakthrough.

Just use the five-step cultivation base, and bring two with only half a step away, and you will be on the nine-step powerhouse.

With such a lineup walking in Tianlian Mountain, it is really flat.

After just a few days of travel.

Qin Shaofeng once again saw the familiar land of shining stars.

Appearing this time, he is still chasing near Star Sect.

He first put on a human skin mask, and then took the two people to move towards Chasing Star Sect and the 7 Star door and turned around.

Two places have been bombed by him and Chen Old Xing.

Now it has become two lakes, and there is an endless stream of people visiting or cultivating in front of these two lakes.

Although the two places don’t have the abundant Spirit Qi they once had, they are not an ordinary place comparable.

Qin Shaofeng just took a casual look, then left with the two again.

At the beginning of the alliance completely formed, he asked Ran Zun to follow the team’s cultivation. At this moment, it seems to have become a three-step powerhouse.

He just understood a little bit, and didn’t mean to interrupt him.

Since Ziyunshu once said to temporarily replace Ran Zun’s words, he naturally didn’t bother to talk nonsense with him.

I’m about to come to Divine Sea City, he opened the mouth and said: “Ziyunshu, you hide from my back first, we are ready to enter the city.”

Zi Yun Shu has cooperated well with him, and the silhouette disappeared in a flash.

Qin Shaofeng released the shadow of the war after thinking for a while.

After this period of cultivation, Zhanying has basically recovered his human form, but the cultivation base of the Rank 3 holy star is obviously unable to get even the slightest improvement.

“Zilong, from now on, we are brothers. You are my Eldest Brother Zilong, and I am your younger brother Zixiaoyao.” Qin Shaofeng gave himself a name very casually.

“Purple Xiaoyao? You are not greedy.”

Zilong feels suffocated.

One of Qin Shaofeng’s random names directly occupied the title of his Ziyun Book.

But he couldn’t help it.

There are more and more contacts, and his views on Qin Shaofeng are getting closer to Ximen Li and Chen Old Xing ghosts.

Cooperation, the deepest cooperation.

All rights can be given to him, but Sect is still his own Sect.

Everything is based on this battle.

This has led to Qin Shaofeng as the true Master of this alliance.

“bite off more than one can chew! hahaha!”

Qin Shaofeng smiled and converged his aura, said Ziying, and left.

With a hello, he moved towards city.

Zilong naturally knew Qin Shaofeng’s intentions, and also constricted his aura, and at the same time took out his saber and stuffed it into Zhanying’s hands.

“Ziying! Helping your First Young Master take the sword seems to be your job!” Amidst the laughter, he hurried to catch up.

Divine Sea City has undergone an incomparable gigantic change over the past six months.

Compared to the calm and peaceful.

Today’s Divine Sea city is almost full of clamors.

Looking at it, all of them are Loose Cultivator. It seems that the city under the command of Cloud Sea Sect has become a paradise of Loose Cultivator.

Qin Shaofeng’s goal is still Heaven’s Mystery Building.

Along the way, he also learned something from many Loose Cultivators.

It seems that after they left, the Land of Shining Stars was completely chaotic.

The battle between Cloud Sea Sect and the Four Elephants broke out.

It seems that Hundred Flowers Pavilion and Nangong Family, the God of Wealth, have also been affected.

While these Loose Cultivators know all kinds and sorts, no one can tell which person is telling the truth and which person is telling the false.

Anyway, when he came to Divine Sea City, he didn’t need to think about that many things.

Lead the road all the way to the door of Heaven’s Mystery Building.

Compared with the chaos in other places, the neighborhood of Heaven’s Mystery Building is still silent, as if everyone else simply did not dare to set foot in the vicinity except for some qualified visitors.

“We should come to Heaven’s Mystery Building?”

When Zilong saw their destination, his face couldn’t help becoming serious.

“What happened to Heaven’s Mystery Building?”

Qin Shaofeng looked back in surprise.

“Heaven’s Mystery Building is the influence of the Cangming Realm. Even before Sect, we didn’t dare to provoke it easily. Now they don’t do our business.” Zilong sighed.

“That’s not doing your business.”

Qin Shaofeng shrugged and strode to the door of Heaven’s Mystery Building.

Outside the door of Heaven’s Mystery Building, there are still two rows of people in charge of order.

Qin Shaofeng brought people in stride, but due to temperament issues, they only caused the two to look back in doubt, not at all to stop them.

Enter Heaven’s Mystery Building.

A waiter greeted him immediately.

“Two Young Masters, don’t know what came to our Heaven’s Mystery Building?” the waiter asked neither humble nor humble.

From his expression, Qin Shaofeng can’t see the slightest respect for the guests.

“I’m here to find your host.”

Qin Shaofeng took out a folding fan, and slapped it lightly in front of him, like a Great Family Young Master.

But his show, in the eyes of the waiter, is simply a playboy Aristocratic Family Young Master, and his face can’t help but sink.

“I’m sorry for the guest. My host has something important recently. I’m afraid I can’t treat the guests personally. I don’t know if I can entertain both of you.” The waiter said weakly.

“You are not qualified.”

Qin Shaofeng didn’t expect his own attitude, but changed the waiter’s face.

As soon as the voice was uttered, he knew it was bad.

Heaven’s Mystery Building is not other influence. Any waiter has the qualification to give a superior grade influence face, so he changed his words: “Since you are not qualified to find your landlord, then go to your Steward, what is it called? Little…How old is it?”

“How young is it?”

The waiter’s voice was paused, obviously frightened.

He has been working in Heaven’s Mystery Building for a long time. He didn’t expect that the young playboy pampered young master in front of him knew his own Steward’s name.

Although it is a bit vague.

He still couldn’t help but tentatively asked: “Young Master, are you looking for three Steward?”

“Three Steward? There is not only one of you…Ah! By the way, it’s just to call the little third to come and see me.” Qin Shaofeng suddenly woke up and patted his head.

“You are really looking for the third Steward? Young Master, please wait upstairs.”

The waiter didn’t dare to say hard words anymore, and quickly asked a maid to bring Qin Shaofeng three people upstairs, and he quickly went to find the mistress.

Heaven’s Mystery Building waiter, really does not fear anyone of any other influence.

But they are truly afraid of the top of their own Heaven’s Mystery Building.

Especially Xiao San has become a big Steward of Heaven’s Mystery Building.

Under the two, above ten thousand people.

But Xiaosan’s principle of life is still to be polite to the guests. Maybe you can’t afford to offend which guest is.

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