Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3615


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“If the person you meet is really him, leave this to Eldest Brother.” Shen Miao said immediately.

This time, Qin Shaofeng did not dare to believe it directly.

From Shen Wang’s words, he could clearly hear that there must be many secrets in Ximen Bingning’s body.

Shen Wang’s ability to face things in the Land of Shining Stars does not care, but it does not mean that he can still deal with the great temptation of the Cangming Realm with a normal heart.

Still did not wait for him to speak.

Shen Wang continued: “Brother, what I’m telling you now, don’t tell anyone in the future, otherwise people related to you will be miserable.”

He looked at Zilong calmly.

It seems that in this kind of thing, he has no plan to avoid them.

“If Ximen Lingzhong’s identity is really true, then Ximen Bingning’s identity is the only daughter of the Celestial Emperor. Because of some old things, he was stolen by Ximen Lingzhong more than ten years ago. Can be retrieved.”

“In the future, unless your strength or your backer can reach the Moonlight level, you can never say that she is your fiancée, and you can’t let her identity leak out.”


The three people are all puzzled.

The former is easy to understand, but what is going on without revealing his identity.

Is it all at fault to help Ximen Bingding return to his parents?

“I said you listen to this matter, but you must never divulge a word.”

Shen Zhong said solemnly: “It is said that the Celestial Emperor in the West has only this bloodline. After she was stolen by Ximen Ling Zhong, in recent years, due to lack of family affection, she adopted a righteous son, which is related to the throne of West Heaven. Unless you have the capital to survive in the hands of the Celestial Emperor or his righteous son, no matter what you do, you and those related to you will have only one death, including our husband and wife.”

Qin Shaofeng fell silent immediately.

Zilong and Ziyunshu trembled even more.

They have been in intrigue for that many years, and they know what kind of methods the incumbents will make when status matters.

It can be said that they really have that heart and found that opportunity.

If you really take Ximen Bingning to Daxitian, I am afraid that Baffling will disappear before he enters the Daxi Heaven and Earth realm.

Ximen Bingning may be able to survive, but the rest of his life will never be better.

And they are certain death, no doubt.

No wonder Shen Wang dared to speak in front of them when he said such things.

This special feeling is to make sure that I will not courting death.

They were angry, but they had to admit that they did not have the courage, or ability.

“Since Shen Eldest Brother has said so, then it is decided.”

Qin Shaofeng’s only trouble is this. I can finally rest assured, said with a smile: “If I can take her back to confess my relatives in the future, I will definitely bring this to the Western Celestial Emperor and wait for you to go. After arriving in Cangming Realm, her safety needs Eldest Brother to take care of her.”

“It’s all on me.”

Shen Wang was even more delighted.

As long as Qin Shaofeng is willing to take action, they will definitely get one of the quotas, and they will also be able to claim credit for the Celestial Emperor in the future.

Everything, don’t be too beautiful.

For various reasons, he ignored all the troubles Ximen Bingning might cause after going to Cangming Realm in the future.

That’s the Celestial Emperor!

Cangming one of the five emperors, even in a way, is one of the great influence of Cangming Land.

I feel excited just thinking about it!

“Brother, since you have already come, then stay with me for a few days. Let’s set off 7 days later. It will take about three days on the road. When the time comes, it’s almost time for the Big Bi. “Shen Wang continued.

Qin Shaofeng would not be polite with him: “It’s easy to talk about it, anyway, I still lack a lot of information, and I have to do another transaction with Eldest Brother. It may not be possible to do it in too short a time.”

“What about things, take them out!”

Shen Wang got used to his approach a long time ago and directly stretched out his hand.

After he took over the large storage bag that Qin Shaofeng had taken out, he asked Mrs. Shen Lian to personally supervise and count the number.

And he personally welcomed Qin Shaofeng and the others to the top.

This floor is dedicated to the host, Shen Wang.

Qin Shaofeng also came up for the first time.

When he saw the dazzling array of good things, his eyes were dizzy.

What are the two decorative bouquets at the door?

It looks like a good thing for heavenly ascension powerhouse, right?

As soon as I entered the door, I saw the table carved from a single piece of jade in the center of the living room.

It’s not the table that really needs attention.

The jade table is among the ordinary person, and it may be very valuable.

In the eyes of their people with this identity, it is not a rare thing.

What really surprised him was the three flowers and plants on the table.

Even if it was what he saw and heard, he could only call one of them by name, which seemed to be the only flower of the awakening in the legend.

It is said that the floral fragrance of this thing has the effect of concentrating the spirit.

Let’s not talk about other things, just cultivation in the room where the flower is planted will double the cultivating effect.

This divine object is only used for decoration in Shen Wang.

Not to mention those you don’t know, and dozens of large and small strange existences in the room.

It’s just such a room, and it seems that it’s no less valuable than the sum of several great influence low grade things he brought.

Qin Shaofeng glanced slightly, and couldn’t help but sigh with emotion: “Eldest Brother, you really found a good place to live!”

“Brother, if you say that, you look down on our Heaven’s Mystery Building too much.”

Shen Wang laughed at the sound and said: “We, Heaven’s Mystery Building, have a background that truly belongs to the Cangming Realm. All these things come from the Cangming Realm. Brother, you are not an outsider anyway. When we are separated , I will leave this room to Brother you.”

“That’s not necessary, I’m just purely curious.”

Qin Shaofeng shrugged.

He can’t name many of the things here, but he can probably feel them through the fragrance of flowers. These things are used to assist cultivation or are refreshing things.

And his cultivation needs the help of the system, even if these treasures are given to him, it will not help.

even more how it was before Shen Wang and the others left, in a short period of time, these things could not bring him much substantial benefit at all.

“You don’t want it, but Eldest Brother is stingy!”

Shen Wang’s emphasis on these things is different from Qin Shaofeng, and he was overjoyed.

Maybe it was an order from Mrs. Shen Lian.

Not long.

Little San personally led some maids and brought them over for a banquet.

Qin Shaofeng is not polite to Shen Wang either.

While eating and drinking, he did not forget to ask Shen Wang about the changes in Yaoxing Land over the past six months.

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