Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3612

Qin Shaofeng shrugged with a smile.

As soon as he spoke, Xiao San ran in quickly, cup one fist in the other hand with both hands, and said to the ground: “Little San has seen Young Master, but the waiter may have been entertaining him just now. Yan, please don’t be surprised by Young Master.”

He bowed, and immediately let Zilong grow his mouth.

Zilong used to run Heaven’s Mystery Building for resources, and even this place is no exception.

He still remembers Heaven’s Mystery Building Steward at that time, but she was a woman looking at the sky through her nostrils.

When the woman heard about his identity, she was directly blasted out.

Why now changed to a young Steward, he took the initiative to salute Qin Shaofeng?


Look at Qin Shaofeng again.

This brat still has Erlang’s legs upright, sitting in a chair and drinking tea leisurely, at most it just replied indifferently: “Get up, what you taught is already very good, better than the previous batch. I don’t know how many times.”

Their dialogue and attitude are not just seen by Zilong.

The waiter who rushed to see brat was also driven by curiosity and hurriedly followed, just in time to see the scene where Xiao San bowed and apologized.

He suddenly felt a grass mud horse rushing past his heart.

These two young brat are really great characters!

Our third Steward is younger, but his eyesight is not comparable to us.

Even in front of the senior leaders of the Four Elephant Sect and Cloud Sea Sect, he can still be calm and composed, as if he is the character of aloof and remote.

Compared with the present, it is simply worlds apart!

Who is that young brat?

Oh me me me me, what kind of terrifying existence did I offend?

“The young man, Young Master, have eyes but fail to recognise Mount Tai, I have offended you, Young Master. Please also ask Young Master to forgive you.” The waiter ran in quickly, kneeling on the ground with weak legs.

He was terrified, terrified.

It doesn’t matter to offend the distinguished guest. If he doesn’t come to plead or cannot be forgiven by the distinguished guest, he is really done.

“Who let you in, get out!”

Xiao San recognized the identity of Qin Shaofeng, and naturally knew that Qin Shaofeng was shameless, and immediately angrily roared: “The order is passed down, and from this moment on, martial law is imposed on 2-Layer and above. Anyone who wants to set foot in 2-Layer or listen to voyeurs , I won’t let you go.”

“Yes, yes.”

The waiter was soaked in cold sweat, but was afraid to wipe it, and hurried away.

Only then did Xiao San moved towards Qin Shaofeng again, and asked: “Young Master is here or for that matter?”

“en. ”

Qin Shaofeng nodded.

“This matter is easy to say, but I don’t know what strength Young Master is now. Can you do a favor for Sir, my host?” Xiao San said.

tone barely fell, he quickly explained: “Young Master, your identity is small and clear, and you will surely let the landlord give you an explanation.”


Qin Shaofeng stared at Xiao San in surprise for a long while: “It seems that King Death God has also encountered a death dilemma.”

“Never mind!”

“Call him over, and then we can talk slowly.”


Xiao San was overjoyed at once, turned around and moved towards upstairs.

Until Xiaosan left for a while, Zilong couldn’t wake up from the shock, and asked in shock: “Sho…er, Xiaoyao, you actually know the sub-host of Heaven’s Mystery Building? This, this…” /p>

“Nothing, Eldest Brother, there are many things you don’t know.”

Qin Shaofeng chuckled a few times and drank the Chinese tea in one go.

Just wait a moment.

With the sound of footsteps, I saw Xiao San’s arrival with the sad and happy Shen Wang couple.

After the young three generals came in, they turned around and moved towards downstairs.

“Brother, it turned out to be you, okay, it’s really good.” Shen Wei could also recognize Qin Shaofeng’s identity at a glance, and laughed.

“Shen Eldest Brother, what annoying has happened, seeing me, a shameless person, can make you laugh so happy?” Qin Shaofeng asked.

“major event, brother, do you remember what we said at the beginning?” Shen Wang asked.

“Eldest Brother is saying… what is the fight?” Qin Shaofeng couldn’t remember.

Though it only lasted half a year.

There are so many things he encountered in half a year, so many that he has no intention of remembering these things.

“Naturally, it was that, but this time it was changed.”

Shen Wang said: “Due to the great chaos in the land of the shining star and the imminent problems of Tianlian Mountain, the competition for this time is the survival quota.”

“All of our sub-hosts can invite the own person to help at will. In the end, three sub-hosts will receive a survival quota. After the death crisis of the Land of Stars comes, our three sub-hosts are eligible to take three people to the Cangming Realm. “

“It turned out to be this.”

Qin Shaofeng took a deep breath. It was the first time he knew in the true sense that the strength of Heaven’s Mystery Building was so terrifying.

I was able to give a quota to the Cangming Realm.

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