Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3694


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Everyone in this brief moment, Qi Qi remembered something that was about to be forgotten by them.

Qin Shaofeng has used the snake venom of the jade green dragon king many times to kill the enemy.

According to what he said at the beginning, it was his Master who got a jade green dragon king’s snake slough, and refined the jade green dragon king’s extremely poisonous.

They all doubted it before.

After all, the so-called Master Qin Shaofeng has never appeared.

It was further confirmed that the deputy Gate Lord of the Starchaser was himself.

Then, who got the snake venom of jade green dragon king?

This recognition made them even more cautiously when they swept the Core Zone of Tianlian Mountain, for fear of encountering the invincible jade green dragon king under the god star.

But no one didn’t expect that the Jade Green Dragon King was already subduing by Qin Shaofeng.

What refining snake venom is all he said casually.

Think of it here.

When everyone looked towards standing on the edge of the big pit, the cultivation base aura was not visible, as if they were just ordinary person Qin Shaofeng, they seemed to be looking at the heavens.

He had already won a jade green dragon king before he reached the cultivation base of the holy star?

The more I think about it, the more dizzy I feel.

This fact is too scary, right?

“It seems that it is just such a snake, it is not enough for you to advance.”

Qin Shaofeng ignored their gazes, just looked at the jade green dragon king and said.

“si si!”

jade green The dragon king let out a helpless neigh.

Only then slowly flew back, and turned into a bracelet on Qin Shaofeng’s left hand, or a dark-green bracelet.

So obedient.

Everyone was shocked again.

Qin Shaofeng put away the jade green dragon king, and rushed towards the great array of defenses across the moat.

Ghost Sanzhan re-entered his hands.

“Ghost three cut, one sword cut!”

“hong long long!”

A violent noise sounded from where the sword fell.

The great array defensive cover suddenly fluctuates sharply.

“It is a great array of defenses that can resist this moat. It really has its own special place.” Qin Shaofeng couldn’t help but sigh.

He just now that blade did not use full-strength, but it also completely exploded the strength of a slash.

Even if the water snake meets up before, it will suffer severe damage if it is not dead.

Unfortunately, this great array is just a wave of fluctuations.

“If that’s the case, then open for me!”

“battle intent!”

“Three knives and three cuts!”

Do it again, but it’s no longer a temptation.

The integration of battle intent makes his this blade formidable power increase by more than 5x.

Even if it is a general Rank 2 powerhouse encounter, even if it cannot be defeated, it is enough to make it cautiously.

A great defensive array in the land of shining stars.

Even the great arrays he has encountered before can never bear half of the formidable power.

Even if the Four Elephant Sects failed to open the great array of defenses.

I’m afraid there won’t be too many gaps.

Cut it off with a single blow.

The roar resounded once again, and the great defensive array was shattered.

“15 minutes, kill Cloud Sea Sect for me!”

Qin Shaofeng left this voice, and he rushed directly into the Cloud Sea Sect.

It will be an hour soon.

There must be no further delays.

In the rapid impact.

The sword in his hand is also constantly hacking out.

Slashed down with a single blow.

Every building in Cloud Sea Sect is being destroyed at an astonishing speed.

Just a few breathing times.

All the buildings of the entire Cloud Sea Sect have all become ruins.

But he most wanted to find the Teleportation Array that brought the people of Cangming Realm to come, but it never appeared.

“How can this be? What about Teleportation Array?”

Qin Shaofeng was also anxious.

After he asked some news from Lu Yang, he was too worried and immediately rushed back, not at all asking about the location of the Teleportation Array.

It looks like it was a big mistake.

“What happened?”

“Could it be that those in the Alliance killed the moat?”

“Why did all the buildings fall?”

“People coming, two of you, go and find out what happened to me. Even if the people from the alliance really kill, it is impossible to destroy all our buildings so quickly.”

A path of shouting sounded one after another.

Qin Shaofeng observed for a while at the core of Cloud Sea Sect, and couldn’t help frowning.

Among these people, there is no real senior of Cloud Sea Sect.

Don’t say it is a person similar to Sect Master’s aura, even the core Elder first-class characters, it seems that they have not appeared.

His complexion changed slightly.

There was a sudden flicker, and it was already in front of a few people who were shouting loudly and directing the people of Cloud Sea Sect to do things.

“who you are?”

An old man yelled out immediately.

There are hundreds of people in this place, although there are a lot of people.

But after he shouted, no one else stood up.

It can be seen that this old man should be the principal.

“Heavenly Void!”

Qin Shaofeng said hello in his heart.

The jade green dragon king who had just ate his stomach slid off his wrist, bursting out dark green poison mist.

Although this is the core of Cloud Sea Sect.

Because of many people, there are still too many people who can’t resist even a single breath, so they are killed directly under the snake venom of the Jade Green Dragon King.

Qin Shaofeng walked to the old man step by step and solemnly asked: “Where is the Teleportation Array of Cloud Sea Sect?”

His actions are simple.

The huge gap on the cultivation base made the old man look like he was just taking a random step.

The most common step has already come to him.

“Who you are, why…”

“I ask you, where is the Teleportation Array of Cloud Sea Sect and Cangmingjie?”

Qin Shaofeng’s voice became colder and colder.

At the same time he spoke this time, the saber in his hand was already placed on the old man’s neck.

“I don’t know.”

The old man’s voice was trembling.

But there was still a bit of resentment in his eyes, and there seemed to be some other implications.


Qin Shaofeng is not nonsense.

As soon as he changed the blade in his hand, he chopped off the old man’s entire arm.

“Are you not afraid of death?”

The corners of his mouth were drawn slightly, and he said: “This Eminence asks about things. There are few patient tortures, and there are few murderous acts. Even Lu Yang’s old bastard did not dare to hide from me, you old bastard Do you want to try?”

“You you you…”

The old man was scared, but now he became more scared.

Especially his left arm has been chopped off by Qin Shaofeng. No matter how he listened to it, it didn’t sound like good words, and he felt terrified.

He doesn’t believe that Qin Shaofeng does not have the ability to let him not have the will to live and be unable to ask for death.

Said so much.

It’s all Qin Shaofeng. Time is short.

“Dare to waste time with this Eminence?”

Qin Shaofeng’s cold light flickered in his eyes, and he chopped off his right arm with a single wave of his hand.

“You still have two chances to hesitate. If you don’t say anything, you won’t need to say this Eminence after the next two cuts.” Qin Shaofeng’s voice is still cold.

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