Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3614


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“Then this article is invalid, but you have to provide me with some information I want when I need it.” Qin Shaofeng said solemnly.

He is not a person who has been pampered for a lifetime like Zilong.

Since he entered the realm of illusion, he has encountered too many dangerous situations.

Even he was already standing in the Peak of the Void Realm.

How many influences that have been enemies with him, have not all been destroyed by him?

The situation now looks extremely dangerous, but it is not as helpless as imagined.

“Just to provide information?”

Shen Wang’s eyes lit up suddenly.

Compared with Qin Shaofeng’s just now, this thing is simply nothing!

Don’t say it depends on the conditions.

Even if Qin Shaofeng doesn’t ask for it now, he owns that many light, when the time comes, he really goes back on one’s word, it seems that he can’t even do it himself.

Not to mention Qin Shaofeng’s situation, the more he understands, the more shock he will feel.

This brat is simply a miracle.

It’s not what he did, but his whole person, a miracle that ordinary people can’t imagine.

Even if the Land of Shining Stars is abandoned, he can’t be sure that Qin Shaofeng will die.

He really did go back on one’s word, but he was convinced that Qin Shaofeng would not care that he had the background of Heaven’s Mystery Building and would definitely kill him.

Even if one is not good, Heaven’s Mystery Building will be planted in his hands.

He doesn’t dare to offend such a brat that seems to be out of date for the time being.


Qin Shaofeng nodded said.

“If this is included in the conditions, then even the resources you need are counted. I will give you all your needs at 50% of the price.” Shen Wang presenting Buddha with borrowed flowers.

“Shen Eldest Brother doesn’t have to draw conclusions so early, my last one may be the most difficult for you.” Qin Shaofeng said solemnly.

“Oh? What’s the matter?”

Shen Wang’s face also became heavy.

Qin Shaofeng frowned for a long time before looking up at him: “If…I need a quota, I will give you one of the three quotas that I have been competing for.”

If it is something, he not at all say it.

The people present are also very clear.

The eyes of Zilong and Ziyunshu only dimmed for a while, but they returned to their original colors.

Whether the quota is good, or the conditions are negotiated with Shen Wang, it is Qin Shaofeng’s own ability.

People don’t die for themselves.

Qin Shaofeng considers it for himself, and they have nothing to say.

“Do you want to go with us too?”

Shen Wang’s face really changed.

But before Qin Shaofeng could speak, he raised his hand and said, “I’m not talking about this quota. After all, we have been married for a long time, but we never have children under our knees. You compete for the three quotas. You are naturally fine.”

“The problem I worry about is the request of Heaven’s Mystery Building. As long as the two people we designate must be people inside Heaven’s Mystery Building, if you want that quota, you need to join us in Heaven’s Mystery Building.”

“Of course, you don’t need to worry about your identity.”

“Between our brothers, some Eldest Brother will naturally have your share, just for fear that you will not be able to accept the regulations of Heaven’s Mystery Building.”

I was worried about this.

Qin Shaofeng immediately felt relieved, and a faint smile began to appear on his face.

“I understand the concerns of Eldest Brother Shen, but you don’t need to worry about that many Eldest Brother. It’s okay to join Heaven’s Mystery Building. When I look back, I will bring her and let her follow you as your sister The past is fine.” Qin Shaofeng said.


The four people were all shocked.

Shen Wang and his wife know that Qin Shaofeng is not the kind of person who wants to flee immediately when seeing danger, and his psychological endurance is better.

Zilong and Ziyunshu both didn’t expect.

Qin Shaofeng’s desperately got the quota, but it’s going to be given to another person, who seems to be a woman.

It seems that I have never heard of it, which woman Qin Shaofeng has a very good relationship with?

In doubt, Ziyun Shu suddenly thought of someone.

Ximen freezes.

He thought about it, but couldn’t believe it anyway.

According to his understanding, Qin Shaofeng’s relationship with the woman is indeed cordial, and Ximen Bing Ning has also received extraordinary treatment because of his relationship.

The problem is that he just met Qin Shaofeng when he met him.

Since then, Ximen Bingning seems to have been forgotten by him.

Don’t say that the contact is not as good as Chen’s Old Xing ghosts and the others. It seems that even the people who merged from Free and Unfettered Gate are not comparable, right?

The more he understands, the more shocked he is.

Shen Wang was also shocked for a while, and he woke up and asked: “The she you mentioned should be your so-called fiancée, right?”

“Who else can anyone besides her?” Qin Shaofeng wanted to cry but no tears can be shed as he spoke.

The four people were all together again for a while.

Except for Zilong who doesn’t know why, the other three people know the general idea, but they can’t know the details.

Seeing Qin Shaofeng’s expression, they all feel weird.

“Little Feng, what is the relationship between you two? Can you tell Eldest Brother? According to my information, she seems to be related to a powerhouse that can block the secrets of heaven. There is such a fiancée around.”

Shen Wang tentatively asked: “If I can say something, I really want to hear it.”

“It’s really the bastard who can block the secret.”

Qin Shaofeng’s hatred suddenly grew in his heart, and said: “I only know that guy is called Ximen Lingzhong, a Ximen Family, a dying guy. Under the threat of his powerful military force, I have to fight with Ximen Bingzhong. I took Yongqing Dan together.”

“Although she may not die or die, it is not much better.”

When Qin Shaofeng said the last sentence, he had a little concealment.

The Peak family of Cangming Realm used to control his medicine pill. If he couldn’t even kill him, it would be a little unreasonable.

He couldn’t think of anything. As soon as the words fell, Shen Wang jumped up suddenly.

“Ximen Lingzhong!?”

Shen deliberately stared at his eyes, cry out in surprise: “Are you sure that person is Ximen Lingzhong? Yaoxing is the demonic cultivator Ximen Lingzhong?”

“Star position? demonic cultivator?”

Qin Shaofeng feels that his heartbeat has started to accelerate.

He didn’t want to admit it, but he also knew that Simon Lingzhong had concealed a lot of him, but Shen Wang was impossible to deceive him.

putting it that way, so Ximen Lingzhong’s background is so scary?

“Probably? Eldest Brother, do you know him?” Qin Shaofeng asked hurriedly.

“How can I not know, the 97th of Cangming World Devil List, the 18th Super Devil of the Evil List.”


Qin Shaofeng really can’t sit still this time.

When he learned that Ximen Lingzhong was a demonic cultivator, or a shining star, he didn’t fluctuate much, but this sentence was really scary.

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