Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3693

The benefits that a star beast in the sea can bring to him, he has not been too stingy, let alone compared with the jade green dragon king.

Although is his cultivation base is getting higher and higher, Heavenly Void Insect King has rarely takes the initiative Please Ying is the same.

If the jade green dragon king can really evolve.

Then he will definitely have an extra arm to help, and it’s the kind that makes him unimaginable.

“This Eminence thought it was something amazing. Such a little snake is not qualified to let this Eminence move a knife.” Qin Shaofeng smiled and put away the sword.

As soon as his silhouette flashed, he rushed towards the jade green dragon king.

“si si!”

The water snake was even more furious.

They are all god star cultivation realm.

Once you move, the speed is so fast that it blinds everyone around you.

Even the nine-step heavenly ascension’s Zilong and Ziyun Shu can’t catch Qin Shaofeng or the silhouette of that water snake at all.

It is in this extremely fast speed.

Qin Shaofeng is just a moment, and he has already reached the water snake.

Ghost Three Slashes silhouette cast.

He seems to have become a ghost shadow that can be seen but is completely unpredictable.

The water snake is originally the existence of Realm.

It has the most obvious perception of Qin Shaofeng’s speed.

But when it looked for with those thermal imaging eyes, it was also surprised to find that it simply couldn’t find the trace of Qin Shaofeng.

What about people?

Fear appeared in the eyes of the water snake.

Qin Shaofeng is performing the movement technique of Ghost Three Slashes, relying on the tricky movement technique to get to the side of the water snake at the fastest speed.

In between another flicker, his palm moved towards the seven-inch position of the water snake.

Snake and fight seven inches.

He remembers clearly.

When a palm fell, the sharp palm wind made the water snake react.

The nature of the animal and the foresight of the crisis made it not only have no intention of looking back, but quickly moved towards the front.

The whole snake body also moved towards the front and rushed out.


Qin Shaofeng’s palm finally fell.

His speed is already extremely fast, but he just made this palm hit the snake’s tail.

The terrifying palm force effect pats the tail of the water snake into the ground.

A scene that surprised Qin Shaofeng even more appeared.

The tail of the water snake did not appear to be crushed as he expected, and it seemed that it did not even appear to be injured.

“What a hard water snake?”

A cold glow flashed in Qin Shaofeng’s eyes.

He was worried that he would slap the water snake to death. The palm just now only displayed the battle strength of the star position.

When you see this, immediately display the martial skill.

“Happy Palm!”

The burst of shouting sounded from the air.

People watching the battle around, but still can’t see the slightest silhouette of him.


A large pit of three meters in diameter and more than one meter deep was blasted out of a piece of ground.

“boom~ boom~ ……”

The big pits appear one after another.

From start to finish, they couldn’t see any silhouettes.

Zilong and Ziyunshu were the first to pull their lips.

Immediately, Three Old Ancestors, all the Peak members of the Alliance, the corners of their mouths twitched, and they were obviously shocked by the scene of Qin Shaofeng fighting with the water snake.

“Evil creature, can you catch it quickly?!”

Qin Shaofeng’s burst of shouting sounded from the air again.

Even if you look at it with hundreds of eyes, you can’t see any trace of the silhouette.

But with another roar.

They saw that the whole body of the snake seemed to become a soft water snake, lying in a larger pit.

Looking for it in amazement, I saw standing on the edge of the big pit, throwing a dark green bracelet on his left wrist…or the bracelet into the big pit.

“What is he doing? Why didn’t he just kill the snake?”

This doubt arose in everyone’s hearts at the same time, but still no one dared to vent it.

next moment, the shock on their faces is even heavier.

Because they clearly saw that the ‘bracelet’ was suspended in the air as soon as it landed.

Fly, fly up?

Each one was present, and everyone felt dizzy.

There seem to be too many secrets in our Qin Alliance Lord, right?


They saw the ‘bracelet’ stretched out and turned into a little snake like chopsticks.

That little tongue just approached the water snake.

The water snake neighed again, and an expression of fear appeared in its eyes, and the snake’s head swayed again and again, as if trying to escape.

However, its body has been scrapped by Qin Shaofeng, obviously there is no such possibility.

The snake is still close to Not slow, Not fast.

one big and one small The moment when two snake heads are about to touch.

It was the first time Qin Shaofeng also saw the eating of the jade green dragon king.

The poison mist of dark green spit out from its mouth.

The poison mist shrouded the rapid speed of the water snake’s body, but its life force remained unchanged.

When it opened its mouth and swallowed it, the water snake became an earthworm-like thing, which he swallowed in one bite.

True terrifying aura, which immediately radiated from the jade green dragon king.

“heavenly ascension Peak?!”


“It’s it…It’s the jade green dragon king!?”

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