Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3613


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Qin Shaofeng was shocked, but his heart also moved.

After joining Three Great Influences, he does have a lot of people in his hands.

But they don’t know what the Teleportation Array between the two worlds looks like.

What if the main body of Teleportation Array is unusual?

“Shen Eldest Brother, these things are believed to be the secrets of Heaven’s Mystery Building. I don’t know if you suddenly told me this, what is the so-called?”

Qin Shaofeng opened his eyes and asked nonsense: “Let me try to get a quota for Eldest Brother?”

Shen Wei suddenly froze.

The two have had a lot of contact. He doesn’t believe that Qin Shaofeng will not understand why he said this.

There is only one then, and he is asking for benefits.

took a deep breath, he still replied: “That’s what it means.”

Shen Wang understands, but it doesn’t mean that others can understand.

The faces of Zilong and Ziyunshu suddenly became a little weird.

Zilong couldn’t help asking: “Little Feng, our current identities are not visible. If we go out like this, will it be a little bad?”

“What’s wrong, is it possible that the people of the Four Elephant Sects, dare to risk offending Heaven’s Mystery Building to chase us?” Qin Shaofeng indifferently smiled.

“Furthermore, based on our strength this trip, if there are fewer people coming from Sixiang Sect, it may be who kill who.”

“As long as they dare to mess around, I believe Cloud Sea Sect will not let you go such a great opportunity.”

Qin Shaofeng laughed faintly, then moved towards Shen Miao again and looked back, and said: “Shen Eldest Brother, since you and brother have talked about this, brother will not talk nonsense to you.”

“You are also aware of our current situation. Although I am not afraid of chasing down by the Four Elephant Sects, it does not mean that I am willing to expose my situation. I believe that Eldest Brother can also figure out the specific reasons.”

“I understand naturally, you just have to say what you want.”

Because Shen Wei knows what kind of person Qin Shaofeng is, the anger in his heart grows stronger, and he said, “Since the Big Brother guy has already given you this point, you don’t need to talk nonsense. Right?”

“Eldest Brother, you’re all here, brother, naturally I can’t talk nonsense anymore.”

Qin Shaofeng laughed a few times and said: “Since Eldest Brother wants me to help you fight for three living quotas, then I need Eldest Brother’s three conditions, shouldn’t it be too much?”

“Three conditions?”

Shen Wei frowned immediately.

He doesn’t believe Qin Shaofeng can really give any good terms.

It’s hard to say whether it’s too much.

Zilong and Ziyunshu’s eyes widened.

They can’t believe that Qin Shaofeng dare to say so.

What do you mean by three conditions are not excessive?

It’s just too much, right?

Although it’s hard to find a person of your age and cultivation base, it doesn’t mean that there will be no one to replace.

So I promised you three conditions, which is too much, right?

“What conditions?”

Shen Wang thinks differently from the two.

In terms of identity and their previous status, Shen Wang, a small sub-host, really can’t be considered.

What can’t be ignored is the identity of Shen Wang.

Heaven’s Mystery Building is a sub-host.

You must know that Heaven’s Mystery Building is the strength that claims to be the number one intelligence in the world. Even if Qin Shaofeng not at all had contact with the intelligence of Shen Wang, he couldn’t change anything.

With Shen Wang’s understanding, it is not Qin Shaofeng’s previous record.

Even if he did something in the Great Northern Wilderness, even the current cultivation base has reached the approximate level, and intelligence is constantly being imported.

At least in his opinion, as long as Qin Shaofeng agrees, these three quotas will be finalized.

After a little consideration, he still made a decision.

As long as Qin Shaofeng’s conditions are not too harsh, there is nothing wrong with it.

Qin Shaofeng said solemnly: “The first condition, I want to see the Teleportation Array with my own eyes.”

“What?! This, this…”

Shen Wang stood up abruptly.

That Teleportation Array is not what he can say, otherwise he would not have to worry about the quota.

How dare you imagine that Qin Shaofeng’s first condition is this?

This condition is more than just embarrassment.

After thinking about the helpers found in the several Top Level sub-buildings, he gritted his teeth and said: “Your condition really makes me difficult to handle, but it doesn’t mean it must be half impossible, but I There is no guarantee that you will see it immediately, but at the latest when we leave, you will be able to see it from a distance.”


Qin Shaofeng didn’t dare to think too much.

Shen Wang was able to give such a statement, which was actually beyond his expectation.

“The second one is that I want to use the power of Heaven’s Mystery Building to help me find something. Presumably with your Heaven’s Mystery Building’s intelligence system, I should know what I’m looking for?” Qin Shaofeng continued.

Shen Wang suddenly smiled bitterly.

He faintly guessed this when he heard Qin Shaofeng’s three conditions.

Really wait for this sentence, helplessly said: “The base of the Teleportation Array is where we are really hidden.”

“The people who set up Teleportation Array at the time, in order to prevent Teleportation Array from being pieced together by several great influences, not only did they hand over two of them to Cloud Sea Sect and Sixiangzong who hatred as deep as the sea, respectively. It is said that What else exists in secret.”

“Unless someone can really kill Two Great Influences, it is absolutely impossible to get those two formations.”

“The other thing to say is that Two Great Influences really go to the edge of life and death, and there will be powerhouse over there to help.”

“Although it is so, they are still worried about the problem, so they also specially hide the formation base to the deepest place, and also invited the most powerful celestial master of the year to hide the secret, let alone our people in the land of shining stars, Even if most of the celestial secretaries of our Heaven’s Mystery Building are invited here, it is absolutely impossible to figure out where this secret secret lies.”

“Even after the world began to have problems these years, they even sent the dead-hearted Jun Zhan over to guard the last Teleportation Array stone.”

“If it weren’t for so many reasons, our Heaven’s Mystery Building would just piece it together to send all the people back. Why would we need to engage in this kind of competition and eliminate more than 90% of the people?”

After he said this, the complexions of Zilong and Ziyunshu suddenly became extremely ugly.

Qin Shaofeng can’t stand it much.

After all, this kind of thing is really damaging. Let them challenge the powerhouse in the Cangming world by the low grade martial artists in the shining star land. Not to mention, even the formation base was hidden by that many means.

After doing this, I can imagine how difficult it is to get the Teleportation Array out.

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